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Bisuteria Con Crochet - Bead & Button 10 Projects

Bisuteria Con Crochet - Bead & Button 10 Projects



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Published by madtur77

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Published by: madtur77 on Oct 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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hellorom lice
Crochetingwith eadss un.Younmakebeautiful ssortmentfprojectswithahookandstruDgbeads{nceyou earna few basic ri€ks.The firstrowcanbea bit tricky.Butonceyou've gottentarted,ou'llbe hrilledwithhoweasy ead rochets.In thisbooklet, e'vencludedwidevarietyfproje€tshatusemanystitches. oucanmake reatiewelryastwithwireandb€adedhain titch.When ou gethehangofbeadrochetrope, ry makingarojectwithsmallerseed eads rpendant-style.essedglasseadsor a delicater a dramaticeffect.Ifyou lip wobeads€rstitch,ratherthan ne,you'llgetanunusualsta€kedook.Or useavarietyofbead sizesor exciting piralingexture.You'I alsoearn l-overbead rochetandspaced ead rochetor twopurses.Thenhave uncrocheting doll andembelishingt with personalymbols.With allhese titchingechniques,theskls the imitforyouruturebeadcrochet ork. 'vealways antedo trybead-crochetedace oilies. hat areyoursecretrochet reams?
, üastcs
4EasyrochetraceletJcreativeeadrochet6 Fastandabutous8 Braidedroclret10 l,aaelpurse12 Sealelrantbag14Fitigreeracetets16Beadedoremoll
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figureObfigure6cchain:igure a: Makea oop n thethread, rossiDgtheallendover hetail.Put hehookthroughhe oop,yarnover hehook,anddraw t throughthe irst oop.Figu.e b:Yarnoverthehookand raw hroughhe oop.Repeatfor thedesired umberfchainstitches-beadiain stitch:Figüre : Slideapre-strungead gainsthebase ftheloopon thehook.Worka €hain titch.Thebead sbetweenhechains.singlerochet:igüre a: nsert hehookthroughhe ront andbackofrhenextstitch.Yarnoveranddrawthrough(2loopson thehook).Figur€3b:Yarn overanddrawhrough oth oopslbeadingle rochet:igur€s aandb:Before tartingaingle fochet, lidebead gainsthebase fthe oopon rh€hook.worknormally. hebeads illbeon theside acingawayromyou.slipstitch:Figure: Enter henextstitchas or singlerochet. arnover, ndd.awhrough hestitch nd he oop.doüble rochetFigur€6a: ärnover.Inserthehook hrough hesecond
igure2 figure3
t'IZ6)00t.K,mb(hPub|nbiißco'^|lrighßrcsfl.J'&!'&&,I 7-mä,k.rht,b@Lmqrcrb.nprcd(cdinp*,o,inlhorcwi,hoI lI,h.F Nr4.d{pih,h.üic rr,..rq;Lo
I ltr ,,,.hN. ircrnThes€esignsreloryourpeßonaluse.heyre otntended orresale.Thematerialn hisbo0kletas ß.r'ianslyppearcdtEead&Eutt1nMaga:l,ne.figureb
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ry + t,op;rrcurctsrisußzo,,O"
tigure5figurc6 118üeI7ligurc9 fiSure2lIiBurc2z
stitch from the hook,yarn over, anddrawthroughthe titch3loopson th€hook).Figue 6b:Yarnoveranddrawthrough oops nthehook2oopson thehook).Figurec:Yamoverand dnw through heemaining loopsonthehooklloop enains).half-doublerochet: igüie7a:Yarnov€r. nsert h€ hook throughthe firstor se€ond titch ftomthe hook,)amover,anddraw hroushhestitch3loops n thehook).Fipre 7b:Yarnoveranddraw hrough ll3loopsonthe hooklloopon thehook).orerhandnot:Figue 8:Makea oop nthcordandbringtheend hat crosseson top behind he oop.Thenpullitthrough o the ront.squarenol:Figüre : Bringtheeft-handcordov€r he ight-hand ordandaround. igur€ 0: Cross ightovereftandgohrough he oop.sürgson'snot:Theextrawrapmakesthetop curl around h€ sides or astrongerknot. Fture I l: Beginasasquarenor ffgur€s and 0). Gothrough he oopagain,hen ighten.wrappedoopsrFigDre2:Leavingl-in.(2.5cm)tail,lacetheip ofachainnoseliersgainsthereheb€adwillbe.Bend he tail to forma rightangle.Figüre13:With roundnoseliers, raspthe ailjustpasttheendandpulitover heawopointtheotherway.Figure14:Loosenhe pliers ripenougho rotate hemso heemptyjawis aboveh€partial oopandcontinuepullingtheail aroundhebottomawuntil t'sperpendicularo th€wir€.Figure s: Pulla spliting,chain, t€.,into the oop.Figue16:To keep heloop round,grasptwith roundnosepli€rsnyournon dorninantandabovehecross.rap thepliers'jawswith maskingtapeo avoid enting hewire.Figure17:Grasp he ail withchainnoseliersopull taround hewireuntil t meetsthebead.ale thefirstwrapagainsttheliers; €epwrapscloseogether. neMap will keep heloop rom openin$additionalwrapsrede€orative.lip.Presshe cut€nd nwith chainnoseliers.square tilch:Figure 8: Stringh€requir€d umber fbeadsor the irstrow.Thenstring he irstbead fthesecondowandgohroughhe astbeadofthe firstrow and th€ first beadofthe secondow in the samedir€€tion.Th€ n€w beadsitsontop ofthe old beadand he holesarehorizontal.Figur€ 19:String he secondbeadof row 2 andgothrough henext-tolast ead frow 1.Continue hrough thenew beadof row2. Repeat his stepor the €ntire row
String nebeadnd oop hrough tagain n the samedir€ction, eavinga3'4-in.8-locm)ail.Stdng ead! ototal an evennumber.Thesebeads€omprise he first tworows.(Removethe enra loop andweave he tail into theworkafter afew rows.) Figurc 2l: Everyother beadFom ffgure 20 dropsdownhalfaspaceo form row . To b€gin ow3(countrowsdiagonaly),pickup ab€adand stitch throughh€ second eadfrom the end.Pick up a beadandgothrough h€fourthb€adiom the end.Continuen thismanner. ndbygoingthrough hefirst b€adstrung.Figwe 22:To stan row4 and aI other rows,pickup a bead ndgohrough h€ ast eadaddedon thepreviousow.weave hrough thework in a zigzngpathto end hread.Begina thr€ad hesameway, exiting theast beadadded nthesame irectiono resume.
BeadcrBuronSerd roch.r

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