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Proofs of Immortality From Reason.

Proofs of Immortality From Reason.

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Published by glennpease

II. TIM. 1. 10. " And hath brought life and immortality t&
light through the gospel"

II. TIM. 1. 10. " And hath brought life and immortality t&
light through the gospel"

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Published by: glennpease on Feb 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PROOFS OF IMMORTALITY FROM REASON. REV. R. MOREHEAD, A. M.II. TIM. 1. 10. " And hath brought life and immortality t& light through the gospel" ROM these words it is not meant to be inferred, that, independently of the gos-pel, men have no intimations of a future state, but only that these intimations are dark and obscure, and that our Saviour brought this important truth into full light and certainty. On a point of so much consequence, it is useful to collect proofs PROOFS OF IMMORTALITY, &C. 147 from every quarter, from natural reason as well as from revelation ; and, indeed, it is only by comparing together those different sources of information, that we can justly appreciate the value of that
knowledge with which Christianity has supplied us. Let us then begin with the light of na-ture, and see how far it will lead us to the sublime conclusion, that we are immortal beings ; that this life is but the passage to another ; and that the grave, with all its horrors, is the gate which opens on an eternal world. Consider, first, the universality of this belief; that, in some shape or other, it is to be found among all nations ; that men have always looked beyond the tomb, and have never been able to reconcile them-selves to the notion, that death was the eternal termination of their existence. Whence this belief? How should so pro-148 PROOFS OF IMMORTALITY
digious a supposition have fastened itself so closely to the mind of a being who is only of yesterday, and who to-morrow may be laid in the dust ? What is there in this span of life, which could thus lead us to presume on an eternity ? From a scene which promises so little, whence should those mighty expectations arise ? In vain will it be said, that man is at all times chimerical ; that his imagination is ever stretching beyond the real state of his condition ; that he hopes and fears he knows not what ; and that no regular con-clusions can be drawn from the extrava-gant opinions into which he runs. Man, no doubt, is subject to many illusions of the fancy, and perhaps seldom sees any truth clearly and as it is ; yet it is a maxim of the wise, that no opinion can gain a steady and permanent footing in the hu-man mind, which has not some founda-tion in reality, with whatever errors it

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