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Health Teachings2

Health Teachings2

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Published by pircano

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Published by: pircano on Oct 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name of Patient: Jesus Lozada CasabuenaChief Complaint: Difficulty of BreathingDiagnosis: Pneumonia in an Immunocompromised host; PTB4; T/C colonic CA S/PColostomy; Pleural Effusion (Left) probably parapneumonic
Health Teachings
Line drawing showing a permanent colostomy for rectalcancer.
is a surgical procedure that involves connecting a part of thecolononto theanterior abdominal wall, leaving the patient with an opening on theabdomencalled a stoma. In a colostomy, the stoma is formed from the end of thelarge intestine, which is drawn out through theincisionandsuturedto the skin. After a colostomy,fecesleave the  patient's body through the abdomen. A colostomy may be permanent or temporary,depending on the reasons for its use.There are many reasons for this procedure. Some common reasons are:
Asectionof thecolonhas been removed, e.g. due tocolon cancer requiring atotal mesorectal excision,diverticulitis, injury, etc, so that it is no longer possible for  feces to exit via theanus.
A portion of the colon (or ileum) has been operated upon and needs to be 'rested'until it is healed. In this case, the colostomy is often temporary and is usuallyreversed at a later date, leaving the patient with a smallscar in place of the stoma.Children undergoing surgery for extensive pelvic tumorscommonly are given acolostomy in preparation for surgery to remove the tumor, followed by reversal of the colostomy.

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