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PMR Examination 2004-2008

PMR Examination 2004-2008

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Published by chlkhg
PMR examination Science Paper 2 from year 2004 to 2008 (advice).
PMR examination Science Paper 2 from year 2004 to 2008 (advice).

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: chlkhg on Oct 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PMR examination 2004-2008 (with a predicted paper of PMR 2009)PMR 2004Section AQuestion 1Form 1: Chapter 2 Cell as a Unit of Lifea)Name the cell b)Labelc)State the function of structureQuestion 2Form 1: Chapter 5 Air Around Usa)Complete the carbon cycle b)State the functions of plants in the carbon cyclec)State two effects of deforestation.Question 3Form 2: Chapter 2 Nutritiona)Label b)State the function of the structure that you labelc)Food test (exp: iodine+? = dark blue precipitate)d)Explain the food sample while it is inside smallintestine.e)State what happens to the final product in (d).Question 4Form 3: Chapter 2 Blood Circulatory Systema)Label b)Label the position of lungs and a ventricle.c)Using arrow to show the flow of oxygenated blood.d)Difference between the cross section of bloodvessels P (Artery) and Q (Vein)e)ExplainQuestion 5Form 3: Chapter 6 Land and its Resourcesa)Observe to iron fillings during the reaction. b)Give one reason for the observationc)Write the word equationd)Write the word equatione)Draw a set-up of apparatusf)ExplainQuestion 6Form 3: Chapter 7 Electricity (Electromagnetism)a)Draw the line of magnetic force between themagnet b)Draw the direction of its rotationc)Draw a diagram to how to determined thedirection of the rotationd)Name the rule used in (c)e)State the energy changes in the coil (figure 6.1)
f)State two ways in which the speed of the rotationof the coil could be increased.g)State two uses of electromagnetismSection BQuestion 7Form 2: Chapter 3 Biodiversity (figure shows animals)a)
Based on your observation
, state onecharacteristic of any four of animals. b)Classify animals based o their commoncharacteristicQuestion 8Form 1: Chapter 3 Matter (density)a)State the variables in the experiment b)Record the readings of the weightc)Draw a
bar chart
d)Based on bar chart, what can be said about theweight of object?e)State one inference from this experiment.f)Predict.g)State the relationshiph)Deduce the meaning of
weight of an object
PMR 2005Section AQuestion 1Form 1: Chapter 2 Cell as a Unit of Lifea)Label the structures b)Draw line to show the correct match between thestructures and their functions.Question 2Form 1: Chapter 3 Matter a)Label b)Draw diagrams to show the arrangement of the particlesc)State one property to differentiate between thestates of matter.Question 3Form 2: Chapter 10 Simple Machinesa)Label the position of fulcrum b)State the class of lever based on Figure 3.1( awheelbarrow)c)Give reason for your answer in (b)d)Choose one tool with the same class of lever asthe wheelbarrow.e)CalculationQuestion 4Form 2: Chapter 2 Nutrition (Experiment about the action osaliva on starch)
a)Why the water bath must be at 37`C? b)State the reasonc)In which part of the alimentary canal does thesame enzyme action occur as in the test tube X.d)Complete the table by writing different foodclasses and their food samples based on the picture.Question 5Form 3: Chapter 1 Respirationa)Explain the process of inhalation. b)Draw lines to match the partsc)Explain the transportation of oxygen gas to the body cells.d)Smoking is dangerous to human health. State thereason.Question 6Form 3: Chapter 8 Generation of Electricitya)Label (figure 6.1 shows a 3-pin plug) b)Explain the advantage of the connection of theelectrical appliance to the 3-pin plug rather thanto the 2-pin plug.c)CalculationSection BQuestion 7Form 2: Chapter 3 Biodiversity (figure shows plants)a)
Based on your observation
, state onecharacteristic of any four of plants. b)Classify plants based o their commoncharacteristicQuestion 8Form 3: Chapter 7 ElectricityFigure 8.1 shows two bulbs which one is connectedwith shorter wire while the other connected withlonger wirea)State the difference in the brightness of the bulb. b)What inference can be made?c)State the hypothesis based on your observationsFigure 8.2 shows the arrangement of apparatusd)Record the ammeter readingse)Complete the tablef)Draw a graphg)State the relationshiph)State the variablesi)Predict j)State the relationship

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