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Hangun Basics by MadOgre. From Http://Www.madogre.com/News.html Handgunning: The Biggest Mistake

Hangun Basics by MadOgre. From Http://Www.madogre.com/News.html Handgunning: The Biggest Mistake

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Published by: api-17416180 on Oct 03, 2009
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Hangun Basics by MadOgre. From http://www.madogre.com/News.htmlHandgunning:
The biggest mistake novice pistoleros make is a simple matter of forgetting the basicfundamental skills. For some reason, they can tell you what it takes to shoot, but when they draw theweapon, it all goes out the window. For me, the biggest reason I enjoy handgun shooting is that it is moreof a challenge. What makes it challenging is that handgunning is a whole person event. You can't half-assa pistol shot. It takes a combination of body and mind and an almost zen-like “one-ness” with your handgun to make those pistol shots consistent. And it all starts from the ground up.
The Stance,
is something continually harped on by martial artists... placement of your feet, your balanceon your feet... there is a reason serious martial artists harp on this so much. Everything is build off thatfoundation. For handgunning, it is the same. We are not tensing up to throw round-house kicks, but weare getting ready to take some recoil and to possibly make movement. But since we are not about toChuck Norris anything, our feet should be shoulder width apart, nice and comfortable, knees unlockedand just slightly bent, and our weight just a bit forward... on the balls of the feet not the heels.Going along with the stance is a huge debate in the Gunner's Community about Weaver vs Isosceles...the correct answer is the same answer as “Mary Anne or Ginger?” The answer is “Both”. We should learnto use both and to transition seamlessly between the two. Which one we use and when all depends onthe situation. If I am in an Interview Position, where I am talking to someone who I am not clear on theidentity or Intent of the person – I stand with my weapon side away from that person. This puts me intothe Weaver position. Should I be facing a potential threat and I'm wearing armor – I want as much of thatarmor facing the threat as possible so I'll be set up for an Isosceles position. And you can't say “I only useWeaver and nothing else” Well, that's just stupid because in real life, target engagements do not happenin static positions like they do on the range. Say, I'm facing a target and it starts moving from my left to myright – and I track that target with my weapon, I am swinging through Weaver into Isosceles. Say thattarget goes from straight in front of my Weaver position and breaks to my left – then I bring my right footforward and I am now into the Isosceles again. So train with both, because in reality, you will need both.
Get a grip:
It's almost scary when I hand a person at the gun counter a pistol and I watch them take uptheir grip on the gun... it's really easy to spot the Ignorant and the Novice and the Braggarts and who is anexperienced shooter. Women make the biggest mistakes in the grip department. The Ladies will oftengrab the grip very low, putting all fingers on the grip under the trigger guard, leaving almost an inch or more between their hand and the beavertail or base area of the pistol. This is the “I've never shot a gunbefore in my life” grip. I especially find it amusing when the guy gripping the pistol like that has madeclaims to being Super Secret Squirrels in the military. Uh huh. The other common problem grip is theRevolver Grip. This is where the Support Hand's Thumb goes across the top of the firing hand, behind thepistol. This might be okay with a Revolver, and maybe that's how you've done it all your life. But now dayswhen you do that, you run the risk of the slide hitting your thumb and causing you some suddendiscomfort and or lacerations. The grip should start out with the firing hand with the pistol in line with thebone of the forearm. This grip should be up as high on the gun as possible, to put the bore axis as low aspossible. The support hand then wraps around the firing hand fingers, anchoring the pistol in a vice, withboth thumbs together and if possible, pointing forward. The trigger finger is up along the frame of thepistol when the pistol is not aimed at the target. A good grip is critical because a handgun does two thingsduring firing. One is the recoil is going to make the gun kick back and up. Torque is going to want to makethe gun twist. You can Recoil from the mass of the bullet and the pressure of the charge sending thatbullet out of the gun and down range. You get torque because the barrel has rifling in it to impart spin onthe bullet. A good grip controls Torque and Recoil and minimizes their disturbance.
The Sight Picture.
Often I ask the students what they are looking at and what their sight picture looks like. I get some strange answers. First off, the Sight Alignment,how you should align the sights. Take a look at this simple Paintbrush rendering of a sight picture.When we are shooting target sights, we use the sights with the top of the center post even with the rear sights and we center that across the equator of our target,( a center hold) or we put the target on top of the center post, (a 6 O'clock hold)which is the least ideal sight picture one can have in my opinion. Now, for Defensiveor Tactical shooting, we use just the Dots. Line up the dots, and put that dot on the center of the target as

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