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Network Aug Sept 2009

Network Aug Sept 2009

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Published by greenpeaceuk

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Published by: greenpeaceuk on Sep 30, 2009
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Newsletter for Greenpeace activists
August/September 2009
© R/G
Cover: Greenpeace activists block a 20,000 tonne coal shipment to Kingsnorth power station in Kent. Above: Ending a week of actions calling on the G8 to take the lead on climate change, Greenpeace activists intercept a coal shipment in Italy.Kumi brings with him a passion for activism, for nonviolence and clear ideas to help shape the future of Greenpeace.
Politicians talk, but leaders act
Jim Footner, climate campaign
June and July proved busy months for activists in the UK and abroad taking direct actionto demand that leaders deliver policy changes that will seriously combat climate change.
In June, Greenpeace volunteers swam in front of an E.ON ship and othersclimbed aboard to stop it from unloading coal at Kingsnorth power station. The activiststook direct action where Energy Secretary, Ed Miliband has failed to take politicalaction to stop new coal. Despite the government assuring us that newly built powerstations will capture some of the carbon they release, the Government’s proposalswould effectively allow three tonnes of CO2 to be emitted from coal plants likeKingsnorth for every tonne that is captured and stored in the ground.Just 12 days later and actions at Kingsnorth were in the news again. A thousand peoplefrom groups ranging from the Women’s Instutute to Oxfam joined together to form agiant human chain around the power station demonstrating the growing coalitionopposed to prospect of emissions from new coal.
Also in June, the 29 volunteers who blocked a train transporting coal to Draxpower station last year were found guilty. The judge refused to allow the defendants,who were representing themselves, to officially run a defence based on climate change,despite that being their motivation to act. However, he described their defence as‘eloquent, sincere, moving and engaging’ as the defendants still managedto bring thethreat of climate change and the urgency to act to the forefront of their defence.
Italy, G8 summit:
Greenpeace volunteers from around the world occupied five coalpower stations in Italy to demand that world leaders, gathered in Rome for the G8conference, take leadership on climate change. Once again however, the G8 failedto act sufficiently to put the world on a path to avoiding dangerous climate change.We now have less than five months, before the international meeting in Copenhagen,for our politicians to become leaders. In the UK, that means Ed Miliband must stopproposals for new coal fired power stations like Kingsnorth from going ahead.
Sign the Big If pledge
Tell Ed Miliband what you’ll do if he gives the go-ahead to new dirty coal at Kingsnorth.Go to www.greenpeace.org.uk/bigif
© Oz/G
New Executive Director forGreenpeace International
Prominent activist Kumi Naidoo from SouthAfrica has been appointed Executive Directorof Greenpeace International. Kumi will takeover from Gerd Leipold in November 2009.
Kumi says…
‘I have long been an admirer of the work of Greenpeace, from my days as a young anti-apartheid activist in South Africa and currently as a member of the Greenpeace Africa Board... The way Greenpeace works on all levels –from confrontation to cooperation with governments and corporations –is an inspiration.The mix of pragmatism and passion really gets things done and effects real change in the world.I believe that Greenpeace is one of the most precious assets the global community possesses,and plays a critical part in reversing the current fatal trajectory of our planet.’ 
Kumi was one of the founders of Global Call toAction Against Poverty (GCAP) in 2005. Theorganisation that has since grown into a powerfulcoalition of anti-poverty campaigners from over100 countries. GCAP calls for action from worldleaders to end poverty and equality by fulfillingpromises on aid, trade, debt, climate change andgender equality.He now sits on the Greenpeace Africa board,working to end environmental destruction andfighting for the right of Africans to a healthyenvironment and is also Chair of the GlobalCampaign for Climate Action.Kumi will continue to use his influence togenerate civil society pressure and cooperationto demand a strong deal at the UN ClimateSummit in Copenhagen in December –one thatreduces CO
emissions, protects forests andpromotes renewables and energy efficiency.
© Ga/G
Lisa Weatherley
You can usually find her on the end of a phonein Supporter Services, but for the past fivemonths, Lisa has been on secondment to theActive Supporters’ Unit.
I’ve really enjoyed the past few months. Amongother things, I was organising active supporterinvolvement at this year’s Glastonbury. It waslovely to meet real people and leave behind themonths of application forms and spreadsheets. Iknew some of the crew from previous events andactions but there were plenty of new faces too.After seeing the plans for the Greenpeace fieldweeks earlier, it was stunning to see it in real lifefor the first time.Together, we all made sure thefield and campsite ran without a hitch and gainedover 8,000 new Airplotters. Everyone thereworked incredibly hard –no mean feat given allthe other Glastonbury distractions!If you’d like to volunteer for us at next year’sGlastonbury, applications forms will go out toprevious helpers and Network Coordinators nextMarch so keep an eye out.You’ll be back in Rachael’s capable hands next year, but would I do it again? You bet! Activesupporters are so dedicated. I’m always amazedat the time people give and their enthusiasm,even though I started my own Greenpeace lifedoing whale walks and street collections (I’mshowing my age there!). The best part, by far, wasmeetingyou all in person, an opportunity I rarelyget in Supporter Services.
The Greenpeace field had an Airplot theme, including an out-of-control tower for climbers and a replica of the Sipson village pub.
© Css/G
An ocean of news
Willie Mackenzie, oceans campaign
Active supporters all over the UK, from Islington to Inverness, helped make thespecial screenings of The End of the Line a great success on 8 June – World Oceans’Day. The new documentary about overfishing, has had an amazing reception, and asa result, ran for four whole weeks in London’s West End and across the UK.The press coverage generated by the film has ensured that the problem of over fishinghas remained a high priority for journalists. Greenpeace has worked closely with the filmteam to make sure that the issues have been documented in newspapers, magazines, TVand radio – and everyone has been talking tuna, from naked celebrities to Prince Albert of Monaco. In an amazing development, the UK, Dutch, German and French governmentshave announced they are backing a ban on the international trade in bluefin tuna.In the meantime, tuna fishermen reacted violently to activists documenting the bluefintuna fishery in the Mediterranean. One crew member of the Rainbow Warrior wasrepeatedly punched and beaten. The good news is that she’s going to be fine, but thisis further proof of just how far this unpleasant end of the industry will go to facilitatehigh dining at sushi restaurants like Nobu.The International Whaling Commission (IWC) met in June in Portugal. Membergovernments decided that they want to break the deadlock within the IWC betweenpro- and anti-whaling countries, but also want to avoid controversy. So, instead of addressing urgent issues of conservation, they have set up a group that will discusspossible ways forward for the IWC for yet another year. The concern is that this canonly mean a compromise to allow commercial whaling and so far Japan and its alliesshow no sign of being prepared to stop whaling.Greenpeace’s political work to protect the ban on whaling and see an end to commercialwhaling continues in Europe, Japan, the US, Latin America and the Pacific. We needgovernments like the UK to take this issue as seriously as Japan does.
Go and see The End of the Line
Visit www.endoftheline.com/screenings to find where the film is showing near you.
Pledge to boycott bluefin tuna and those who sell it
Go to www.greenpeace.org.uk/tunapledge to help save bluefin tuna.
Greenpeace activists tell diners at the celebrity-favourite restaurant Nobu in London not to order bluefin tuna, an endangered species. Nobu, partly owned by actor Robert de Niro, has been in the media spotlight as it continues to offer bluefin on its menus.
© R/G
Want to work at Glastonbury next year?
Get involved with your local network and helpcampaign in your area. For contact details, goto www.greenpeace.org.uk/active

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