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Published by msvmazzullo
Case Middle School Courier Volume 11 Issue 3 update
Case Middle School Courier Volume 11 Issue 3 update

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Published by: msvmazzullo on Feb 03, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The carnival truly never sleeps. As soon as one ends, the planning for the next one starts.
Carnival is a big deal. We look forward to it every year. Planning how you spend your time and money is essential to having the ultimate experience. Here are some tips to save your money and still have a good time.
Scrip (1 scrip = 50 cents)
Bringing money to school on the day of carnival is always a smart thing to do. You don’t want to go to Carnival empty handed. You can buy up to $20 worth of scrips from your teachers. Another good thing to do is to keep your money safe.. Keep your money in a wallet or in your small bag while you're walking around. You don’t want to leave it in your pocket or in your shoe because it could easily fall out. If possible, leave your backpack at home.
Rides (1 ride coupon = 3 scrips)
Rides are always the priciest things to do. Some good advice would be to go on the rides before instead of playing games. Certain rides are discounted from 11am-2pm on Friday and would cost less. Go on expensive rides at these times. Another tip is to go on your favorite ride first so you don’t get held up in a line. But, don’t waste all your money on rides, so you can experience other things like food and games. The Zipper is the most expensive ride of all, costing 4 ride coupons, which is 12 scrip. It is not smart to spend $6 on one ride. The line in always crowded and takes a long time to get on. So, we don’t recommend you to go on this ride. But if you must, just go on it one time. Try not to blow your money. We suggest you go on the three to four coupon rides. They’re usually fun to ride on and you won’t spend a lot of money on just one ride.
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In this issue:
Carnival Must Do’s
POPS 2014
Punahou Sports
Pets and Stress
   C   M   S   C  o  u  r   i  e  r
Punahou Carnival is from February 7 until February 8.
   V  o   l  u  m  e   1   1   I  s  s  u  e   3
Photo courtesy of Communications
   F  e   b  r  u  a  r  y   2   0   1   3
   C   A   S   E   M   I   D   D   L   E   S   C   H   O   O   L
The Carnival That Never Sleeps
by TJ Johnson and Ryan Park
Interesting Facts
Falling in love can help you to remember things, because it calms the mind and body.Archduke Maximillian from Austria started the tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring by giving one to his wife, Mary of Burgundy, in the 15th century.Engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of your left hand because ancient Greeks believed that the fourth finger had the
vena amoris
 or the vein of love, which was the vein that goes directly to your heart. The first wedding rings found were from the ancient Greeks, who used the circle to represent eternity.X is used as a symbol for a kiss. This could have started because in medieval times, when most people couldn’t sign their names, they wrote an
 and kissed it to show sincerity.Red roses are usually the flower given on Valentine’s Day because this was the favorite flower of the Roman goddess of love, Venus.
What is Love?
By Clarise HuangLove can be described in many ways: some say that love is blind, some say it is chemistry, some say that it is a passionate commitment, a storyline, or just an emotion. Kaya Lee ’19 thinks “It’s an awkward subject.” And for children at our age, it is. At the same time, people may have some other thoughts about it too, such as Kelsey Ou ’19. At first she thought of a guy smacking a girl with a bouquet of roses screaming, “Accept my love.” Love is something that has been studied extensively, and isn’t easy to define. Love can be good and bad for you. It is good only if you’re with the right person. Love is good for your health: chances of depression are lower, and you live longer than people who are single, divorced, or widowed. But love can also be unhealthy: if you are unhappy, you increase your chances of depression by 30%, and women who are divorced are 60% more likely to get heart disease.Those who say that love is blind are right. It is true that love is “blind.” When you’re in love, part of your brain shuts down, the parts of the brain that block you from having negative emotions, being critical in self-assessment, and the trustworthiness and fear of others. The faults of a person are ignored, and this shutdown of the brain can last from 1 to 2
 years.Love can also be unhealthy, literally. When you break up with someone, it can cause a broken heart, and those can actually hurt you. Some people actually die because of a broken heart. When they no longer have their partner, their chance of getting blocked arteries around the heart increases. Blocked arteries can cause people to die. (http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/what-exactly-is-love-436234.html) Women may have an easier time coping with a broken-heart, because they are willing to let their feelings out, whereas men are not as open.So why do people fall in love? You may have an idea of what your dream partner would be like, but most people fall in love with people they have known for a while. Also, if someone shows attraction towards you, you may feel attraction to them, too. The factors and characteristics that are most important to many or contribute to falling in love are kindness and intelligence, and almost nothing to do with attractiveness or appearance. Love is something you have to be careful with. If it is right for you, then it will make you a happier, healthier person.
The rose is Venus’ favorite flower.Valentine’s Day is the second most popular card-giving holiday.Copyright free photo from the internetPhoto by Clarise Huang
Valentine Fun Facts...
by Eden Chun
About 190 million cards are sent every year in the U.S, and about half of those cards go to family members.
As the interest in technology has gone up, the number of e-valentines has gone up too. In 2010, a whopping 15 million virtual cards were sent out. That’s about 10,000 times more than the number of students at Punahou from K-7th grade.
Worldwide, over 50 million roses are given for Valentine's Day each year.
About 8 billion candy hearts will be made this year;
that’s enough candy to stretch from Italy to Arizona 20 times and back again!
The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters addressed to  Juliet every Valentine's Day.
Richard Cadbury invented the first Valentine’s Day candy box in the late 1800s (Cadbury Chocolate Candy Company)
History of Valentine’s Day
 by Edlin Davis and Lindsay Kaback Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day! Chocolate, candy hearts, and roses. Some people hate it, some people love it, but does anyone actually know the history of Valentine’s Day? This holiday dates back to 269 BC, when Saint Valentine, a priest in Rome, got thrown into prison. Saint Valentine disobeyed Emperor Claudius II, by performing marriages for young lovers in secret. He was discovered and got sentenced to be beaten with clubs and beheaded. Unfortunately, Valentine fell in love with the jailor’s daughter, who visited him in prison. Prior to his death, he wrote a letter to his lover signed with the message, “From your Valentine.On February 14, the day he wrote the letter, he received his punishment. Thus, the Pope Gelasius put aside February 14 to remember Saint Valentine. Another version of the story says that Hera, the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses, who is also known as the goddess of marriage and women, was the founder of the holiday. On February 15, Hera began the Festival of Lupercalia. In those days, boys and girls lived separate lives and rarely did anything together, but on the eve of the Festival of Lupercalia (February 14th), Roman girls names were written on slips of paper and put into jars. The young men would choose a girl’s name to be their partner for the rest of the festival. The pairing of the children usually lasted around a year, and many would soon fall in love and later marry. Valentine’s day might be something you dread, but the history of this holiday is definitely an interesting one.
Photos by Taylor Kealoha and Edlin Davis

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