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Jesus Christ and the Truth of Calvary

Jesus Christ and the Truth of Calvary

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Published by John Paily

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Published by: John Paily on Sep 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jesus Christ and the Truth of Calvary
The Science that can Elevate Humanity beyond Religioninto Truth
Calvary Sacrifice is still a secret. Its full implication is not understood. A huge religionand population is built around it, which breaks a piece of bread and drinks little bit of wine every Sunday to remember the sacrificial event and then goes his way expressinghis human nature. The modern world is the product of Christian thinking without Christin the middle. Our world that is disordered and inching to self destruction is led byChristian leaders. Forgive me if I am wrongChrist spoke of forgiveness, and winning through love. He spoke the language of theheart. He saw the world through His heart and not by His Mind. He sacrificed His self tothe will of God the Father and accepted the death. Bible tells He conquered Time anddeath in the process. He asked His disciples to follow His way to enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus declared himself as the Savior of humanity. He Professed His death andresurrection.The disciples responded to His call. But I doubt if any of the disciples actuallyunderstood or believed Him. Christ is beyond human mind. They were actuallymesmerized by the miracle cure that Christ effected. They thus became His followers.The reality of Christ struck them as a bolt from the blue when they witnessed theresurrection. But even that probably did not make them TRUE believers. The Disciplesactually became believers when the power of the Holy Spirit descended on them and theyexperienced New Life. Forgive me if I am wrong. It is the power of the spirit movingwithin them that gave the insight into Bible, increased their faith and led them to spreadthe Good News.Christ told His disciples that they are being sent to a dark world that would persecutethem. However He assured them that they are not alone and that He will manifest againto give life during the end of time, when the darkness peaks and death actually surroundsthe world. A true Christian life is a life in anticipation of this Second Coming. Thecompleteness of Calvary occurs with Second Coming.Bible tells us that Christ manifested when there was none left in this world who could be justified before God. So God sent His only Son to salvage everyone and restore everyoneto the kingdom of God.Bible is simple. It has two parts the old and New Testament. This classification can besimply understood as1
1] The manifested state and manifesting state.2] It also can be compared to creation and created state.These states have totally opposite characteristics
The Created stateThe Creating State
1] The law and punishment is the central prominent aspectLove and forgiveness is the central aspect2] The world is two celled state. God isexternal to the world and sits as theconscious, intelligent and perceivingaspect that controls, rules and gives judgment and sustainsThe world is in singular state. God isinternal and creating Entity. He is in passive state, yet in control3] Begins when everyone is justified before God and when everyone bows toGod – Knowing the Truth and Light of Life and Nature. In short it begins whenhumans know the whole Truth of God,humans and NatureIt begins when not one human soul is lefton this world who could be justified beforeGod4] The Living Light or Knowledge or Mind of God revealed to humanity, but prone to deterioration under time and itsforce.The Living Light retreated from the worldand leaving the mind and light of humansto rule this world. The Mind of the humansthat is inferior thus takes the world todisorder and destruction. But within thisstate the Light of God exists as a secretconquering time and death and restoring.Everything to life.5] Comparable to the “Fathers Essence”emerging from the womb of the mother with a New Body conquering time andBeginning New Time CycleThe “ Father’s Essence” in creation state inthe womb rebuilding of New World out of the old, by transforming and giving NewLife the system.
Pre CalvaryPost Calvary
Calvary thus is the beginning point of creation and restoration of the universe. It is the“biological beginning” of the universal time. This Truth is very explicitly described andthe life science of nature is explored in minute details in Eastern Vedic Culture. YajurvedaVS: 30-31 clearly write that the Universe was created with the self sacrifice of theCreator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people or lesser Gods. Thus itupholds Christ’s manifestation.What this means all of humanity today is bonded to darkness or death force and God sentChrist to salvage [transform] the souls and restore everyone back to Kingdom of God before death strikes. In other words God is working to defeat death force and set us free.One of the key teaching of Christ is “Seek Truth and Truth will set you Free” Bible is allabout the Truth and science of life, nature and its working.2
This means the world can enter Kingdom of God only when it understands the Truth or when God reveals the Truth to defeat the darkness. Truth is the Light that emerges in the peak of the darkness. It can be viewed as the “
Superior Knowledge
” that brings order and peace defeating the inferior knowledge.Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness and control and so on. One look at the world tells us it is giving the opposite results. The modern world is exploding withthis knowledge. It is said the knowledge man acquired till 1950 doubled in the next40years and this turn doubled in the next 10years. This has been doubling since then. The present knowledge is expected double by 2010.The inferiority of the present knowledge is becoming increasingly evident. The earth andits forces are violent, Global Warming and Climate Change is threatening the world. Natural catastrophes are increasing as never before. The mind of individual and collectivemind of nations are restless and are becoming increasingly violent and self destructive. Nearly 50% of most nations’ budget is spent on invention of weapons of massdestruction. We are living in the fear of our own inventions. Corruption and injustice isincreasing as never before. Health of individual and the whole is deteriorating. What rulesus is the market and material force. The temples of science or the knowledge center thathas the responsibility give knowledge support to sustain world and humanity wastes itstime in search for water in moon, exploring mining possibility in Moon, creating laddersinto space, searching for God particle and so on. However one look at the world tells usthat the modern science and its inventions have made our earth inhospitable. Billions of  public money, that should have been spent on the well being of life and humanity is beingwasted on these exercises. This is happening when thousands and thousand are dyeing for want of food and protection over His head and earth is endangered by global warmingand climate change. There is necessity to advance our knowledge and know the Truth of  Nature and come to life.I see some hope in the spiritual revival. However spiritual revival with in the frame work of religion is the ultimate weapon for the evil and death to destroy the world. Truth needsto be discovered as science beyond religion only then the Good News can break the barriers of religion and explode to neutralize the death force and bring life to the world.Our hope now exists in knowing the Truth beyond religions such that the whole worldcan come to life. I believe I called for this purpose and I have struggled one life timetowards it. I place before everything. You are my judge.Truth of Calvary Explored as Science.
The world is built and functioning on energy or Spirit. Everything in Natureeventually can be related to energy. The modern man rules and exists on theknowledge of power or energy of matter. The ancient spiritual knowledge alsorest on spirit/energy or power. However, they visualized universe out of twospirits the Good and bad spirit. In contrast the modern world visualizes universefrom a single force called gravity or centripetal force.

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