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Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries. And
DR. ISOM: State University
Michigan at Ann Arbor. And my expertise is developmental
York's College of Environmental Science and Forestry. And my area
Minnesota Sea Grant College Program. My expertise is aquatic
Management Regulatory Agency. My area of expertise is aquatic
DR. MATSUMURA: My name is Fumio Matsumura. I'm a
DR. ROBERTS: And I'm Steve Roberts. I'm a professor at
University of Florida with joint appointments in the College of
DR. HAYES: We didn't have a meeting in September --
DR. HAYES: It was January or February. It wasn't September
This is the copy that one Kathy sent to the other Cathy
DR. HAYES: I'll be brief
DR. ROBERTS: That's fine. Please approach the microphone
DR. ROBERTS: That would be very useful for us
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Thrall has a question
DR. ROBERTS: If a CD can be made available to Mr. Paul
Public Health Program of the Natural Resources Defense Council. It
(ph) who has just published yesterday in EHP on line a new study that
DR. MATSUMURA: Thank you
chapter on multiple chemical stressors and amphibians that will be
But it is proposing that the EPA consider some sort of action the
I was impressed with all the work done by Dr. Tom Steeger and his
I know that the two OPs tested were chlorpyrifos and diazinon. Those
DR. GREEN: I want to follow up
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. LeBlanc and then Dr. DeLorme
DR. SHEFFIELD: Not offhand I'm not. I'm not sure exactly
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly?
DR. SKELLY: Thank you
And he will be followed by Mr. John Hall
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green had a question
Is it available to the SAP or could you clarify that?
7 My name is John Hall. I'm with Hall and Associates. I'm here
8 today representing the Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Director of the Environmental and Pest Management Division of
CD that was provided by the EPA Office of Pesticides Programs of
DR. KELLEY: Do you know where this came from?
MR. LEWIS: Let me give this back to the chair
CD that we were distributed, and she wanted to know the source. And
We have a follow-up question by Dr. Kelley
DR. KELLEY: Thank you
We're looking at lines of evidence. If I could be so bold as to change
DR. BRADBURY: I'll turn it over to Tom to read the questions
DR. ROBERTS: I don't want them to disagree violently
DR. ROBERTS: Proceed then
DR. KELLEY: Bear in mind we may amend this. All right?
DR. KELLEY: I'll add that
DR. ROBERTS: And then Dr. Coats. You had a comment
EPA said should clarify that in their criteria to evaluate the studies
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green
DR. ROBERTS: Thank you
DR. MATSUMURA: I really appreciate what Dr. Kelley said
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Richards?
DR. ROBERTS: Okay. Dr. DeLorme?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly
DR. ROBERTS: Thank you. Just a heads up for Dr. Kelley --
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Denver
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. LeBlanc
DR. ROBERTS: I agree. Any other comments? Dr. Delorme
Matsumura and I believe Dr. Kelley indicated that one of the criteria
DR. ROBERTS: Other comments?
Any other comments? Dr. Gibbs
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Heeringa
DR. GREEN: Observational
DR. KELLEY: Observational. Thank you
DR. SKELLY: We can talk about it afterwards
DR. KELLEY: Yes. So that the use of the technical terms
DR. BRADBURY: One question of clarification
DR. BRADBURY: We have a 1 C and a 1 D
DR. ROBERTS: I don't have a D on mine
Let me then go back to Dr. Kelley
But what I would like to know -- but I have to say I didn't find a paper
DR. ROBERTS: Other panel members?
DR. ROBERTS: I think Dr. Isom's response is of 1 D
DR. KELLEY: Could I ask my question again of the EPA?
DR. BRADBURY: In the context of getting through --
DR. ROBERTS: Thank you. Other comments?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Gibbs
DR. MATSUMURA: I agree with Dr. Skelly and Dr. Richards
DR. SKELLY: Population --
DR. SKELLY: I actually think we will address that later
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Richards
DR. ROBERTS: I think Dr. Skelly wants to respond as well
DR. RICHARDS: I'll touch a little bit of it
15 PCBs
DR. BRADBURY: I think we're in good shape on our end
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kloas
DR. MATSUMURA: I agree with Dr. LeBlanc's statement so
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kelley
DR. KELLEY: Read the last phrase
DR. LEBLANC: Under conditions described in these studies
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kelley?
DR. KELLEY: I have as well
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Denver?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green?
DR. GREEN: I concur as well
DR. ROBERTS: Good. Dr. Richards?
DR. RICHARDSON: I'll join the party
DR. ROBERTS: Then let's go ahead and take part B?
DR. KLOAS: Concur
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kloas and Dr. Kelley I believe during
DR. KELLEY: I'm going to read my remarks
EPA reflects differences in results obtained in studies sponsored by
DR. KELLEY: I have them in my giganto reference list
DR. ROBERTS: Somehow I knew you would
Dr. Tietge I believe has a question
DR. ROBERTS: That's 100
DR. KLOAS: Not twofold
DR. KELLEY: I'm sorry. I meant two orders of magnitude
DR. TIETGE: That clarifies it. Thank you
DR. KLOAS: We agree with each other
DR. ROBERTS: Let me ask Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Kelley a
DR. LEBLANC: That's correct
DR. ROBERTS: Anybody else on the panel?
DR. ROBERTS: Let's go ahead on to the next one
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments?
DR. ROBERTS: Anything else?
DR. ROBERTS: Our lead discussant on this is Dr. Green
DR. ROBERTS: Comments by other discussants?
DR. LEBLANC: No comments. I agree
DR. KLOAS: I agree
DR. KELLEY: That's a very good suggestion
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments to add on this one?
DR. ROBERTS: Other responses? Other panel members?
DR. GREEN: There is no evidence either way
DR. KELLEY: We make jokes about that too
DR. GREEN: I left those out
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green again
DR. ROBERTS: Comments by other panels members?
DR. ROBERTS: Other comments. Dr. Kelley
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Heeringa and then Dr. Richards
DR. ROBERTS: Great. Dr. Richards
DR. SKELLY: No. That's what I --
DR. ROBERTS: Let's go ahead to Question 6
DR. ROBERTS: I think Dr. Isom had a question
DR. GREEN: Would you repeat that one more time?
DR. GREEN: Is that fair?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Delorme
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Coats
DR. COATS: I have a few things to add
DR. KELLEY: No. I completely concur
DR. ROBERTS: Anyone else have any comments?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly and then Dr. Kelley
DR. BRADBURY: Phase one in the white paper
DR. DELORME: Test for apical gonadal effects of --
DR. KLOAS: I concur with the comments already made
Dr. DeLorme and Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Denver
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. LeBlanc and then Dr. Denver
That's the good news. It's only six months. And then you run those
DR. ROBERTS: Other thoughts?
DR. KELLEY: One in five
DR. ROBERTS: Beg your pardon?
DR. KELLEY: That was it
Dr. Green's recommendations in our report. I don't think it
DR. SKELLY: Is ecology fifth level priority or not?
DR. SKELLY: Yes. If I can follow up
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Bradbury
DR. ROBERTS: Expression of preference on that?
Let's face it. We don't care here in America about the survival of our
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Tietge
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Denver and then Dr. Green
DR. ROBERTS: Fair enough
DR. ROBERTS: I think we're going to take up the species --
DR. GREEN: Later on?
DR. ISOM: It wasn't clear
DR. ROBERTS: Then let's go to Eight B
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green would like to comment on that
DR. KELLEY: Let me just talk about a moment the sex ratio
Nasco or Kelley Evans at Xenopus 1 to establish for me a stock
DR. KELLEY: I disagree deeply with some of the details
Dr. Kelley is -- I'll let you respond to this
DR. ROBERTS: Good point
Dr. Green said earlier. The more things you try and get out of a
I guess one way to phrase the recommendation back to EPA would be
DR. ROBERTS: Good point. Dr. Coats
DR. ROBERTS: Others? Dr. Gibbs
DR. BRADBURY: Yes. I know you are going to be writing. I now
DR. ROBERTS: I think it comes up in C as I would interpret C
DR. ROBERTS: I think we're going to get to that
DR. RICHARDS: --is that going to come later?
DR. ROBERTS: Should we go on to 8 C then?
I will give these to Dr. Richards to work into our comments
DR. ROBERTS: Other comments. Dr. Coats
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green. Then Dr. Delorme
DR. GREEN: That seems important to do
I think recognizing what Dr. LeBlanc said is you may not be able to
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments on this one? Dr. Gibbs
DR. RICHARDS: I will throw that one open
DR. ROBERTS: Other points?
DR. RICHARDS: Like a flipside of what we just spoke of here
Skelly pointed out. But I don't have any evidence to suggest that the
DR. ROBERTS: Other points? Dr. Delorme
DR. DENVER: A reference to the previous discussion --
Dr. Delorme and then Dr. Kloas
Dr. Green and LeBlanc
DR. GREEN: And the total volume of the tank is how much?
Mount Brungs (ph) Deluter. There is a Banoit (ph) Deluter. These
DR. TIETGE: It is not chlorinated
DR. GREEN: Chloraminated?
DR. TIETGE: It is not chloraminated
DR. TIETGE: Loss of sensitivity based on what? I'm sorry
We can talk about that. But I'm not sure
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments? Dr. Skelly
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly I think wanted to respond
DR. BRADBURY: I want to get clarification
DR. ROBERTS: I guess Dr. Green can respond
DR. ROBERTS: Sure. Dr. Green
DR. ROBERTS: Any other suggestions from panel members?
I-N-V-O-I-C-E*** ***I-N-V-O-I-C-E***
TODAY'S DATE: 6/29/03
DATE TAKEN: 6/19/03
CASE NAME: Fifra conf
TOTAL: PAGES: 481, plus 59 pgs OT
E-MAIL: no
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Environmental Protection Agency: 061903transcript

Environmental Protection Agency: 061903transcript

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