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Published by T.L. Langford

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Published by: T.L. Langford on Feb 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Houston ChronicleJuly 29, 2009 Wednesday 3 STAR R.O. E!T!O"
EATH O# A CH!$ Who %ailed to sa&e E''a( )irl, *, had her+es, ut C-S did not tae her into custody E//A A1ency de%ends actions
$!"E y TERR! $A")#OR and -E)) O4HARE, HO5STO" CHRO"!C$ESECT!O" A6 -1. 7$E")TH 80 :ordsT:o :ees e%ore a se;ually aused *<year<old S+rin1 1irl :ith a %ractured sull died in a Woodlands e'er1ency roo', Te;as Child -rotecti&e Ser&ices :as noti%ied the 1irl had a se;ually trans'itted disease, ut the a1ency did not tae her into custody ecause they had no other +hysical si1ns the 1irl :as in dan1er.The child4s o%%icial cause o% death has not yet een deter'ined y the Southeast Te;as #orensic Center in Conroe, ut details o% the +rior C-S ause in&esti1ation and the 'issed chances to sa&e E''a Tho'+son4s li%e :ere +resented at a custody hearin1 Tuesday o&er the %ate o% the 1irl4s t:o silin1s. oth ha&e een re'o&ed %ro' the ho'e they shared :ith their 'other, Ai1ail Eli=aeth oun1.E''a died June 2> at /e'orial Her'ann<The Woodlands Hos+ital a%ter she eca'e unconscious and sto++ed reathin1 as her 'other :as dri&in1 her to the e'er1ency roo'.Estella Ol1uin, C-S s+oes:o'an, said the child had a se&ered +ancreas, a sull %racture and ruisin1 at the ti'e o% her death.Outlinin1 the in?uiryC-S in&esti1ator @i'erly Clayton recounted ho: her o%%ice e1an in&esti1atin1 a co'+laint o% ne1lect and +ossile ause in&ol&in1 E''a on June 8. The 1irl :as e;a'ined %or C-S y the child4s +ediatrician :ho %ound no si1ns o% se;ual intercourse.He did note to in&esti1ators that the child had a 702<de1ree %e&er and listers on her %in1ers, inside her 'outh and in her &a1inal area and that he ran a series o% tests. The child :as re%erred to Te;as Children4s Hos+ital %or a 'ore e;tensi&e e;a', and on June 77, the tests ca'e ac +ositi&e %or 1enital her+es.Clayton said she con%ronted the child4s 'other aout her dau1hter4s condition.She had no idea :here it ca'e %ro', Clayton recalled, thou1h oun1, 33, is a re1istered nurse.A la:yer re+resentin1 the interests o% E''a4s B<year<old sister and 77<year<old hal%<sister, +ressed Clayton on :hy her+es :asn4t enou1h to re'o&e a child %ro' a ho'e, ut the C-S :orer said her a1ency needed 'ore, a &eri%ication o% the ause %ro' the 'other or the child.There :as no in%or'ation statin1 :here it ca'e %ro', Clayton said o% the her+es. We did not ha&e enou1h in%or'ation that the child su%%ered ause and ne1lect in that ho'e.

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