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Published by MUNIR KHAN

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Published by: MUNIR KHAN on Sep 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World War II inaugurated the vistas of democracy in the world. The genesis of Pakistan asan independent state was marked with the same trends. However, the booming democraticstate as envisaged by the Quaid soon fell into the hands of demagogues, feudals, elitistbureaucracy, under the aegis of the corrupt interest groups, all sorts of mafia and theinvisible foreign hands. Above all the military and the quasi-military rule strangled any hopeof democracy for the developing Pakistan. The deterioration got further impetus by the foulplay in the elections, stagnation of the political process by coup d` tats followed by themartial laws, sometimes in the name of Islam and other times in the name of modernism.The fault lines of democracy widened with the caricature of the constitution, corruption of the judiciary and violation of the human rights.The seeds of anti-democratic norms were sown , when on August 1947, Khan Sahib’sministry was dismissed along with M.A Khusroo’s dismissal on April 20,1948 in Sindh andFazal-ul-Haq’s in 1954 in East Pakistan, despite the fact that each government enjoyed amajority in the assemblies. However, the major blow to the democratic process was thebaffling re-shuffling of the minister ship thrice in a fortnight. Yet the gravest of all was theabrogation of the constitution for the first time on October 1958 by Iskander Mirza.The rough path of pseudo democracy brought a series of catastrophic incidents in the attireof AyubKhan’s failed federal-provincial policies, Zia’s grappling with the religion, Bhutto’sdemagogic rhetoric, Benazir’s conceited false claims and Nawaz Sharif’s cowardice. The pathwas further furnished by the sham democratic claims in the form of a uniformedunconstitutional president turning the whole nation topsy turvy to establish an illusionarydemocracy.The mockery of democracy could also be observed by the fact that the so called loyal, jingoistic politicians could not form a constitution for the first nine pivotal years of independence. The objective resolution of 1949 , the constitution of 1956 and 1962 , thattried to save the sinking political raft of dictatorship and martial law ended up in theseparation of Bangladesh. The gift of Bhutto to Pakistan in the form of 1973 constitutionwas a child’s play in the hands of the dictators, the 8th amendment LfO, the seventeenthamendment crumbled down any democratic signs that were left with country. Thesuccessful democratic countries like England and U.S live with the principle of separation of powers, elucidated in their constitution and protected by judiciary. On the contrary, Pakistanleaders devour every thing and any thing that they can lay their hands on and havelikewise, changed the constitution to suit their autocratic, plutocratic whims in such a waythat the constitution has been reduced to a legitimate protective covering for the illegitimateprocesses.
Pluralism, is an insignia of democracy. Pakistan has never hesitated to flout such a pivotalelement.Innitiated by Ayub Khan , Zia and in the contemporary world by the so calledQuaid-i-Azam league.in the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country like Pakistan a non-partypolitical atmosphere representing the ruling dictators not the voice of the varied culturalsociety proved to be only a disaster. Unlike Pakistan, America India or Canada with bi-partism or multi-partism helps its different regions and groups to be vocal about theirinterests , at the same time strong political institutions bound the people together under theumbrella of a one democratic country.In Pakistan the very opposite has always occurred. ‘One unit’ formula of Muhammad Bogra usurped the rights of the people giving way tofrustration and disgust. The cynical power politics of the dictators weakened the politicalatmosphere, elections fought on non party basis only grew skepticism among the provinces,specially East and West Pakistan , which ended up in the dismemberment of Pakistan in1971.The champions of democracy in the present are repeating the notions of theirpredecessors and have created same situation where Balochistan is voicing independencefrom the non-democratic dictatorsThe only thing left in the country as an aftermath of the distorted democracy is the regionalparties that only inflict regional, ethnic and sectarian norms, the out come of which isterrorism , sectarianism, and violence. Something that has taken deep roots in the countryand has become an incurable cancer.Rigging elections and tampering results is another menace that has damaged the legitimatepopulist governments. Unlike ,foreign democratic countries the governments in Pakistan arealways charged of being corrupt, illegitimate that gains powers either through thepatronization of a foreign hand or some worst mafia and interest groups.Moreover, the coup d’etat are a plague for the true democracy and such non-political movesshrouded in mystery reverse any signs of progress the country had undergone .Theperpetual control of the military regimes for the 31 years and other 27 under the quasi-military rule are the mockery of the Quaid’s dream who in the last address to theconstituent assembly envisaged a democratic state with a smooth political process in atolerant nation.The sine quanone of an egalitarian country are the rule of the common people , provisionand safety of the human rights , supremacy of law and a free judiciary . UnfortunatelyPakistan lacks them all .The feudals , elite bureaucrats in the form of Tiwanas , Daultanas orthe Bhuttos reigned with an elitist mindset.The nexus of the government with mafia,suppression of the human rights and their violations distorted the fading signs of democracy. Deprived people of all their economic , socil, political and now even religiousprerogatives add only fanaticism to country’s life , nothing else. Moreover, law and judiciarythat are only the tools in the hands of the despots provide nihilistic elements to the society.Albeit a cruel, yet a true picture was shown to the bragging leaders of Pakistan when Bushvisited South Asian countries. Declaring India to be the oldest democracy Bush had givenPakistan an instance to ponder over its follies and foibles and to restrain from the errors and

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