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Breaking the Silence - Operation Cast Lead

Breaking the Silence - Operation Cast Lead

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Published by CorkyBuchik

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Published by: CorkyBuchik on Oct 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OperatiOn Cast Lead
Bkg h slc cv  m obl hough h gou uoof vul  fouo clug: th Moh Fouo, h nw ilFu, iCCO, siVMO, Oxfm GB, mco ol, Ch a (UK), hBh emby  tl avv, h My of Fog aff of h nhl,h sh agcy fo iol dvlom Cooo  h eU.th bookl w ouc  ulc hk o fug fom h eU, hGovm of h nhl,  h sh agcy fo ioldvlom Cooo.th co  oo x  h bookl o o  h eU, hGovm of h nhl, o sh agcy fo iol dvlomCooo,   olly h obly of Bkg h slc.
svl moh hv  c h  of Oo C L  Gz, my il  ll o w of wh lly h h. Fo lck of bc fc,
we are forced to accept unconditionally the positions of the ofcial bodies, which
u u h   of y oub, h idF’ couc w full  ublcccoubly  ucll fo. th ublco clu h mo of ouhy comb who ook   h oo  ly 2009. th mo h h w gh ov h  fw moh fom ol who v ll co of h oo. th mjoy of h ol who ok wh u ll vg  h gul mly u  u o u     hmol oo of h idF. alhough h ublco o o clm o ov bo, comhv vw of ll h ol  h u who c ou hoo, h v  ough o bg o quo h cbly of h
ofcial IDF versions.There are many signicant gaps between the testimonies we gathered. These
mo cb u of h ‘nghbo pocu’  of wh hohoummuo  ly hb ghbohoo, mv uco of bulgul o y c h o il foc,  mv ul of ggmh l o h kllg of oc. W lo h fom h ol bou h gl
atmosphere that accompanied the ghting, and of harsh statements made by juniorand senior ofcers that attest to the ongoing moral deterioration of the society and
h my. dug h oo, h mly bb m  ow cobuoo h xo wh  ouc coovl lgou  olclo u h uc of h idF  wh  blg.
Although certain features characterized this operation as a whole, signicant
ffc c b fou mog h vou goghc   u. suchvo  lo   h ublco.i h  fw moh, h idF oko h go o g lgh o ovh f h w y mol oblm wh h w  ll, hy w mly oh lvl of h ‘lqu ol,’ h h  w, ymc u. tho of h ublco ov h w  o lg wh h flu of vulol,    o flu  h lco of vlu mly o ymc lvl. th idF’ co of uch hom  ‘o l’ ol  cc u o lc h obly olly o vul ol o h gou o v kg obly fo h ym’ ou vlu  commflu. th mo of h ol  h collco xo h h mv uc blow o h fucu  cvl of h Gz  w c ul of idF olcy,  clly of h ul of ggm,  

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