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Practice Test 2/ Inmates

Practice Test 2/ Inmates

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Published by Kristin McNulty

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Published by: Kristin McNulty on Oct 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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McNulty Page 1Kristin McNultyProfessor StrawnEnglish Writing 10223 September 2009Chapter 2 Practice Test Part 2Educating inmates, who have been convicted of charges relating to the use of illegal drugs,prior to release from prison, on the effects of illegal drug use and the power of addiction, alongwith enlightening them to the many programs and institutions available to aid them on a journeyto recovery, would decrease the percentage of repeat offenders. Ignorance is not bliss.Understanding that addiction is a disease and that there is a solution to their problem willpromote the willingness to seek help; proper education is the only way to assure anunderstanding of the topic. Providing class room time, with a trained professional, will increasethe prisoner’s knowledge about why they are addicted, finding the obsession to use, greater than the obsession to steer clear of the drugs that are so obviously the root cause of their crimes. Many of those who find themselves addicted to drugs were born into families wheredrug use was not only acceptable but a normal way of life, creating individuals who are naïve tothe support available to the addict who is suffering. “Am I an addict?” may be a question thatwas never considered by countless inmates living a life behind bars many for the third andfourth time or even fifth time. Moreover, it is not uncommon to find prisoners, who have never heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, this is especially poignant. A meetingschedule for their area In addition, providing each inmate with a list of inpatient, outpatient,rehabilitation, residential and transitional treatment centers/programs, and the equipping themwith the knowledge regarding the pros and cons of seeking or not seeking treatment uponrelease may very well be the solution a drug addicted inmate needs to keep from returning tothe old behaviors that will most definitely land them back in prison. Education versus ignorance

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