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Scottish Screen Reader Guidance

Scottish Screen Reader Guidance

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Published by leehamilton51

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Published by: leehamilton51 on Sep 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Guidance for Readers
These notes should be referred to when preparing reports on treatments, scripts and proposals.They contain guidance on how you should approach the analysis of the material supplied andhow your comments should be presented. You are advised to read the accompanying notesThinking About Story.Your report should be a full analysis of the material supplied and should include comments onall relevant headings. Your report must include certain information, as indicated, but you do notneed to adhere to the format below and some headings may not be relevant depending on thetype of material.Many of these reports are passed to the writer so please write in the third person and remainobjective in your reporting. Do not be personal, refrain from using punctuation or underlining toadd stress to your comments. Remember that you do not need to come up with solutions to anyof the problems you identify in the material. Where possible you should ask questions which willhelp the writer find answers for themselves. Please refer to existing films, if you can, where youfeel that elements bear a significant similarity to the material you are assessing.
Project Title (must be included)
Script Read By (must be included)
Date of Report (must be included)
Treatment/Script/Proposal – state which including which draft if available (mustbe indicated)
Log line (must be included)
1-2 sentences that express what you believe the story/material to be about.
Synopsis (must be included)
Half page A4, max full page A4.
Length (must be included for scripts)
Provide a script page count, and your estimation of eventual film running time.
Project Presentation (must be included for scripts)
Does the script deviate from generally recognized standards of presentation? Is thereanything else about the way the material is presented that is worth mentioning?
What kind of story is it? If it is easily identifiable as a particular genre, does it follow therules of that genre. Is it an original take on the genre? If the genre is not entirely obviousthen please suggest what kind of story it is, i.e. personal drama, coming of age etc.
 Is the concept/content appealing, is it clearly articulated by the material? Does theapproach to the concept/content show originality? Have you seen this before and if so, isit being handled any differently here.
 What is the main theme being explored by the material? Is it clear? Is there more thanone theme? Are they identifiable? How does/do the theme/s effect the story and viceversa?
Whose story is it? What is the journey of the central character? Is the main characterdriving the plot? What functions do characters serve within the story? Are their actionsbelievable/predictable?
Past/Present/Future – how does the period effect and/or inform the story? Does theperiod setting reflect the social mores of the time and is this reflected in the actions ofthe characters?
Location of Script
Where does the story take place? How does the location effect and/or inform the story.Does the story reflect the culture of the place in which it is set, is this reflected in theactions of the characters?
How are set-up, development and resolution handled? What is driving the story? Are wesufficiently engage in the story? Is it predictable? What do you think of the choices thewriter has made? What are the consequences of these choices? Do these choices effectthe pace of the story? Are there sub-plots, and if so, do they integrate well with the mainstory, and serve to emphasize or deflate the themes of the story?
Conflict/Dramatic Potential
Is there conflict in the story? Where does that conflict exist? What is the relevance of thisconflict to the journey of the characters? Are characters facing significant challenges andsetbacks to their goal/s?
Does each character
s dialogue feel distinct and believable? What is the balancebetween information that is conveyed through dialogue as opposed to visually?
Visual Style
Does the material have a strong sense of the visual? Does the visual style inform thestory? How much, if any, of the story is told visually?
Budget Considerations
Are there any elements of the material, which might significantly affect its cost toproduce.

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