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Ahmed Maher Letters From Prison

Ahmed Maher Letters From Prison

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Published by HuffPost Politics
Ahmed Maher's Letters From Prison
Ahmed Maher's Letters From Prison

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Published by: HuffPost Politics on Feb 06, 2014
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 Ahmed Maher
s Letters From Torah Prison
Is This Why We Sparked A Revolution? January 3, 2014
Since just a few days short of three years, masses of people rose in a revolution that the people of the world glorified; the revolution
s demands are summarized in its slogan....bread...freedom...social justice.Does the freedom we demanded refer to individual freedoms? Or the freedom of the people? Or the freedom of expression and of disagreement? Or the freedom of the nation from oppression and detention? We called for freedom, first and foremost, for the freedom of expression of opinion....the freedom of political prisoners over 60 years of military rule...freedom of the nation....freedom of the people....a freedom that this nation has been deprived of for decades....a freedom that we dreamed of but never experienced....freedom for all those who agree or disagree politically for God created all people free....not to have a leader oppress them or have an opinion imposed on them....Did our youth take to the streets for personal gains? He who says so is lying....they took to the streets to resist a law that takes away freedoms issued by a government that itself came through demonstrations. No to the protest law....a law whose content the worlds ridiculed...the world ridiculed a revolution killing its children.....and a nation killing the dreams of its youth who called for removing the law or submitting it for social dialogue, fighting to preserve a right that we gained through blood from the oppressive system that the people revolted against....
The security system dealt with those youth with the oppression, detention and house raids that it has always been accustomed to....as though it is taking revenge on the
youth who wished to rectify the picture, for the police are not masters of the people nor to the people have to live under the fist of a security system....
The farce is made complete by a judiciary that does not say a word of truth....it is made complete by ridiculous trials...then the youth are dragged to prisons to be subjected to injustices...from solitary confinement to banning winter clothes in this bitter cold....and the banning of visits and the prohibition of a pen and paper, which are their only solace.....
Do they not know that for every revolutionary there are a thousand more??!! Our thoughts cannot be killed or detained....That is other than their treatment of lawyers and guests during visits, which violates the most basic human rights.....and here we are waiting for a regime that came after the fall of three regimes at the hands of the people to provide the most basic form of justice....which led our youth to begin a hunger strike in protest of the ill treatment they are being subjected to....We demand, all of us who signed from revolutionary forces and public figures and true Egyptian youth, the immediate release of all the detained activists charged with “breaking the protest law whether during the events of the “Shura” council, and they are:
Alaa Adel FattahAhmed Abdel Rahman......or during Ahmed Maher
s turning himself in at the Abdeen Prosecution, and they are:Ahmed Maher TantawyAhmed Abou DoumaMohammed Adel.
Maher, Douma and Adel Continue Hunger Strike to Demand Better Conditions in Prison...January 4, 2014
Each of the political activists Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma, and Mohammed Adel have resumed their hunger strike once again, starting from Wednesday the 1st of January, until the prison administration ceases to deny them their rights, and in order to pressure for better conditions inside the prison. This information is according to a statement
made by the page “Freedom for Alaa Abdel Fattah” on the social networking site Facebook, which is monitored by the friends and family of the political activist Alaa Abdel Fattah.
The three activists began a hunger strike during the final days of last December. The statement said: “ They (the three activists) demand better living conditions inside the prison. The prison administration refrains from providing them their rights and necessities. They entered negotiations with the prison administration, and the latter promised to meet their demands. Thus, the activists announced on the 27th of December a halt to their hunger strike until the visit of their attorneys, which was planned for Monday the 30th December 2013. The statement continues : “The prison administration did not fulfill any of its promises, and the prosecution continued to prevent the three young men from meeting their attorneys in spite of the importance of that meeting, especially since the court session to appeal their sentence is scheduled for the 8th of January and since the activists wish to submit a few allegations. It has become evident to the detained young men and to their families that the authorities denying them of their rights are not only the Interior Ministry, but also the prosecution and the prison authorities.”
The Abdeen court had previously sentenced Ahmed Maher, founder of the 6 April Youth Movement, as well as the activists Ahmed Douma and Mohammed Adel to three years in prison and a fine of fifty thousand Egyptian pounds. They are sentenced under charges of participation in the events of the Abdeen court, their most prominent charge being that of breaking the protest law.
These Are The Orders....Damn The Orders!! January 19, 2014
“These are the orders.” This is a statement which I hear excessively on a daily basis, until it became as common as “good morning” or “good night”.I spend 22 hours a day looking at the ceiling of the cell. And when I try to make a change to break the boredom in these 22 hours, I look at the metal ceiling of the two-

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