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DL,MSM NEWS 2004-2008 Wth Reversal in Middle by vanderKOK (also for sale)

DL,MSM NEWS 2004-2008 Wth Reversal in Middle by vanderKOK (also for sale)

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Published by Van Der Kok

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Published by: Van Der Kok on Oct 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MAY 2006 to FEBRUARY 2008BREAKING POINT KEYWORD: “MSMBP” (NO, NOT MSNBC)MSMBP IS ‘Mustard Seed Ministries Breaking Point’NOTE
Sender Subject Date SizeTrial for cops in Sean Bell shooting to start Sat Feb 23, 200891 Freeway to close for nearly 12 hours Sat Feb 23, 2008CALIFORNIA "BIG RED" WINES CAUSING CONTROVERSY : SignOnSanDiego.com > News >Bus... Sat Feb 23, 2008Prosecutors say Sen. Craig's conviction in bathroom sex sting should stand Sat Feb 23, 2008SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro -- Man ordered to stand trial for murder in de... Sat Feb 23,2008News: Getting your expensive kicks | - OCRegister.com Sat Feb 23, 2008ANTI-CASINO GROUP STAGES SIT-IN TO PROTEST GAMBLING : No-play protest stagedat ... Sat Feb 23, 2008TRIB UPDATE: Tuesday wreck kills Everson man | Lynden Tribune Sat Feb 23, 2008Can Facebook and LinkedIn help your career? Sat Feb 23, 2008Stealth bomber crashes on Guam - Military - MSNBC.com Sat Feb 23, 2008Long Beach concerts to relive the greatness of Beethoven - Press-Telegram Sat Feb 23, 2008Armed men hold up armored vehicle in Cerritos; police search for suspects - Pres... Sat Feb 23,2008The dark side of the moon Sat Feb 23, 2008Radioactive eyes don't lie (about your age, anyway) Fri Feb 22, 2008Name change touches a beach community's soul Fri Feb 22, 2008Meat is a mystery to schools Fri Feb 22, 2008SUCCESSFUL SATELLITE STRIKE SENDS ME SSAGE : Missile's bull's-eye on satellite ec... FriFeb 22, 2008Fw: Statewide Advertising Fri Feb 22, 2008Fw: Ranger Challenge: 12,000 Calls Today Fri Feb 22, 2008Missile's bull's-eye on satellite echoes far, experts say Fri Feb 22, 2008Behave, the Video Vigilante is watching Fri Feb 22, 2008Tiger Woods wins on 20th hole Fri Feb 22, 2008Family's overdue news: Drew Peterson's 3rd wife was murdered Fri Feb 22, 2008The politics of usted (Poorbuthappy in Colombia!) Fri Feb 22, 2008USTED AS 3RD PERSON : Pronombres Fri Feb 22, 2008USTED AS 3RD PERSON : SPANISH SUBJECT PRONOUN CHART Fri Feb 22, 2008USTED : SPANISH SUBJECT PRONOUN CHART Fri Feb 22, 2008PHOTO CONTRADICTS CLEMENS TESTIMONY : The Official Site of Major League Baseball...Fri Feb 22, 2008Renzi Allegedly Funded First House Race With Embezzled Money, By John Bresnahan ... Fri Feb22, 2008NOW U CAN CLONE YOUR DOG : Officer in Clinton motorcade dies in crash on way to ... FriFeb 22, 2008Officer in Clinton motorcade dies in crash on way to Dallas rally | Chron.com - ... Fri Feb 22, 2008Classic Beach, but Much More in Santa Monica - New York Times Fri Feb 22, 2008
ITS OSCAR TIME AGAIN ! Academy Awards - Oscars - Movies - Carpetbagger - New Yor... FriFeb 22, 2008SCHOOLS MAY START LAYING OFF EMPLOYEES : California's schools gird for steep cut...Thu Feb 21, 2008ARE NAVY SONAR TESTS CAUSING DOLPHINS TO DIE ? Dead dolphin was near site of Nav... Thu Feb 21, 2008Fw: Rangers: Texas Calls Available Thu Feb 21, 2008Fw: On The Trail In Texas Thu Feb 21, 2008 5k Woods' survives in the desert Wed Feb 20, 2008On Shaq's night, Kobe shines Wed Feb 20, 2008THEY DID IT ! ON TARGET ! Navy missile hits failing spy satellite Wed Feb 20, 20082 F-15's COLLIDE & DISAPPEAR : CNN || Officials: F-15s collide over Gulf of Mexi... Wed Feb20, 2008THE MISSLE MUST NOT JUST HIT THE SATELLITE, BUT PRECISELY THE FUEL TANK :CNN || Nav... Wed Feb 20, 2008A TON OF TAX MONEY SPENT ON A FAILED SATELLITE : U.S. says it now can shoot down...Wed Feb 20, 2008Fw: Re: Re THE EXPEDITED FUNDS AVAILABILITY ACT : Expedited Funds Availability A...Wed Feb 20, 2008CAN OUR MILITARY MAKE AN ACCURATE STRIKE ON THE SATELLITE ? U.S. says itnow can... Wed Feb 20, 2008Re THE EXPEDITED FUNDS AVAILABILITY ACT : Expedited Funds Availability Act - Wik...Wed Feb 20, 2008MORE AMERICANS HAVING TROUBLE CROSSING THE BORDER : Traverse City Record-Eagle -... Wed Feb 20, 2008FATHER-SON ARRESTED FOR ROBBERIES : Traverse City Record-Eagle - Father, son arr...Wed Feb 20, 2008COMPLAINTS RE OBAMA CAMPAIGN USING AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEM Casper Star-Tribune On... Wed Feb 20, 2008WHY IS PROTESTANT CHRISTIANITY DECLINING ? Casper Star-Tribune Online - Odd WedFeb 20, 2008RE MENTAL ILLNESS IN THE FAMILY Casper Star-Tribune Online - Casper Wed Feb 20, 2008SPACE SHUTTLE SCHEDULED FOR LANDING TODAY : reviewjournal.com -- AssociatedPres... Wed Feb 20, 2008Celebrating a shared history Tue Feb 19, 2008L.A. lawyer Terry Christensen to be tried separately from Pellicano Tue Feb 19, 2008How to woo a superdelegate Tue Feb 19, 2008Obama, McCain win Wisconsin primary Tue Feb 19, 2008A Spoonful of Immunity? - New York Times Tue Feb 19, 2008SPACE SHUTTLE TO LAND ON WEDNESDAY : Satellite Shooting Is Next as Shuttle Heads...Tue Feb 19, 2008AGE 45 to 54 SUICIDE RATE SKYROCKETS : Midlife Suicide Rises, Puzzling Researche... TueFeb 19, 2008CASTRO RESIGNS : Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuba’s President - New York Times Tue Feb 19,2008Fw: DEVELOPING COGNITIVE RESERVES IN SENIORS : Memory - Aging - Medicine &Healt... Tue Feb 19, 2008Carrying forward Buddhism or fueling evil cults? - People's Daily Online Tue Feb 19, 2008CAT SCAN PRODUCES MUCH RADIATION : Computed tomography - Wikipedia, the free enc...Mon Feb 18, 2008Pettitte may be nice, but he still cheated Mon Feb 18, 2008HUCKABEE KEEPS MARCHING ON : Fw: Rangers They Are Cheering You On Mon Feb 18,2008Lawyer Claims Britney Held Hostage! - TMZ.com - Entertainment News, Celebrity Go... Mon Feb18, 2008Fw: Rangers: Finish Strong In Wisconsin Mon Feb 18, 2008
THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOES NOT EMPOWER THE POOR : Poor won't have the luxury of a ... Mon Feb 18, 2008EMPOWER THE POOR VIA EDUCATION & RELIGION ! Poor won't have the luxury of a tax ...Mon Feb 18, 2008WE MUST HELP OUR POOR PEOPLE TO HELP THEMSELVES ! Poor won't have the luxuryof ... Mon Feb 18, 2008CALIF CONGRESS WON'T CUT LUXURY TAX LOOPHOLE, BUT WILL CUT MEDI-CALFOR POOR : P... Mon Feb 18, 2008Judgment day for L.A. teacher union officials Mon Feb 18, 2008Minister takes on L.A. gangs Mon Feb 18, 2008California prisoners serve overtime Mon Feb 18, 2008Bruins build it brick by brick Mon Feb 18, 2008James is the king All-Star again Mon Feb 18, 2008CHINO CATTLE OPERATION SHUT DOWN FOR CRUELTY TO ANIMALS : Huge beef recallissue... Mon Feb 18, 2008Sort of makes me think of the ROGER CLEMENS Tragedy Sun Feb 17, 2008HUCKABEE SOUNDS URGENT ! Fw: URGENT: 34,000 Wisconsin Calls To Go Sun Feb 17, 2008Dreams Stifled, Egypt’s Young Turn to Islamic Fervor - New York Times Sun Feb 17, 2008A real Tijuana hangover Sat Feb 16, 2008CAN WE STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS ? School shootings: quest for answers Sat Feb 16, 2008Fla. deputy seen dumping paralyzed man onto jail floor turns herself in Sat Feb 16, 2008Welcome to the City of Monterey Park - Chinese New Year Festival Sat Feb 16, 2008THE MEDIA HAS ALREADY COUNTED HUCKABEE OUT Fw: URGENT: 15,000 WisconsinCalls Sat Feb 16, 2008U HAVE TO ADMIRE HUCKABEE's PERSISTENCE : Fw: URGENT: 15,000 Wisconsin CallsTod... Sat Feb 16, 2008Fw: PATRIOT-PACKERS IN 4 DEGREE WEATHER COULD BE A CLASSIC ! Sat Feb 16, 2008Fw: RE SENSELESS MURDER: L.A. man keeps giving, even after his slaying Sat Feb 16, 2008ROGER CLEMENS TESTIMONY MAY BE EVIDENCE of the AUDACITY one ACQUIRES...Sat Feb 16, 2008Some people LIVING A LIE will eventually be EXPOSED Sat Feb 16, 2008Experts Question Spears Lawyer's Moves Sat Feb 16, 2008Experts Question Spears Lawyer's Moves Sat Feb 16, 2008IF OUR NEW PRESIDENT IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAWS TROOPS FROM IRAQ IT COULDBE TROUBLE ... Sat Feb 16, 2008Iraq's Jihad Myths Sat Feb 16, 2008MICHIGAN : THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND Sat Feb 16, 2008MICHIGAN "LEADERS" ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BEING OUTSHINED THANBEING SAVED Sat Feb 16, 2008MICHIGAN PERSECUTES THEIR SAVIORS Sat Feb 16, 2008UNFORTUNATELY, MICHIGAN IS PART OF THE CRISIS : A Crisis of Faith - New York Tim...Sat Feb 16, 2008A CRISIS OF FAITH ? : RECESSION BEFORE DEPRESSIONA Crisis of Faith - New York Ti...Sat Feb 16, 2008I Love You, but You Love Meat - New York Times Sat Feb 16, 2008At Berra Museum, the Display of Clemens’s Jersey Is Over - New York Times Sat Feb 16, 2008THIS NORTHERN ILLINOIS GUNMAN SEEMED TO BE OKAY : Gunman, Active andSuccessful,... Sat Feb 16, 2008Re CORAL REEF : IRIB PERSIAN NEWS PAGE Fri Feb 15, 2008Fw: Two New Texas Polls Show Close Race Fri Feb 15, 2008RECORD COLD, VIETNAM : Bangkok Post Breaking News Fri Feb 15, 2008Rocker Tells Huckabee to Lay Off Song Fri Feb 15, 2008Fw: IMPORTANT: Four Wisconsin Phone Lists Available Fri Feb 15, 2008Navy Will Attempt to Down Spy Satellite Fri Feb 15, 2008The Associated Press: Ex-Ohio Cop Convicted of Lover's Death Fri Feb 15, 2008Waxman Regrets Hearing Was Held - New York Times Fri Feb 15, 2008

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