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The Golden Bough - A Study of Magic and Religion

The Golden Bough - A Study of Magic and Religion



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Published by EternalEdens

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Published by: EternalEdens on Feb 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Golden Bough: a study of magic and religionby Sir James George FrazerCONTENTSPrefaceSubject IndexChapter 1. The King of the Wood1. Diana and Virbius2. Artemis and Hippolytus3. RecapitulationChapter 2. Priestly KingsChapter 3. Sympathetic Magic1. The Principles of Magic2. Homoeopathic or Imitative Magic3. Contagious Magic4. The Magician's ProgressChapter 4. Magic and ReligionChapter 5. The Magical Control of the Weather1. The Public Magician2. The Magical Control of Rain3. The Magical Control of the Sun4. The Magical Control of the WindChapter 6. Magicians as KingsChapter 7. Incarnate Human GodsChapter 8. Departmental Kings of NatureChapter 9. The Worship of Trees1. Tree-spirits2. Beneficent Powers of Tree-SpiritsChapter 10. Relics of Tree Worship in Modern EuropeChapter 11. The Influence of the Sexes on VegetationChapter 12. The Sacred Marriage1. Diana as a Goddess of Fertility2. The Marriage of the Gods
Chapter 13. The Kings of Rome and Alba1. Numa and Egeria2. The King as JupiterChapter 14. Succession to the Kingdom in Ancient LatiumChapter 15. The Worship of the OakChapter 16. Dianus and DianaChapter 17. The Burden of Royalty1. Royal and Priestly Taboos2. Divorce of the Spiritual from the Temporal PowerChapter 18. The Perils of the Soul1. The Soul as a Mannikin2. Absence and Recall of the Soul3. The Soul as a Shadow and a ReflectionChapter 19. Tabooed Acts1. Taboos on Intercourse with Strangers2. Taboos on Eating and Drinking3. Taboos on Showing the Face4. Taboos on Quitting the House5. Taboos on Leaving Food overChapter 20. Tabooed Persons1. Chiefs and Kings tabooed2. Mourners tabooed3. Women tabooed at Menstruation and Childbirth4. Warriors tabooed5. Manslayers tabooed6. Hunters and Fishers tabooedChapter 21. Tabooed Things1. The Meaning of Taboo2. Iron tabooed3. Sharp Weapons tabooed4. Blood tabooed5. The Head tabooed6. Hair tabooed7. Ceremonies at Hair-cutting8. Disposal of Cut Hair and Nails9. Spittle tabooed10. Foods tabooed11. Knots and Rings tabooedChapter 22. Tabooed Words1. Personal Names tabooed2. Names of Relations tabooed3. Names of the Dead tabooed4. Names of Kings and other Sacred Persons tabooed5. Names of Gods tabooedChapter 23. Our Debt to the SavageChapter 24. The Killing of the Divine King
1. The Mortality of the Gods2. Kings killed when their Strength fails3. Kings killed at the End of a Fixed TermChapter 25. Temporary KingsChapter 26. Sacrifice of the King#s SonChapter 27. Succession to the SoulChapter 28. The Killing of the Tree-Spirit1. The Whitsuntide Mummers2. Burying the Carnival3. Carrying out Death4. Bringing in Summer5. Battle of Summer and Winter6. Death and Resurrection of Kostrubonko7. Death and Revival of Vegetation8. Analogous Rites in India9. The Magic SpringChapter 29. The Myth of AdonisChapter 30. Adonis in SyriaChapter 31. Adonis in CyprusChapter 32. The Ritual of AdonisChapter 33. The Gardens of AdonisChapter 34. The Myth and Ritual of AttisChapter 35. Attis as a God of VegetationChapter 36. Human Representatives of AttisChapter 37. Oriental Religions in the WestChapter 38. The Myth of OsirisChapter 39. The Ritual of Osiris1. The Popular Rites2. The Official RitesChapter 40. The Nature of Osiris1. Osiris a Corn-god2. Osiris a Tree-spirit3. Osiris a God of Fertility4. Osiris a God of the DeadChapter 41. IsisChapter 42. Osiris and the SunChapter 43. DionysusChapter 44. Demeter and Persephone

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