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Intro to Sociology Quiz 1v1KEY

Intro to Sociology Quiz 1v1KEY



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Published by szavo
Quiz 1 key
Quiz 1 key

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Published by: szavo on Feb 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intro to Sociology Quiz 1
 Answer any 12 0f the 14 T/F and multiple choice questions by circling the correct answer. Answer one essay in 4-5 sentences.
Karl Marx argued that religious differences led to economic differences.
True False
Emile Durkheim said that solidarity in the modern world was helped along by a specialized division of labor.
True False
Ferdinand Tönnies suggested that, compared to earlier times, people in modern society were more likely to treat one another asmeans-to-ends.
True False
The kinds of questions appropriate for sociologists to ask 
A. should have nothing to do with religion.B. should not be controversial.C. should be ones that can be answered empirically.D. should be ones that only concern academics, not laypeople.E. All of the choices are correct5.
The notions that human societies evolve and that social competition inevitably results in social progress, was promoted by
A. W.I. Thomas.B. Emile Durkheim.C. Herbert Spencer.D. Auguste Comte.E. James Addams.6.
Sociology is best understood as the study o
A. how people's psychological problems create social problems.B. how biological factors influence people's social behavior.C. the likes and dislikes of individuals in groups.D. what nineteenth century social theorists thought about society.E. interactions and relations between human beings.7.
Ferdinand Tönnies would have said that the relationship between parents and children will most likely be
.C. instinctual.D. rooted in psychological drives.E. All of the choices are correct8.
W.E.B. DuBois
A. was a founding member of the Ku Klux Klan.B. said that Marx had made a mistake when he overlooked the role of race in promoting social conflict.C. nominated Booker T. Washington for President of the United States in 1903.D. organized Hull House in Chicago.E. believed that African Americans ought to lower their expectations about success.9.
For sociologists, skepticism
A. is a tendency they must strive to overcome in order to do good work.B. is crucial because most people lie to social researchers.C. is best thought of as a "personal trouble."D. is a "social issue."E. is important because commonly accepted explanations are frequently incorrect.10.
Chagnon's account of his work with the Yanomamö teaches important lessons about
A. the nature of ethnocentrism and culture shock.B. the importance of understanding a society's economic system.C. the functionalist and symbolic interactionist paradigms.D. the latent dysfunctions of the modern educational system.E. the nature of what Weber called "inconvenient facts."11.
Which of the following ideas is most characteristic of the functional point of view or paradigm?

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