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University of Florida with joint appointments in the College of
DR. HAYES: We didn't have a meeting in September --
DR. HAYES: It was January or February. It wasn't September
This is the copy that one Kathy sent to the other Cathy
DR. HAYES: I'll be brief
DR. ROBERTS: That's fine. Please approach the microphone
DR. ROBERTS: That would be very useful for us
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Thrall has a question
DR. ROBERTS: If a CD can be made available to Mr. Paul
Public Health Program of the Natural Resources Defense Council. It
(ph) who has just published yesterday in EHP on line a new study that
DR. MATSUMURA: Thank you
chapter on multiple chemical stressors and amphibians that will be
But it is proposing that the EPA consider some sort of action the
I was impressed with all the work done by Dr. Tom Steeger and his
I know that the two OPs tested were chlorpyrifos and diazinon. Those
DR. GREEN: I want to follow up
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. LeBlanc and then Dr. DeLorme
DR. SHEFFIELD: Not offhand I'm not. I'm not sure exactly
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly?
DR. SKELLY: Thank you
And he will be followed by Mr. John Hall
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green had a question
Is it available to the SAP or could you clarify that?
7 My name is John Hall. I'm with Hall and Associates. I'm here
8 today representing the Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Director of the Environmental and Pest Management Division of
CD that was provided by the EPA Office of Pesticides Programs of
DR. KELLEY: Do you know where this came from?
MR. LEWIS: Let me give this back to the chair
CD that we were distributed, and she wanted to know the source. And
We have a follow-up question by Dr. Kelley
DR. KELLEY: Thank you
We're looking at lines of evidence. If I could be so bold as to change
DR. BRADBURY: I'll turn it over to Tom to read the questions
DR. ROBERTS: I don't want them to disagree violently
DR. ROBERTS: Proceed then
DR. KELLEY: Bear in mind we may amend this. All right?
DR. KELLEY: I'll add that
DR. ROBERTS: And then Dr. Coats. You had a comment
EPA said should clarify that in their criteria to evaluate the studies
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green
DR. ROBERTS: Thank you
DR. MATSUMURA: I really appreciate what Dr. Kelley said
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Richards?
DR. ROBERTS: Okay. Dr. DeLorme?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly
DR. ROBERTS: Thank you. Just a heads up for Dr. Kelley --
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Denver
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. LeBlanc
DR. ROBERTS: I agree. Any other comments? Dr. Delorme
Matsumura and I believe Dr. Kelley indicated that one of the criteria
DR. ROBERTS: Other comments?
Any other comments? Dr. Gibbs
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Heeringa
DR. GREEN: Observational
DR. KELLEY: Observational. Thank you
DR. SKELLY: We can talk about it afterwards
DR. KELLEY: Yes. So that the use of the technical terms
DR. BRADBURY: One question of clarification
DR. BRADBURY: We have a 1 C and a 1 D
DR. ROBERTS: I don't have a D on mine
Let me then go back to Dr. Kelley
But what I would like to know -- but I have to say I didn't find a paper
DR. ROBERTS: Other panel members?
Hayes paper in EHP came out in April 2003. It has been referred to
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Steeger
DR. ROBERTS: I think Dr. Isom's response is of 1 D
DR. KELLEY: Could I ask my question again of the EPA?
DR. BRADBURY: In the context of getting through --
DR. ROBERTS: Thank you. Other comments?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Gibbs
DR. MATSUMURA: I agree with Dr. Skelly and Dr. Richards
DR. SKELLY: Population --
DR. SKELLY: I actually think we will address that later
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Richards
DR. ROBERTS: I think Dr. Skelly wants to respond as well
DR. RICHARDS: I'll touch a little bit of it
15 PCBs
DR. BRADBURY: I think we're in good shape on our end
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kloas
DR. MATSUMURA: I agree with Dr. LeBlanc's statement so
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kelley
DR. KELLEY: Read the last phrase
DR. LEBLANC: Under conditions described in these studies
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kelley?
DR. KELLEY: I have as well
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Denver?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green?
DR. GREEN: I concur as well
DR. ROBERTS: Good. Dr. Richards?
DR. RICHARDSON: I'll join the party
DR. ROBERTS: Then let's go ahead and take part B?
DR. KLOAS: Concur
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Kloas and Dr. Kelley I believe during
DR. KELLEY: I'm going to read my remarks
EPA reflects differences in results obtained in studies sponsored by
DR. KELLEY: I have them in my giganto reference list
DR. ROBERTS: Somehow I knew you would
Dr. Tietge I believe has a question
DR. ROBERTS: That's 100
DR. KLOAS: Not twofold
DR. KELLEY: I'm sorry. I meant two orders of magnitude
DR. TIETGE: That clarifies it. Thank you
DR. KLOAS: We agree with each other
DR. ROBERTS: Let me ask Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Kelley a
DR. LEBLANC: That's correct
DR. ROBERTS: Anybody else on the panel?
DR. ROBERTS: Let's go ahead on to the next one
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments?
DR. ROBERTS: Anything else?
DR. ROBERTS: Our lead discussant on this is Dr. Green
DR. ROBERTS: Comments by other discussants?
DR. LEBLANC: No comments. I agree
DR. KLOAS: I agree
DR. KELLEY: That's a very good suggestion
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments to add on this one?
DR. ROBERTS: Other responses? Other panel members?
DR. GREEN: There is no evidence either way
DR. KELLEY: We make jokes about that too
DR. GREEN: I left those out
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green again
DR. ROBERTS: Comments by other panels members?
DR. ROBERTS: Other comments. Dr. Kelley
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Heeringa and then Dr. Richards
DR. ROBERTS: Great. Dr. Richards
DR. SKELLY: No. That's what I --
DR. ROBERTS: Let's go ahead to Question 6
DR. ROBERTS: I think Dr. Isom had a question
DR. GREEN: Would you repeat that one more time?
DR. GREEN: Is that fair?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Delorme
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Coats
DR. COATS: I have a few things to add
DR. KELLEY: No. I completely concur
DR. ROBERTS: Anyone else have any comments?
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly and then Dr. Kelley
DR. BRADBURY: Phase one in the white paper
DR. DELORME: Test for apical gonadal effects of --
DR. KLOAS: I concur with the comments already made
Dr. DeLorme and Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Denver
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. LeBlanc and then Dr. Denver
That's the good news. It's only six months. And then you run those
DR. ROBERTS: Other thoughts?
DR. KELLEY: One in five
DR. ROBERTS: Beg your pardon?
DR. KELLEY: That was it
Dr. Green's recommendations in our report. I don't think it
DR. SKELLY: Is ecology fifth level priority or not?
DR. ROBERTS: Fair enough
DR. ROBERTS: I think we're going to take up the species --
DR. GREEN: Later on?
DR. ISOM: It wasn't clear
DR. ROBERTS: Then let's go to Eight B
DR. KELLEY: I disagree deeply with some of the details
Dr. Kelley is -- I'll let you respond to this
DR. ROBERTS: Good point
Dr. Green said earlier. The more things you try and get out of a
I guess one way to phrase the recommendation back to EPA would be
DR. ROBERTS: Good point. Dr. Coats
DR. ROBERTS: Others? Dr. Gibbs
DR. BRADBURY: Yes. I know you are going to be writing. I now
DR. ROBERTS: I think it comes up in C as I would interpret C
DR. ROBERTS: I think we're going to get to that
DR. RICHARDS: --is that going to come later?
DR. ROBERTS: Should we go on to 8 C then?
I will give these to Dr. Richards to work into our comments
DR. ROBERTS: Other comments. Dr. Coats
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Green. Then Dr. Delorme
DR. GREEN: That seems important to do
I think recognizing what Dr. LeBlanc said is you may not be able to
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments on this one? Dr. Gibbs
DR. RICHARDS: I will throw that one open
DR. ROBERTS: Other points?
DR. RICHARDS: Like a flipside of what we just spoke of here
Skelly pointed out. But I don't have any evidence to suggest that the
DR. ROBERTS: Other points? Dr. Delorme
DR. DENVER: A reference to the previous discussion --
Dr. Delorme and then Dr. Kloas
Dr. Green and LeBlanc
DR. GREEN: And the total volume of the tank is how much?
Mount Brungs (ph) Deluter. There is a Banoit (ph) Deluter. These
DR. TIETGE: It is not chlorinated
DR. GREEN: Chloraminated?
DR. TIETGE: It is not chloraminated
DR. TIETGE: Loss of sensitivity based on what? I'm sorry
We can talk about that. But I'm not sure
DR. ROBERTS: Any other comments? Dr. Skelly
DR. ROBERTS: Dr. Skelly I think wanted to respond
DR. BRADBURY: I want to get clarification
DR. ROBERTS: I guess Dr. Green can respond
DR. ROBERTS: Sure. Dr. Green
DR. ROBERTS: Any other suggestions from panel members?
I-N-V-O-I-C-E*** ***I-N-V-O-I-C-E***
TODAY'S DATE: 6/29/03
DATE TAKEN: 6/19/03
CASE NAME: Fifra conf
TOTAL: PAGES: 481, plus 59 pgs OT
E-MAIL: no
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Environmental Protection Agency: 061903transcript

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