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Richard Sambrano -South Texas Newspaper Scolds Greg Abbott for Comparing the Hispanic-Rich Region to a Third-world Country.

Richard Sambrano -South Texas Newspaper Scolds Greg Abbott for Comparing the Hispanic-Rich Region to a Third-world Country.

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Published by: Editor on Feb 08, 2014
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Richard Sambrano richardnoesambrano@yahoo.com South Texas newspaper scolds Greg Abbott for comparing the Hispanic-
rich region to a “third
Attorney General Greg Abbott's comments are right in tune with those of other right wingers that have been demonizing our people with such venomous nativist rhetoric as the article so clearly states. Almost every day someone on the FoxNews Channel will make outrageous lies about our president but few people come to his defense. Yesterday the Speaker of the House of Representatives announced that he did not think that the House would pass immigration reform as long as Obama was president because they do not trust him to enforce the reforms saying that he has been the most lawless president we have ever had and used protecting the border as an example. They treat us as ignorant, dumb Mexicans who are not aware that Obama has deported many times more undocumented people as any other president in the history of the United States. They claim that he is circumventing the constitution by using executive orders knowing that he has used that medium far less less than former presidents. They do not mention that he has pardoned many times less people than any other president. They misrepresent what he has done to deal with the economic crises that he inherited from president Bush. And that the employment rate is now 6.5%. They never mention what the U.S. Congress has done to help with the crisis or the employment problem - nothing! We need to stay aware that the Republican leadership immediately after the president was elected vowed that they would do everything within their power to keep him from being re-elected. And even then, he was re-elected proved them wrong!
Back top Greg Abbott! For him to single out law enforcement corruption in South Texas and comparing it to third -world countries is absurd and should be offensive to all Hispanics no matter what part of the state they are from. Those that can speak out without being afraid of the consequences should speak out. More importantly, they should get out and vote against Greg Abbott!!!!
Richard Sambrano . .
Attorney General Greg Abbott’s comment comparing heavily Hispanic South Texas to a “third world country” has sparked criticism from Democrats and a sharply worded editorial by one of the region’s largest newspapers.
 The Monitor in
McAllen accused Abbott of playing politics by pitting white Texans against Hispanics.
“This year’s election should not fall into that traditional zone
of venomous nativist rhetoric that inflames the passions of white conservatives at
the expense of the state’s growing Hispanic population,” The Monitor said in
. “Abbott has been guilty of such practices in the past and we need t
o declare as a region that we are tired of having Hispanics act as the bogeymen of
 In a speech this week in Dallas, the likely GOP nominee for governor outlined his  program for protecting the border. He cited the growing influence of Mexican drug cartels in Texas. And he singled out law enforcement corruption in Starr, Hidalgo
and Cameron counties in South Texas. “This creeping corruption resembles third
-world country practices that erode the social fabric of our communities and
destroys Texans’ trust in government,” he said.
The Monitor said there’s no question corruption by law enforcement should be
denounced. But it questioned whether Abbott would have made a similar comparison to third-world countries had he been talking about local law-enforcement corruption in Dallas or Houston. The newspaper said it wants to hear
from other candidates whether they “denounce these words or embrace them.”
 Progress Texas PAC director Glenn Smith said Abbott sat on the oversight committee for the state cancer-fighting agency and failed to act as the agency gave millions of dollars in questionable payments to commercial interests. A former high-ranking official of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute was indicted on a felony charge in connection with improperly awarding an $11 million grant to a Dallas firm.
Said Smith: “Greg Abbott insulted all of South Texas when he said that someone
in trouble with the law there proved the region had been corrupted by Mexican
drug lords. By his own logic, Abbott’s been corr 
upted by Mexican drug lords since the CIPRIT scandal, which happened on his watch, has led to the indictment of a
CPRIT official.”
 The Abbott campaign did not respond to a request for comment. Jesse Diaz Cell (214)228-6778

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