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The List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Delhi

The List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Delhi

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Published by murky2

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Published by: murky2 on Oct 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The List of Hindu Temples converted tomosque in Delhi
A Preliminary Survey of some of the Hindu temples that were converted to mosques andmuslim monuments in Delhi is given here. Many such muslim construction have used thematerials of the Hindu temple after it was destroyed by the muslims. Islamic invadersdestroyed the Hindu cities of Indarpat and Dhillik with their extensive suburbs and builtseven cities successively. The following Muslim monuments stand on the site of Hindutemples; temple materials can be seen in some of them. This shows the true nature of thereligion, Islam. Those who read this can point out errors if any.I. Mehrauli1. Quwwatu’l Islm Masjid (1198).2. Qutb Mnr.3. Maqbara of Shamsu’d-Dn Iltutmish (1235.)4. Dargh of Shykh Qutbu’d-Dn Bakhtyr Kk (d. 1236).5. Jahz Mahal.6. AlI Darwz.7. AlI Mnr.8. Madrasa and Maqbara of Alu’d-Dn Khalj.9. Maqbara of Ghiyu’d-Dn Balban.10. Masjid and Mazr of Shykh Fazlu’llh known as Jaml-Kaml.11. MaDh Masjid.II. Sultan GhariMaqbara of Nsiru’d-Dn, son of Sultn Shamsu’d-Dn Iltutmish (1231).III. PalamBbr (Ghazanfar) Masjid (1528-29).IV. Begumpur1. Masjid.2. Bijai Mandal.3. Klu Sari-k-Masjid.4. Mazr of Shykh Najbu’d-Dn Mutwakkal Chisht (d. 1272).V. TughlaqabadMaqbara of Ghiysu’d-Dn Tughlaq.VI. Chiragh-Delhi1. Dargh of Shykh Nasru’d-Dn Chirgh-i-Dehl (d. 1356).2. Maqbara of Bahlul Lod.
VII. Nizamu’d-Din1. Dargh and Jama’t-Khna Masjid of Shykh Nizmu’d-Dn Awliy (d. 1325).2. Kaln Masjid.3. ChauNsaTh-Khamb.4. Maqbara of Khn-i-Jahn Tilangn.5. Chill of Nizm’d-Dn Awliy.6. Ll Mahal.VIII. Hauz Khas1. Maqbara and Madrasa of Fruz Shh Tughlaq.2. Dd-Pot-k-Maqbara.3. Biran-k-Gumbad.4. Chhot and Sakr Gumt.5. Nl Masjid (1505-06).6. Idgh (1404-00).7. Bgh-i-lam-k-Gumbad (1501).8. Mazr of Nru’d-Dn Mubrak Ghaznaw (1234-35).IX. Malviyanagar1. Ll Gumbad or the Mazr of Shykh Kabru’d-Dn Awly (1397).2. Mazr of Shykh Alu’d-Dn (1507).3. Mazr of Shykh Ysuf Qattl (d. 1527).4. Khirk Masjid.X. Lodi Gardens1. Maqbara of Muhammad Shh.2. BaD Gumbad Masjid (1494).3. Shsh Gumbad.4. Maqbara of Sikandar Lod.XI. Purana Qila1. Sher Shh Gate.2. Qal-i-Kuhna Masjid.3. Khairu’l Manzil Masjid.XII. Shahjahanabad1. Kl Masjid at Turkman Gate.2. Maqbara of Razi Sultn.3. Jmi’ Masjid on Bhojala PahD.4. Ghat or Zainatu’l Masjid.5. Dargh of Shh Turkmn (1240).XIII. Ramakrishnapuram1. Tn Burj Maqbara.2. Malik Munr-k-Masjid.

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