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Status Quo

Status Quo

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Published by A. Campbell
Is it a crime?
Is it a crime?

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Published by: A. Campbell on Feb 09, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Status Quo
 Visiting the numbers
Consider China’s one child rule, on the surface one inquires as to why impose such a rule. This writer will stipulate to the leaders of China wisdom as to why such rule was imposed. Mathematically, the monetary value created by one surely over time would fall second to a monetary value created by one plus. Many nations elsewhere on the planet impose no such population growth rule, but population growth controls the growth rate of monetary value, planet wide. In short where the monetary value of the tangible is added to the monetary value of intangible wealth, the two combined to be sustainable for generations need to be equal to maintain a status quo for controlled growth of population and wealth. To this writer it is clear that people participants seeking monetary compensation for wealth investment blindly follow compartmentalized information and such information fails to encompass the overall financial information condition of the world. As one stated to this writer, it is more simple to believe a lie than the truth when it has a self-serving purpose. Couple of basic numbers as of not long ago, the World’s tangible Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was calculated to be approximately $60 Trillion US Dollars whereas the intangible investment (leverage, hedging, CDO’s, CDS’s), just to name a few, calculated out to have a monetary value in excess of $600 Trillion. In short this writer and the
millions of readers must inquire as to how all the combined government and their respective people could ever provide tangible revenue to cover such intangible value. Sure it mathematically would work until serious injury surfaced, and then would such injury in essence become a fatality. What’s amazing, the United States of America in comment by Secretary of Treasury that if the debt ceiling is not raised by February 27, 2014, payment owed to the people by the United States would potentially become imperiled. Attempt not to blackmail the people for in the old west horse thieves were hung for theft. In other parts of the world, death sentences are imposed for even lesser crimes, what is the penalty factor for those who aided the greatest crime in all history? Theft is theft, lies are lies and injustice is injustice, one very serious question presents, why in the name of Satan did so called learned government leaders believe lies and allow their people to become pawns in a game not created by the people. Was in greed for power or money or both? Here the people will “wait and see” for the answer is forthcoming.
Treasury Department Takes Steps to Stay Under Debt Cap”
 It may very well be true that one voice means nothing against the illegitimate claims of monetary wealth, but one voice it is no longer, of course, one could “wait and see,” but such wait and see does not negate negative action nor would it negate one’s choice to serve in Satan’s domain.

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