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ALien Files BRP

ALien Files BRP

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Published by goldgrif

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Published by: goldgrif on Oct 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The earth is under attack. Various alien factions are involved in trying to control Earth for variousreasons.These are some of the aliens that have reported by individuals.Small Greys From Zeta ReticuliA militaristic insect like culture that believe that science and world conquering the utmost importance.They have little regard for humans and appear to have little emotion. There appears to be some sort of  parasitism with these greys needing humans as food, either via a form of physical or psychicvampirism. ( In the case of Psychic vampirism, a Pow vs Pow, they either absorb, hit points or POW points.) Reports include they are involved with human experimentation andanimal mutilation.They stand about 4.5 tall, with large eyes. There appear to be two classes or social lines, one morehawkish the other seems to have some capability of presenting a business like attitude to subjects.They reproduce by cloning with little variations.Except for space travel and genetic manipulation they do not appear very far ahead of us, but may usetech of other cultures to perform tasks.Another rumor from psychics is that they are controlled or enslaved by a reptilian species that wishes toclaim or reclaim earth by many different means.STR 8+d4SIZ 5+d4CON 2d6+12INT 2d6+12POW 2d6+6DEX 2d6+8APP 2d6AR 3These greys are reported to originate from a planet fourth circling one of the stars of Zeta Reticuli Z2.The stars are 9000 AU apart. Both stars are yellow dwarf similar to our sun. They have many bases onthe earth.Grey TwoOrigin unknownTaller than the smaller greys by twice as much up to 8 feet tall with bases mostly in the AleutianIslandsUnlike the smaller greys they tend to operate from a political system of thought, using treaties and lawsto obtain what they want. Will trade what they consider low tech for options. They are more advancedthan the smaller greys and though still adverse to humans, but less violent.STR 3d6+4SIZ 10+d6CON 2d6+12INT 3d6+6POW 3d6+6DEX 3d6+6APP 2d6AR4
Grey ThreeSTR 2d6+4SIZ 5+d4CON 2d6INT 4d6POW 3d6+4DEX 2d6+4APP 3d6These beings seem to be similar to the insect like beings but more genial to humans, the skin is darker.Where as the other greys appear insect-like these appear to have originate from a cetacean species.They have a stare ability that shocks a person naturally and not needing a device and without harm.They are engaged like the others with gene engineering, but to cross humans with their dying race.This human race crossbreed is now approaching maturity. They are described as having the capabilityof both races, and may have a greater capacity for emotions than humans with logical and intellectualcapacity of the alien strain. They find their Grey side of their family extremely boring and consider themselves human in all respects. The care for their Grey families like a parent cares for a child. Thelook like humans except the heads are a little bit larger and their hair high above their foreheads. Theyare reported to communicate primarily by telepathyTo describe these cross breeds, role a normal human character then add a d6 to both INT and POW.Skills for both speciesVarious Psychic abilities.ReptiliansSTR 5d6 +6SIZ 3d6+6CON 3d6+6INT 2d6+6POW 2d6+6DEX 2d6+6APP 1d6AR 5Reptilians seemed to have either originated on earth or came to earth and inhabited it long enough tofeel it is part of their empire. After Warring with other races, and pulling the majority of their race off earth, leaving small garrisons. They have decided to return to find humans evolved enough to be athreat. They are here harassing and studying Terran Humans in an attempt to discover the best way of removing them with out endangering the planet. Though more ancient than humans their technology isnot advanced enough to be called miraculous , they tend to approach problem through pure strength.They view humans as food, with teeth, and are cautious in engagements. There may be an agreement between the greys and reptilians, or the greys may be a conquered slave race.There also appear to be a fair number of humans that have been either altered or enslaved by variousalien factions, these quislings are dangerous as they identify more with their masters than with their 
root race.The Reptilians can have all sort extra advantages.Also able to breathe a poison out of the mouths during there encounter, causing blindness. 2D6 vsCON. Or corrosive damage 1d6.Claw attacks adding a d6 to hand attacksHuman aliens.There are many various human like races. Some are indistinguishable from humans. Others havevarious quirks. Such as being Nordic or Asiatic in appearance.Though similar and MAY have similar ancestry they are not earth humans. One example of thevariation Is that the males of these races are about 7 feet in height, females six and half feet. They aredescribed as fine featured and have paler complexions then humans. Their eyes may be almondshaped. They come from three colonies where hair color determines origin. Blonds come from thePleiades, Black from Sirius, and Red from Orion.STR 4d6SIZ 4d6CON 2d6+6INT 4d6POW 3d6DEX 3d6APP 3d6Their symbol is a triangle or three spheres in a triangular shape. Non physical AliensThese aliens of course do not have physical statsUsing only INT and POW they often possess or impart information directly to individualsWhen attempting to Possess they use POW vs POW attack When Imparting information USE INT vs POW, or INT this isn't really an attack, but an attempt toimpress information or skills. They will use the latter method to give friendly people or followersinformation to support whatever the cause they are working on. Non Physical AliensINT 6d6POW 6d6Alien TechnologyAlien Tech can mimic any psychic ability, giving the impression that the aliens themselves are psychic.The Only groups that are psychic naturally are the Cetaceans and their crossbreeds.The aliens all seem to possess similar abilities in their ships. The ships seem to be able to travel quicklyand even warp into and out of reality.The ship also seem to possess the ability to change shape at least to the observer. So eeither the shipscan actually change, the alterations are due to the warping or motive device, or some device is causingthe observer to see it change in an attempt to fool the witness, often poorly.Taking a Look at alien encounters from the 50s and 60s. These aliens came in all shapes, sizes, and

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