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Published by sigmarick
Garbage from city
Garbage from city

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Published by: sigmarick on Feb 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Internal Affairs Investigation
Executive SummaryTo: Mike Etter, Public Safety DirectorFrom: Major Quincy E. Pope Sr., M.P.A, CLEESubject: Internal Affairs InvestigationDate: December 24, 2007Sir:Pursuant to your request, I conducted an internal investigation into the facts andcircumstances surrounding the incident that occurred on November 18, 2007, involvingMs. Valreca Redden. You will recall, On November 21, 2007, our department received aformal complaint from the National Action Network affiliated with the Reverend AlSharpton that complained about Ms. Redden being the victim of excessive force, verbalabuse, and that Ms. Redden was denied help under the Ohio Safe Havens Act.I would first like to address the issue of the Ohio Safe Havens Act as it pertains to thisparticular incident, because Ms. Redden’s situation is not applicable to the Ohio SafeHavens Act. The Ohio Safe Havens Act states the following:
A parent can leave a newborn infant that has been born less than 72 hours with
medical worker
in a hospital;
medical worker
at a fire department or other emergency service organization;or
peace officer
at a law enforcement agency.In this particular situation, the child in question is 1 year of age.Concerning the allegation that Ms. Redden was the victim of excessive force and verbalabuse, the following will provide a comprehensive overview of my findings:
3035 Olive Rd.Trotwood, Ohio 45426
The central issue in physical force cases is whether an officer action is objectivelyreasonable in light of the facts and circumstances at the time of the incident. Generally,when law enforcement have used excessive force-deadly or not-in the course of an arrest,investigatory stop, or other “seizure” of a free citizen it should be analyzed under the“reasonableness approach.”In order to determine whether a particular application of force is reasonable, there has tobe a careful review of the case-specific facts. In this particular case, the facts are:On November 18, 2007, during the early morning hours, Valreca Redden drove her one-year-old child to Montgomery County Children Services, located at 3403 North MainStreet, located in the City of Dayton. Ms. Redden attempted to leave her one-year-oldchild in the care and custody of Children Services under the Ohio Safe Haven Act.However, Ms. Redden’s situation did not qualify, because the Safe Haven Act onlyapplies to babies born within the first 72 hours. Therefore, intake workers at ChildrenServices attempted to gain additional information from Ms. Redden like her child’s name,date of birth, biological father, medical history, and other pertinent information to set upa safety/placement plan for Ms. Redden’s child. However, Ms. Redden refused to provideany information and demanded someone take custody of her child.During the course of conversation with intake workers at Children Services, Ms. Reddenbecame increasingly agitated and upset when asked for identification information, anddecided to leave with her child. Furthermore, Intake workers were unable to formulate asafety/placement plan, because Ms. Redden refused to cooperate and fled the premiseswith her child.It is important to note: Intake workers at Children Services do not have the authority todetain and/or physically arrest.When Ms. Redden fled the premises at Children Services, she responded to 816 BurmanAvenue, located in the City of Trotwood. This location is where Mr. Maurice Cooperresides. Mr. Cooper is the biological father of Ms. Redden’s one-year-old child, as wellas, the unborn child that Ms. Redden is currently carrying.Upon arrival at 816 Burman Avenue, Ms. Redden made contact with Mr. Cooper andbecame upset with him, because he would not take possession of their child. Therefore,she attempted to commit an Aggravated Assault on Mr. Cooper by trying to run him overin her vehicle. Mr. Cooper was able to avoid being struck by Ms. Redden’s vehicle andimmediately called 911 to report the incident to police. For more information on the 911call from Mr. Cooper, please refer to the enclosed copy of the dispatch logs and the 911tape from 816 Burman Avenue on November 18, 2007.9 minutes after Ms. Redden attempted to run Mr. Cooper over with her vehicle, shearrived at the Trotwood Police Department. Upon her arrival at the police department,
Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 (1989)
3Ms. Redden utilized the dispatch telephone located in the lobby of the police departmentto request police service. Ms. Redden waited for about 7 minutes, before Office Wilmerarrived on the scene. When Officer Wilmer arrived, he and Ms. Redden engaged indiscussion about her wanting to turn her child over to police custody. Ms. Redden refusedto provide her name, the child’s name, the child’s date of birth and/or the name of thechild’s biological father. Furthermore, Ms. Redden explained to Officer Wilmer that if hedid not take custody of the child that she did not know what she would do.Officer Wilmer continued to try to get identification information from Ms. Redden.However, she refused to provide any information about herself and/or the child andbecame very agitated and upset. At one point during Ms. Redden’s discussions withOfficer Wilmer, she tells him that she is going to do something if someone does not takeher child, and she began to attempt to leave the police department with the child.Officer Wilmer had a split second to make a decision and felt he had an obligation to actand/or investigate the matter further, because of the statements Ms. Redden made to himabout doing something if someone did not take possession of her child. Officer Wilmerstates he feared for the safety of the child and needed more information from Ms. Reddenin order to determine what course of action to take with the child. As a result of Ms.Redden’s refusal to cooperate with Officer Wilmer and provide identification on herself and the child, as well as for the safety of the child, Officer Wilmer verbally advised Ms.Redden that she was under arrest.At the point that Officer Wilmer verbally communicated to Valreca Redden that she wasunder arrest, Ms. Redden had an obligation to obey all lawful orders from this point,because she was physically in-custody and was not free to go. Therefore, when ValrecaRedden tried to break free from Officer Wilmer’s grasp and continued to attempt to getaway, a reasonable officer could well have chosen to use escalated non-lethal force. Theonly non-lethal choices known at this time not involving a firearm are: (1) physicallysubduing Ms. Redden by engaging her (ex. striking with fists-grappling); (2) striking herwith weapons such as a asp; (3) using a chemical agent such as pepper spray or: (4) applyan electric device such as a Taser device.In a news interview on November 19, 2007, with Fox News Channel 22, Valreca Reddeneven states,
“ I just remember trying to go this way”.
Therefore, she admits to resistingarrest and disobeying Officer Wilmer’s lawful commands at the point he told her she wasunder arrest. For more information about Valreca Redden’s statements to the press,please refer to the enclosed copy of the interview with Fox News Channel 22.Furthermore, the surveillance video from the police department’s lobby captures ValrecaRedden attempting to flee the scene after Officer Wilmer informs her that she was underarrest.
Departmental policy authorizes as correct and reasonable to utilize the Taser device onan individual that resist arrest and/or pulls away from an Officer and/or refuses to move-dead weight. See level two of the
Use of Force Continuum
Trotwood Police General Orders-Effective January 1, 2006

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