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Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy Sex

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Published by Rhalou Allerhand

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Published by: Rhalou Allerhand on Oct 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EVER MIND THE SURGEincontroversial granny smut cur-rently infiltrating the porn market;nothing raises an eyebrow quite as muchas the contentious subject of sex dur-ing pregnancy. Whilst expecting, womenare often viewed as sacred and curiouslyinnocent, or fragile and afflicted with amedical condition, no doubt thanks tosome twisted Victorian-era related logic,despite the fact that — medical and reli-gious miracles aside — every pregnancystarted with a sexual act. The naked appearance of sevenmonths’ pregnant Demi Moore on thecover of 
Vanity Fair 
magazine in 1991marked the beginning of a period inwhich perceptions of pregnancy beganto change. The notorious photoshootsparked intense controversy and waswidely discussed on television, radio andin the papers, with the frankness of An-nie Leibovitz’ portrayal of a pregnant sexsymbol leading to divided opinions, rang-
      f    e    a     t    u    r    e
Rhalou Allerhand investigates the swollen,hormonal underbelly of pregnancy fetishism Photo: James Stafford 
expecting great sex.indd 708/9/08 17:58:59
expecting great sex.indd 718/9/08 17:59:12
      f    e    a     t    u    r    e
ing from complaints of sexual objectifica-tion to celebrations of the photograph asa symbol of female empowerment. Ei-ther way, it led to the dawn of a new agewhere pregnancy is finally starting to beaccepted as a sexually liberated state.Celebrities and the media have sinceportrayed it as a glamorous, fashion-able and even sexual state of being andwe’re regularly bombarded with imagesof everyone from footballer’s wives to theSpice Girls wearing sexy outfits which re-veal their bumps whilst expecting. Thischange in public opinion of pregnancyalso created a market for photographersto start producing images of attractive oreven provocative pregnant women, asopposed to being dowdy and concealedfrom the world, and for fashion designersto start producing sexy and stylish ma-ternity wear.But, despite changing attitudes, theconcept of pregnant women as sexualbeings is still somewhat contentious. Forwomen, there aremany reasons whysex during preg-nancy can be moreenjoyable, includ-ing engorgementof the genital area— which actuallyhelps some peoplebecome orgasmicfor the first time— an increase innatural lubrication,the lack of birthcontrol or, if youhave been tryingfor a while, a return to sex for pleasure asopposed to family planning purposes.On the other hand, there are also vari-ous reasons why sex might not be on theagenda, such as fear of hurting the baby,nausea, fatigue, awkwardness, bizarreconservative Victorian ideals and so on.Change is rampant during pregnancyand while women may start to feel enor-mous, exhausted and uncomfortable,on the whole, most red-blooded malesfind the pregnant body rather erotic anddesirable.But for some men, even if it’s not theirwife (or partner) who’s carrying the load,the concept of an expectant woman isextremely sexually alluring, to the pointof fetishising pregnancy. Also known asmaiesiophilia, or maieusophoria, preg-nancy fetishism includes the sexualisa-tion of women who are pregnant or ap-pear to be expecting, sexual interest indifferent stages of pregnancy from im-pregnation right through to labour and
Most red-blooded males find the pregnant body rather erotic and desirable 
expecting great sex.indd 728/9/08 17:59:29

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