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Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's Speech on Education

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's Speech on Education



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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's Speech on Education (5th February 2008)
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's Speech on Education (5th February 2008)

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Published by: Dr. Thomas Kuzhinapurath on Feb 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Address and Interaction during the Silver Jubilee Celebration of EMEACollege of Arts and Science, Malappuram
05/Feb/2008 : Malappuram
It doesn’t matter who I am,I will work, work and work,All the forces of the universe will also assist me,I will achieve what I dream,Even reaching any part of our Galaxy
I am delighted to participate in the inaugural ceremony of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Ernad MuslimEducational Association (EMEA) and interact with Students and faculty members of EMEA College of Art andScience. I congratulate the Principal, Teachers, Students and Staff of this college, both present and past and alsoall those who have contributed for building the robust framework in shaping young minds and developing them toblossom as enlightened citizens for the nation. My Greetings to all of you during your Silver Jubilee Celebrations.While I am with you, I would like to recall one incident, which occurred during my childhood (Age 10). Each daywhen I returned home from my school in the evening, my father would have gone to namaz. And my motherwould be performing namaz and look angelic. After Thakbhir position, she will recite two suras from Holy Quran.One starts with Alhamdhu, and the other "Lakkum, Theenukum". One day I asked my parents what is themeaning of Lakkum Theenukum? My mother in a graceful voice recited the sura "Lakkum TheenukumValiyatheen" that is the end of the sura Alkhafeerun. My father said, “it means, everyone follows a path. He orshe who decides the path is accountable for the actions". My father who was Imam of the local mosqueelaborated, “my son, I meet my friends quite often as you would have seen me with Pakshi Lakshmana Shastrigaland Rev Father Bodal.Pakshi Lakshmana Shastrigal was a great Hindu devotee and the head priest of Rameswaram Siva Temple and Rev Father Bodal had built our Island's first church. In my childhood, I was indeedblessed to hear the discussion of the great three personalities. At least once in a week they met and discussed onintegration of thoughts from Holy Quran, Holy Bible and Bhagavat Gita. From the essence of their saying, I learnt,whatever religion you are, the path you select will lead you to the bliss, based on your good action.The topic I have selected for the discussion is “No youth today need to fear about the future” 
Mission in life
Dear friends, when I see you all, I see in you great doctors, great engineers, great social workers, great teachers,great judges, great political leader, even I see some of you may have an opportunity to reach and live in Mars.Let me share with you, what are the traits needed to accomplish these goals based on my experience.I have seen three dreams which have taken shape as vision, mission and realization. Firstly, space programme of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), AGNI programme of DRDO (Defence Research and DevelopmentOrganisation) and PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) becoming the National Mission. Of coursethese three programmes succeeded in the midst of many challenges and problems. I have worked in these areas.I want to convey to you what I have learnt from these three programmes based on my personal experience.a. Wherever there is a dream in life, that transforms into a vision and vision takes shape as many missions.b. The necessity of high level thinking to transform the Vision into Missions.c. Acquisition of knowledge from all sources.d. Working and working without boundary conditions till the realization of the mission.e. Leader absorbs the failure and takes the responsibility and gives the credit for success to his team whileexecuting the MissionThe experience that I have discussed with you friends, has given me few verses for you to remember in your life.
Mission in life
I am great in thinking and in action.I firmly believe that I can do any mission.I will dream to live even in Mars.It doesn’t matter who I am,I will work, work and work,All the forces of the universe will also assist me,I will achieve what I dream,I will also reach any part of our Galaxy.Dear friends, now I would like to share with you some of the experiences and knowledge, I had during myeducation.
Giving an aim at right age
When I think of my childhood days, I am reminded of Shri Sivasubramania Iyer who taught me when I wasstudying in 5th class at the age of 10. He was one of the very good teachers in our school. All of us loved toattend his class and hear him. One day he was teaching about bird's flight. He drew a diagram of a bird on theblackboard depicting the wings, tail and the body structure with the head. He explained how the birds create thelift and fly. He also explained to us how they change direction while flying. Nearly for 25 minutes he gave thelecture with various information such as lift, drag, how the birds fly in a formation of 10, 20 or 30. At the end of the class, he wanted to know whether we understood how the birds fly. I said I did not understand how the birdsfly. When I said this, the teacher asked the other students whether they understood or not. Many students saidthat they also did not understand. Our response did not upset him, since he was a committed teacher.Our teacher said that he would take all of us to the seashore. That evening the whole class was at the sea shoreof Rameswaram. We enjoyed the roaring sea waves knocking at the sandy hills in the pleasant evening. Birdswere flying with sweet chirping voice. He showed the sea birds in formations of 10 to 20 numbers. We saw themarvelous formations of birds with a purpose and we were all amazed. He showed us the birds and asked us tosee that when the birds fly, what they looked like. We saw the wings flapping. He asked us to look at the tailportion with the combination of flapping wings and twisting tail. We noticed closely and found that the birds inthat condition flew in the direction they desired. Then he asked us a question, where the engine is and how it ispowered. Bird is powered by its own life and the motivation of what it wants. All these things were explained tous within Fifteen minutes. We all understood the whole bird dynamics from this practical example. How nice itwas? Our teacher was a great teacher; he could give us a theoretical lesson coupled with a live practical exampleavailable in nature. This is real teaching. I am sure many of the teachers in schools and colleges will follow thisexample.For me, it was not merely an understanding of how a bird flies. The bird's flight entered into me and created aspecial feeling. From that evening, I thought that my future study has to be with reference to flight and flightsystems. I am saying this because my teacher's teaching and the event that I witnessed decided my futurecareer. Then one evening after the classes, I asked the teacher, "Sir, please tell me, how to progress further inlearning all about flight." He patiently explained to me that I should complete 8th class, and then go to highschool, and then I should go to engineering college that may lead to education on flight. If I complete all myeducation with excellence, I might do something connected with flight sciences. This advice and the bird flyingexercise given by my teacher, really gave me a goal and a mission for my life. When I went to college, I tookPhysics. When I went to engineering in Madras Institute of Technology, I took Aeronautical Engineering.
Thus my life was transformed as a rocket engineer, aerospace engineer and technologist. That one incident of myteacher teaching the lesson, showing the visual live example proved to be a turning point in my life whicheventually shaped my profession.
Teacher becomes a family friend
I remember Rev Father TN Sequiera teaching Shakespeare in St. Joseph’s college, Trichy where I studied. Thestudents used to say even Shakespeare would be moved if he hears his lecture. Teacher knows what the studentneeds. It was true. He was also our new Hostel Warden. Every day Father Sequiera used to make a night visit tothe hostels. It was called Father’s visit. One day, I recall, my room mate M Sachithanandam was not well. WhenFather Sequiera met him he asked him what the problem was. He told him that he was having headache. Forimmediate relief, Father took aspirin from his robe and gave him the tablet. With concern, he immediately senthim to the doctor. In another incident he gave an inland letter to my friend in the next room and asked him towrite to his parents, because Father Sequiera came to know that he was not writing to his parents. This is abeautiful experience and learning for me. Students saw in Fr Sequiera with parental care. In St. Joseph’s CollegeLibrary, Father Sequiera used to take special English class between 6 to 7 PM in the evenings for students whocame from language medium schools. He also initiated us to read novels and biographies in simple English in sixweeks time we were all comfortable in all English medium classes.
Teacher who loves teaching
Another great teacher, who is a living legend now is Prof. Chinnadurai. He taught me physics, particularly nuclearphysics. The way the Professor taught, many students started loving physics, particularly nuclear physics. RevFather Chinnadurai, when he was taking lessons used to give reference articles and good reference books, whichthe students can read. And the physics teacher ensured that we all refer physics textbooks during the lectureinstead of only reading the notes. This widened the horizon of the learning of the students on a particular topic.In his 90’s Fr Chinnadurai is staying in Dindigal and I meet him whenever I am in that area. The method of teaching of Fr Chinnadurai is important for making the student a life long autonomous learner, which is essentialfor continuous contribution for the growth of individual, and thereby to the nation. The best learning takes placewhen the teacher infuses a creative learning habit in the students and makes it an enjoyable part of life longquest for knowledge. Even today whenever I meet him, he radiates his sense of enlightenment.
Teacher radiates knowledge
Now I would like to discuss about my mathematics teacher Prof Thothadri Iyengar. As a young science student, Ihad an opportunity at St. Joseph’s College to witness a unique scene of divine looking personality walkingthrough the college campus every morning, and teaching Mathematics to various degree courses. Studentslooked at the personality who was a symbol of our own culture, with awe and respect. When he walked,knowledge radiated all around. The great personality was, Prof Thothadri Iyengar, our teacher. At that time, ‘Calculus Srinivasan who was my mathematics teacher, used to talk about Prof Thothadri Iyengar with deeprespect. They had an understanding to have an integrated class by Thothadri Iyengar for first year B.Sc. (Hons)and first year B.Sc. (Physics). Thus, I had the opportunity to attend his classes, particularly on modern algebra,statistics and complex variables. When we were in the B.Sc first year, Calculus Srinivasan used to select top tenstudents to the Mathematics Club of St. Joseph’s, whom were addressed by Prof Thothatri Iyengar. I stillremember, in 1952, he gave a masterly lecture on ancient mathematicians and astronomers of India. In thatlecture, he introduced four great mathematicians and astronomers of India, which is still ringing in my ears. Theyare Aryabhata, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Brahmagupta, Bhaskaracharya. Let me discuss one. Prof. Thothatri Iyengarexplained, based on his analysis, that Aryabhata was both an astronomer and mathematician, born in 476 AD inKusuma-pura (now called Patna). He was known to represent a summary of all Maths at that point of time. Justwhen he was only 23 years old, he wrote his book ARYABHATIYAM in two parts. He covered important areas like

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nice one &nice remark for the teacher
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Good remarks about the teacher, they really play a very important roles in student's life. Especially in school's life. Children try to imitate them . It is the duty of the teacher/ lecturer to represent them as a good human being as well as ideal for the student.
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