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The Power of Faith

The Power of Faith

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As it is written, The just shall live by faith. — Romans i: 17.

As it is written, The just shall live by faith. — Romans i: 17.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Feb 05, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE POWER OF FAITH BY PASTOR ELWOODAs it is written, The just shall live by faith. — Romans i: 17. NO words spoken by Christ are stranger than his words in regard to faith. It is plain he meant by faith something quite different from what we mean by it. What Jesus seems to have meant is contact with some power which is capable of increasing incalculably the effectiveness of our life, a power that is able to lift us to new courses and that can enable us to do what we formerly were unable to do. It is as if a man had arisen in the olden time when men carried their bur-dens on their backs or on the bunches of camels and the brightest light was a tallow-candle, and by practical demonstration had shown them how their burdens and they themselves might be carried swiftly and without effort by some hitherto unknown energy and their night be turned into day. And this seems to be just what Jesus meant. He had discovered a power which had lifted him far above the plane of our mortal weakness, and he believed he could communicate that secret to us. In the face of Jesus' life and the lives of his saints
why should we doubt this? We know to-day that mechanical energies are not the only energies of this 165 RELIGION AND LIFE great universe. God is a Spirit, and what His mechan-ical forces accomplish in the material world the power of His Spirit can accomplish in the spiritual world. But first we must learn how to obtain the co-operation of that Spirit. The law seems to be this: Before we can make use of the Spirit of God to purify and strengthen our lives some vital and personal contact between God and our soul is necessary, and in that contact the surrender of our will to His will takes place. The electric energy we use so freely was appar-ently always as widely diffused through space as it is now. Men saw it in the lightning and in the feeble attraction of amber. But before that energy
was of any use to them they had to learn to bring it down to earth and to generate it as they needed it. So it is with the Spirit of God. In order to gain the incalculable help God is able to render us it is necessary to establish a direct personal contact between our souls and God's Spirit — a contact which can be established only by the surrender of our will to His will and by faith and prayer. Faith is the opening of a door between our soul and God. Closed, it can keep God out : open, it can let Him in. And the measure of our faith alone determines the measure in which the Spirit of God is poured out on us. This it is, and nothing else. There is no niggardliness, no poverty, and no favorit-ism in God. His riches surpass all our capacity to receive. Our deficiency lies only in ourselves, in our lack of faith, in our unwillingness to surrender to Him, 166 THE POWER OF FAITH Consider the wonderful work of reclamation now

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