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The Unpardonable Sin by Mangasarian

The Unpardonable Sin by Mangasarian

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"Shall not be forgiven."
MATT, xii 6.

"Shall not be forgiven."
MATT, xii 6.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Feb 08, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE UNPARDONABLE SIN. BY MANGASAR M. MANGASARIAN"Shall not be forgiven." MATT, xii 6. Is there an unpardonable sin? What is it? Why is it unpardonable? If you lend me your attention I shall endeavor to answer these three questions. The idea contained in this verse has been differ ently interpreted by writers and preachers. The most common view makes this sin to consist in blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. Every other sin shall be forgiven ; all crime, wickedness, world-liness, usurpation, tyranny, and infidelity shall be forgiven. It has even been directly or indirectly preached, that, if through all your life you have been dishonest and mean, selfish and sensual, in the last hour let a tear of repentance flow from your eye, or a cry for help or pardon escape your lips, and all shall be forgiven you. Let a man who has lived a seventy or eighty-years life of sin and
shame, of hypocrisy and deceit ; on his death-bed pray to be forgiven ; and the few seconds of sorrow for sin will atone for eighty years of unrighteous-124 The Unpardonable Sin. ness and crime. On the other hand it has also been taught that this one sin when committed, years and years of repentance and prayer and faith shall not wipe it away. You may shed tears till they begin to flow in streams to the sea; you may sit on dust and ashes the rest of your life ; you may fast and convert your body to a torture chamber for your soul ; you may storm the skies with your sighs but there is no hope ; it " shall not be forgiven unto men." Such has been the interpretation of this much disputed text. The preaching of this sin in this light has everywhere filled men with fear and with awe. Tremblingly they have sat to listen to the grave and gloomy descriptions of this crime from the Christian pulpit. The dreadful definitions of the unpardonable sin have driven people to the
verge of despair and moral suicide. How many have been thrown into a state of melancholy medi tation from the dread of falling into this pit ! It has ever been a topic for vehement preaching. It has turned the sacred desk to a smoking Sinai, in whose presence the people grew pale. It made the messengers of the "Prince of Peace" and gentle ness, harbingers of the "wrath to come." Their preaching was like the thunder of the clouds, not their silver lining ; like the lightning of the sky, not its soft and tender blue ; the foaming roar of the billows, not the soothing music of the waves ; the wild hurricane that marches with irresistible sweep, not the gentle breeze that descends from the The Unpardonable Sin. 125 tall mountains. They preached as they believed, and the nature of their themes created the austere character of their ministry. " It shall not be forgiven unto men." Ah ! how

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