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Why me!! chapter 1

Why me!! chapter 1

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Published by Bianca Cullen
What if finally The cullens come back but bella isnt the same. And The new Bella has the urge to kill vampires. Sorry i suck at summarys
What if finally The cullens come back but bella isnt the same. And The new Bella has the urge to kill vampires. Sorry i suck at summarys

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Published by: Bianca Cullen on Sep 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why me!
Hiya guys! This idea popped in my head. So ihope you enjoy it.Chapter 1
 8 months and still no call or letter! I murmured tomyself as i counted on the calendar how long the C-Cullens have been gone. 8 months and it still kills me tosay there name
Oh well 
Bella get a grip if he loved you he wouldve cameback already.Forget about him!
Stupid voice in my head. Oh well might aswell pass the time. I did the first thing that cameto my head. I walked up to the phone and started dialling Jacobs home number. I hadnt talked to him for a while sowe would probably be on the phone for hours. Jakebecame my new best friend ever since they left. After the4
ring Billy picked up.  
hello Billy speaking 
he said in hisusual ruff voice
Hey Billy its Bella, Is Jacob home? Uh Bella jakes ah Jakes out 
Billys voice lowered the slightest bit 
Isnt it funny that every time i call hes out, when i stop by he isat a movie? 
I had to take 10 long deep breathes to stopme from having a skits at Billy 
Look im sorry i have to goBella, Just stop calling please i dont like seeing you get hurt 
your like family to me but your making it extremely difficult for me and Jake 
Billy said in a whisper 
Look ive got to go, Ill get jake to give you a call hows that sound? 
 And like that i slammed the phone down
It would sound great if you would actually do it Billy 
I mumbled to myself and then shuffled to the kitchen to start dinner. I couldnt be fucked cookingany thing massive and yummy today so i chucked leftovers from yesterday straight into the microwave.
Bella? Sweetie im home Dad im in the kitchen 
I replied loud enough for him to hear. He walked in and embraced me into a tight hug. Once we were seated at the table we
Dug in.  So bells listen this weekend i have a big fishingtournament going on in Seattle. Do you mind if i go? 
Why ishe asking me hes a grown man!
 Um sure dad i wasnt  planning on doing anything anywayz I said in a cherry sweet voice So when do you have to leave?I asked bemused  um i was supposed to leave this morning so i guess tonight ill beleaving Charlie said with a sheepish grin on his face.2 Hours later and we were hugging each other good bye.  Good luck Dad! I smiled thanks bells After he left i ran upstairs straight to the bathroom. What was in that left over chicken for god sake. I stayed near the toilet the whole night. Just vomiting and vomiting. The next day the same routineapplied. I got a massive fever. And when i say massive i mean
when i put the thermometer anywhere near my body the tempwould be of the reader. On the
day of my illness it started tosubside. Bout time Bloody hell everytime Charlie called i had to put on this big hoo-hah and act like i was as fit as a fiddle. That evening the illness had totally gone but now the odd thing wasI COULD FUCKING MORPH INTO A GIANT BLACKISH-BROWNISHWOLF! I sat on me bed crying my eyes out when i heard a tap at the window. When i finally had enough strength to look up i was surprised to find Jacob and His new friends all staring at mewide eyed. In a swift second the window was open and Jacobwas rushing towards me.But i was quicker i got up and went tothe corner of the room.  Bella what happened? Are you ok? Doyou need a doctor or something? his friends were all hoveringin the back  NO JACOB IM NOT FUCKING OK. WANNA SEE WHY? and in a swift movement i punched my hand throughthe wall which therefore made a massive hole. Bella what the fuck? You couldnt warn me jake, You couldnt warn me that i could be in the running to be the next person in this stupid,idiotic gang! You couldnt be a friend and help me? I wasgetting worked up and i started shivering all over. All of theguys stepped forward Wait your a? The boys said together  Im a Werewolf for fuck sake you are too. So why are you lookingat me like im a psycho, And any chance you get your gonnachuck me in a sych ward?  Bella thats not why were looking at you... None of your family has been in the quillette pack Sam

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