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Thi Thử Đại học – Cao đẳng 2009

Thi Thử Đại học – Cao đẳng 2009

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Published by newfut

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Published by: newfut on Oct 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thi th
ử Đại học
Cao đẳng 2009
English test Email: mdk_delax@yahoo.comPage 1 of 5
– 2009Môn Ti
ếng Anh
– Kh
ối D
Trường THPT Quỳnh Lưu IV 
 – Ngh
ệ An
ọn phương án (A, B, C hoặc D) ứng với từ có trọng âm chính nhấn v
ào âm ti
ết có vị trí khác với ba từ 
còn l
ại trong mỗi câu:
Câu 1:
A. teacher B. design C. after D. kingdom
Câu 2:
A. vanilla B. infamous C. banana D. Canada
Câu 3:
A. opponent B. beautiful C. calendar D. dinosaur
Câu 4:
A. instrument B. astonish C. cultural D. obviously
Câu 5:
A. excel B. pricise C. imply D. passage
ọn phương án đúng tương ứng với ( A, B, C hoặc D) để ho
àn thành m
ỗi câu sau:
Câu 6:
There are so many __________ thing to do that we never get __________A. interesting/boring B. interested/bored C. interested/boring D. interesting/bored
Câu 7:
It was __________ we could not go now.A. such cold that B. so cold C. very so cold that D. too cold that.
Câu 8:
No longer __________ clean the floor, I have just bought a vacuum cleaner.A. do I have to B. I do have to C. I have to D. have I to
Câu 9:
I could speak __________ words of French, but I wasn’t very fluentA. little B. a little C. few D. a few
Câu 10:
We must be quick. There’s __________ time.A. little B. a little C. few D. a few
Câu 11:
She has just bought __________.A. an old interesting painting French B. old an interesting painting FrenchC. a French old interesting painting D. an interesting old French painting
Câu 12:
He looks younger than his wife, in __________ fact he is a lot older.A. actual B. actually C. action D. acting
Câu 13:
__________ those present were the Prime Minister and his wife.A. Whatever B. Actually C. Among D. Whoever
Câu 14:
He didn’t wear warm clothes __________cold it was.A. whenever B. however C. whoever D. whatever
Câu 15:
What is the synonym of trader ?A. vendor B. merchant C. seller D. business
Câu 16:
I have known Jack __________ ten years.A. since B. in C. almost D. for
Câu 17:
What do you call the person who collects stamps ?A. stamper B. collector C. collecting D. stamp collector
Câu 18:
The New Oxford Garage is __________ for more salesmen.A. advertising B. informing C. requesting D. advising
Câu 19:
I have three books. One is mine, __________ are yours.A. the others B. another C. the other D. others
Câu 20:
Does that newspaper __________ the government or opposite it ?A. advantage B. assist C. encourage D. support
Câu 21:
It’s distressing to see small children __________ in the streets.A. pleading B. imploring C. begging D. entreating
Câu 22:
Most of my friends are __________ reporters.A. newspapers B. newspaper C. newspaper’s D. newspapers’
Câu 23:
__________ I have a car, I prefer to travel by train.A. In spite of B. Despite C. Because D. Although
Câu 24:
The were many big tree, between me and the river and now they are fell down __________ in to thewater.A. each other B. one after another C. one another D. a lot
Thi th
ử Đại học
Cao đẳng 2009
English test Email: mdk_delax@yahoo.comPage 2 of 5
Câu 25:
Even though I hadn’t spoken English for many years, I picked it __________ again after afew weeks.A. on B. over C. up D. through
Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau v
à ch
ọn phương án đúng ( A, B, C hoặc D) cho mỗi chỗ trống từ câu 26 đến 35:
Water is our life source. It makes up 70 percent of (26) __________ bodies and the average person actuallyspends 18 months of his life (27) __________ bath or shower.But we are only now learning how to look (28) __________ water. Acid rain (29) __________ polluted asmany as 18,000 lakes and our seas and rivers are polluted with waste products. It is now (30) __________ ,expensive to try to repair the damage which has been. We have some hope for future, though, (31) __________new sources of water have been discovered. People (32) __________ in the Sahara Desert have (33)__________ fish swimming in deep underground streams. Scientists also (34) __________ is a huge lakeunderneath London. If we have (35) __________ anything from our mistakes we try to keep these new areas of water clean.
Câu 26:
A. the B. their C. our D. these
Câu 27:
A. in B. to C. on D. at
Câu 28:
A. over B. on C. after D. to
Câu 29:
A. will B. has C. would D. is
Câu 30:
A. very B. such C. more D. much
Câu 31:
A. which B. because C. so D. even
Câu 32:
A. live B. living C. to live D. lived
Câu 33:
A. realize B. put C. looked D. found
Câu 34:
A. it B. here C. that D. there
Câu 35:
A. taught B. practised C. known D. learnt
Đọc kỹ đoạn vă
n sau và ch
ọn phương án đúng ( A, B, C hoặc D) cho mỗi chỗ trống từ câu 36 đến 45:
There’s no increasing concern about the world’s energy resources, particularly about those involving fossil(36) __________ . In less than a hundred years we shall probably (37) __________ all the present (38)__________ of of oil and gas. The world’s coal (39) __________ should last longer but, once used, these cannot be (40) __________ .It is important, therefore, that we should develope such (41) __________ sources energy as solar energyand nuclear energy as well as wind (42) __________ (classed as (43) __________ energy). Until these energy(44) __________ are widely used, it is important for the developed countries to reduce energy (45)__________ as much as possible.
Câu 36:
A. fuels B. powers C. forms D. energies
Câu 37:
A. end B. complete C. total D. exhaust
Câu 38:
A. findings B. productions C. amounts D. sources
Câu 39:
A. reserves B. stores C. mines D. contents
Câu 40:
A. updated B. repeated C. renewed D. produced
Câu 41:
A. traditonal B. alternative C. surprising D. revolutionary
Câu 42:
A. force B. strength C. power D. motion
Câu 43:
A. repeatable B. continual C. renewable D. continuous
Câu 44:
A. goods B. supplies C. provisions D. materials
Câu 45:
A. exhaustion B. destruction C. waste D. consumption
ọn phương án đúng
ứng với A, B, C hoặc D)
cho m
ỗi câu sau
:Câu 46:
“How are you ?”, he askedA. He asked me how are you B. He ask me how I amC. He asked me how was I D. He asked me how I was
Câu 47:
“Where have you been?”, he askedA. He asked me where had I been B. He asked me where have you beenC. He asked me where I had been D. He asked me were you had been
Câu 48:
“What are you doing now ?”, he asked.A. He asked me what I am doing now. B. He asked me what you were doing now
Thi th
ử Đại học
Cao đẳng 2009
English test Email: mdk_delax@yahoo.comPage 3 of 5
C. He asked me what was I doing now. D. He asked me what I was doing then
Câu 49:
“Why did you come back?”, he askedA. He asked me why I had come back B. He asked me why had I come back C. He asked me why did you come back D. He asked me why you had come back 
Câu 50:
“Are you glad to be back?”, he askedA. He asked me if I was glad to be back B. He asked me was I glad to be back C. He asked me if I am glad to be back D. He asked me are you glad to be back 
ọn phương án đúng (A, B, C, hoặc D) ứng với từ/cụm từ có gạch chân cần phải sửa để các câu sau trở thành câu đúng:
 Câu 51:
Fertilizers are used primarily to enrich the soil and increasing yeild of crops.A B C D
Câu 52:
Because of the approaching storm, the wind began to blow and the sky became dark as evening.A B C D
Câu 53:
Ours is among the few schools in the country which has been awarded the status as a standard school.A B C D
Câu 54
: When it is frightened, for example, by a storm, dairy cows refuse to give milk.A B C D
Câu 55:
It is said that Nobel felt very badly about the application of his invention to the creation of weapons of A B C Dwar.
Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau v
à ch
ọn c
âu trả lời đúng nhất (ứng với A, B, C hoặc D) từ câu 56 đến 65:
Tsunami is a Japanese word which means harbour wave and is used as the scientific term for seismic seawave generated by an undersea earthquake or possibly an undersea landside or volcanic eruption. When theocean floor is titled or offset during an earthquake, a set of waves is created similar to the concentric wavesgenerated by and object dropped into the water. Most tsunami is originate along the Ring of Fire, a zone of volcanoes and seismic activity, 32,500 km long that encircles the Pacific Ocean. Since 1819, about 40 tsunamishave truck the Hawaii Islands.A tsunami can have wavelengths, or widths, of 100 to 200 km, and may travel hundred of kilometres acrossthe deep ocean, reaching speeds of about 725 to 800 km an hour. Upon enetring shallow coastal waters, thewave, which may have been only about halfa metre high out at sea, suddenly grows rapidly. When the wavereaches the shore, it may be 15m high or more. Tsunami have tremendous energy because of the great volumeof water affected. They are capable of obliterating coastal settlements.Tsunami should not be confuse with storm surges, which are domes of water that rise underneath hurricanesor cyclones and cause extensive coastal flooding when the storms reach land. Storm surges are paticularlydevastating if they occur at high tide. A cyclone and accompanying storm surge killed an estimated 500,000people in Bangladesh in 1970. The tsunamiwhich struck south and southeast Asia in late 2004 killed over 200thousand people.
Câu 56:
Scinetifically, tsunami is the term for ?A. seismic sea wave . B. undersea earthquakeC. undersea landslide D. volcanic eruption
Câu 57:
What does the world concentric mean?A. Wavy B. Having many centresC. Hacing a common centres D. A ring
Câu 58:
Which of the followings may be a reason for a tsunami?A. An inactive volcano B. A landslide on the seashoreC. An undersea earthquake D. A storm
Câu 59:
What will happen when an object is dropped into the water?A. Volcanuic eruption may be a consequence B. Some concentric wave will be generatedC. The will seismic activity D. Earthquake may happen
Câu 60:
What is the zone of volcanoes and seismic activity in the world called?A. The concentric B. The tsunami

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