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Confusion Programs - 2 - Confusion of Being(transcript)

Confusion Programs - 2 - Confusion of Being(transcript)

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Published by skalpsolo
Marcus tells you his story. He tells you what woke him up and led to his unusual quest. Again he tells you some confusing and unexplainable things about your being. He explains what it means to own property and to not own property. He tells you what the two concepts are that required further investigation.
Marcus tells you his story. He tells you what woke him up and led to his unusual quest. Again he tells you some confusing and unexplainable things about your being. He explains what it means to own property and to not own property. He tells you what the two concepts are that required further investigation.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: skalpsolo on Feb 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Video 2
Confusion of Being
my name is
I told you in the last program that I’m just an ordinary type of guy living a normal life. Iguess you would say I’m middle class, doing OK for myself, basically average right across the board. ow, I !now I’m slightly better loo!ing than average, but otherwise I’m  just totally average. I’m a common guy, a commoner, a member of the "ouse of #ommons. $oday, I thin! I’m peculiar. Other people thin! I’m peculiar. %ut, bac! then I was nothing special. &y mom thin!s I’m something special, but that’s my mom. I’d also li!e to thin! that my wife thin!s I’m something special, but I !now that she’s only legally re'uired to li!e me because of our marriage contract.  ( few years ago, I’m this normal, ordinary guy competing li!e all of you for the commonwealth. I had a business where I bred falcons, haw!s, eagles, owls, vultures and sold them to people all over the world. It was a farming operation of livestoc!, but in my case, people thin! of them as wild)life animals as opposed to domestic animals.$hen, one day, new laws are passed*legislation*and I now need a license to !eep all my birds. It’s the law. ow, being dumb as a bo+ of roc!s, I react to this li!e I’m supposed to. "ey, this isn’t right, I thin! I will protest.’ "ow can my government pass a public law regarding my private property. Of course, today, I can thin! clearly and I can see things. $oday, I thin! rather than react. %ut, I need to tell the story as it happened then. -o, I thought my birds were my private property. ou see, I wor!ed hard. I contributed to society. I paid my ta+es. I paid my share and then what’s left is my commission for wor!ing, my disposable income to do with as I please, at my pleasure. -o, instead of buying maybe a $V or a snowmobile or whatever people buy with their money, I boughtfalcons and haw!s. I could never have a bird from the wild. $here was no harvest. $hebirds in the wild are public resources and they are vested here in #anada in what is called the crown’ and there are rules about that and if there is any use or consumption of them you pay a fee for it and they are regulated. I could never have any. /ven the birds that had a bro!en wing or sic! or injured and couldn’t survive in the wild. 0ust !ill them, can’t have them. I could have bred from them and made them useful, but no can’t have them. -o, I went and bought my own birds. -o, my birds are not a public resource because they didn’t come from the wild.
$hen the law changed and I read the new law and it says, no, your birds are the same as the birds in the wild. &y red)tailed haw!, my snowy owl, my bald eagle*.no difference in the law with my birds and one flying out in the wild. -o, now it’s against the law to have these birds. esterday it was legal. $oday it’s illegal. $he law says no person shall !eep any of these birds of prey in captivity e+cept under the authority of a license. -o, now I have to apply for a license to !eep what I thought was my property. It’s the law. ow, you can’t just go get a license. ou can’t just say I’d li!e to have a license to !eepwhat’s mine’. o, no, you have to beg for it. ou have to plead. ou have to re'uest. ot only that, you have to pay a fee for that. -o, if I want to !eep the fruits of my labour years of wor!, sacrifice, I have to beg to !eep it. I have to pay a fee to !eep it. It may beapproved, it may not be approved. If I don’t get the license, I lose everything. I guess the owner comes and ta!es them. I’m not sure at this point, how this wor!s.-o, you see, yesterday what was right, today is only just a privilege. It is no longer right to !eep birds of prey. 1hen I e+plain to you what a license is you will understand. $his is coming a little further in the programs.ow that it is a licensed activity, I need permission to do what is illegal. ow there is apublic interest in my activities and what I have. (nyone can complain about my activitiesnow and my facility was open to the public for demonstrations and so forth. -o nowanybody, who doesn’t !now anything about birds, can come in and complain. $hey have an interest in my birds, in my facility. (nd then the complaints start to come in. Once you get so many complaints coming in, founded or unfounded, we’re not renewing your license’. $his is how it’s done.ou see, if you have a beautiful facility and you’ve spent millions and millions of dollars on the care of your animals, how people thin! an animal should be ta!en care of, then the animal is healthy. If your facility doesn’t loo! very good I’m not saying my facility didn’t loo! good but people can complain about whatever3 then they thin! your animals aren’t healthy. One has nothing to do with the other. It’s only public perception.-o, this is how you are strangled until you die. $his is how things are shut down. 0ust toimplement an outright ban and cease all your property would be too obvious. 4eople would start to wa!e up to this. -o it has to be done in a slow, gradual way until it seems normal. %y the way, my ta+ contributions, what I contributed to society, well that’s what everyone decides they are going to do with that money. -o, they would use that money for some good and upright purpose or organi5ation li!e studying why a polar bear is
white or how the red)headed woodpec!er got its name and somebody will do their thesis on that and get a doctorate. -o that’s how this is done.-o, now my private property is being regulated by the public, but the public doesn’t come over and feed or care for my birds. et they have a say in all of it. -ome committee, some city, some office don’t li!e what you’re doing, these are the regulations, this is how you have to do it. If I have a loss, it’s not their loss, yet they have a say in all of it. -o, if I cannot have these birds without as!ing permission and care for them as I please, then I guess I do not own them, do I6 (nd, of course, I’m still confused. I don’t !now how this all wor!s.
 Yet, we are told about homeownership and owning your car outright after 48 easy payments. I did not now this at the time, but these are damn lies. Yet we belie!e it.
-o, I’m thin!ing this is not right. $his is wrong. "eaven !nows, it’s legal. -o, I was playing by the rules and now the rules changed. Over 78 years into the game, the rules are just changed. $his is cheating. ou can’t just change rules half)way through a game. $hat’s not fair. $hin! about it. ou do all this wor! and labour and ma!e sacrifices which have all become in vain because the rules have changed. "ow would you feel6 1hat would you do6 ou see this going on in society every single day and people just loo! at it and go well, that’s awful, he’s lost everything, he’s got no career any more, what’s he going to do, how’s he going to survive’
and no one e!er reali"es what the real problem is.
-o, you would say you are a cheater’. I thin! you would want to start this game over again and this time you !now something, a secret, I won’t be confused. $his time I won’t be deceived. $his time I’m ready for you. %ut how do you start this game over again *. In there lies the solution.%ut, bac! to the story. o one can help me. 1hat do I do6 I can beg or I can refuse topay. &y lawyer can’t help me. $he court can’t help me. &y member of parliament, myrepresentative, my priest, 4rime &inister, 9ueen, 4ope, my mother*nobody can help me.-o, one day I’m in the lawyer’s office and the lawyer tells me, well, it’s the law: the onlything you can do is lobby the government, go and beg, you are a registered beggar, are you not.’ "e didn’t say it 'uite li!e that, but that’s what he meant. "e can see that I’m trying to play lawyer. I’m trying to understand the law. I don’t !now anything about the law li!e nobody else does. I don’t even !now why somebody obeys something they don’t understand. -o, he gives me a boo! on property law. "ere you are, you poor little dumb idiot, go home and read that and let me do what I need to do for you.

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