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The List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Gujarat

The List of Hindu Temples Converted to Mosque in Gujarat

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Published by murky2

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Published by: murky2 on Oct 04, 2009
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The List of Hindu Temples converted tomosque in Gujarat
A Preliminary Survey of some of the Hindu temples that were converted to mosques andmuslim monuments in Gujarat is given here. Many such muslim construction have used thematerials of the Hindu temple after it was destroyed by the muslims. This shows the truenature of the religion, Islam. Some of the districts have been renamed or newly created.Some places which was under one district is now in another district. Those who read thiscan point out errors if any.I. Ahmadabad District.1. Ahmadabad, Materials of temples destroyed at Asaval, Patan and Chandravati were usedin the building of this Muslim city and its monuments. Some of the monuments are listedbelow :(i) Palace and Citadel of Bhadra.(ii) Ahmad Shh-k-Masjid in Bhadra.(iii) Jmi’ Masjid of Ahmad Shh.(iv) Haibat Khn-k-Masjid.(v) Rn Rpmat-k-Masjid.(vi) Rn B Harr-k-Masjid.(vii) Malik SraNg-k-Masjid.(viii) Mahfz Khn-k-Masjid.(ix) Sayyid lam-k-Masjid.(x) Pattharwli or Qutb Shh-k-Masjid.(xi) Sakar Khn-k-Masjid.(xii) Bb Ll-k-Masjid.(xiii) Shykh Hasan Muhammad Chisht-k-Masjid.(xiv) Masjid at Isnpur.(xv) Masjid and Mazr of Malik Sha’bn.(xvi) Masjid and Mazr of Rn Spr (Sabarai).(xvii) Masjid and Mazr of Shh lam at Vatva.(xviii) Maqbara of Sultn Ahmad Shh I.2. Dekwara, Masjid (1387). Temple site.3. Dholka(i) Masjid and Mazr of Bahlol Khn Ghz. Temple site.(ii) Mazr of Barkat Shahd (1318). Temple site.(iii) Tanka or Jmi’ Masjid (1316). Temple materials used.(iv) Hilll Khn Qz-k-Masjid (1333). Temple materials used.(v) Khrn Masjid (1377). Converted Bvan Jinlaya Temple.(vi) Kl Bazar Masjid (1364). Temple site.4. Isapur, Masjid. Temple site.5. Mandal(i) Sayyid-k-Masjid (1462). Temple site.(ii) Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.6. Paldi, Patthar-k-Masjid. Temple site.7. Ranpur, Jmi’ Masjid (1524-25). Temple site.8. Sarkhej
(i) Dargh of Shykh Ahmad Khatt Ganj Baksh (d. 1445). Temple materials used.(ii) Maqbara of Sultn Mahmd BegaD. Temple materials used.9. Usmanpur, Masjid and Mazr of Sayyid Usmn. Temple site.II. Banaskantha District.1. Haldvar, Mazr of Ln Shh and Gjar Shh. Temple site.2. Halol(i) Ek Mnr-k-Masjid. Temple site.(ii) PNch MuNhD-k-Masjid. Temple site.(iii) Jmi’ Masjid (1523-24). Temple site.3. Malan, Jmi’ Masjid (1462). Temple materials used.III. Baroda District.1. Baroda(i) Jmi’ Masjid (1504-05) Temple site.(ii) Dargh of Pr Amr Thir with its Ghz Masjid. Temple site.(iii) Mazr of Pr GhoD (1421-23). Temple site.2. Dabhoi(i) Dargh of PNch Bb. Temple materials used.(ii) Mazr of M Dhokr. Temple materials used.(iii) Fort. Temple materials used.(iv) Hira, Baroda, MabuDa and NandoDi Gates. Temple materials used.(v) MahuNDi Masjid. Temple materials used.3. Danteshwar, Mazr of Qutbu’d-Dn. Temple site.4. Sankheda, Masjid (1515-16). Temple site.IV. Bharuch District.1. Amod, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple materials used.2. Bharuch(i) Jmi’ Masjid (1321). Brahmanical and Jain temple materials used.(ii) Ghaznav Masjid (1326). Temple site.(iii) Idgh (1326). Temple site.(iv) ChunwD Masjid (1458). Temple site.(v) Qz-k-Masjid (1609). Temple site.(vi) Mazr of Makhdm Sharfu’d-Dn (1418). Temple site.3. Jambusar, Jmi’ Masjid (1508-09). Temple site.4. Tankaria, BaD or Jmi’ Masjid (1453). Temple site.V. Bhavnagar District.1. Botad, Mazr of Pr Hamr Khan. Temple site.2. Tolaja, Idgh and Dargh of Hasan Pr. Temple site.3. Ghoda, Masjid (1614). Temple site.VI. Jamnagar District.1. Amran, Dargh of Dawal Shh. Temple materials used.2. Bet Dwarka, Dargh of Pr Kirmn. Temple site.3. Dwarka, Masjid (1473). Temple site.
VII. Junagarh District.1. Junagarh(i) BorwD Masjid (1470). Temple site.(ii) Jmi’ Masjid in Uparkot. Jain Temple site.(iii) Masjid at M GaDhech. Converted Jain temple.2. Loliyana, Dargh of Madr Shh. Temple site.3. Kutiana, Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.4. Mangrol(i) Rahmat Masjid. Temple materials used.(ii) Jmi’ Masjid (1382-83). Temple materials used.(iii) JnI Jail-k-Masjid (1385-86). Temple site.(iv) Revl Masjid (1386-87). Temple materials used.(v) Masjid at Bandar. Temple materials used.(vi) Dargh near Revli Masjid. Temple materials used.(vii) Mazr of Sayyid Sikandar alias Makhdm Jahniy (1375). Temple materials used.(viii) GaDhi Gate. Temple materials used.5. Somnath Patan(i) Bzr Masjid (1436). Temple site.(ii) Chndn Masjid (1456). Temple site.(iii) Qz-k-Masjid (1539). Temple site.(iv) PathnwaDi Masjid (1326). Temple site.(v) Muhammad Jamdr-k-Masjid (1420). Temple site.(vi) MiThshh Bhang-k-Masjid (1428). Temple site.(vii) Jmi’ Masjid. Temple materials used.(viii) Masjid made out of the SomanAtha Temple of Kumrapla.(ix) Masjid at the back of the Somantha Temple. Converted temple.(x) Mot Darwza. Temple materials used.(xi) Mpur Masjid on the way to Veraval. Temple materials used.(xii) Dargh of Manglri Shh near Mpur Masjid. Temple materials used.(xiii) Shahd Mahmd-k-Masjid (1694). Temple site.6. Vanasthali, Jmi’ Masjid. Converted VAmana Temple.7. Veraval(i) Jmi’ Masjid (1332). Temple site.(ii) Nagna Masjid (1488). Temple site.(iii) Chowk Masjid. Temple site.(iv) MNDv Masjid. Temple site.(v) Mazr of Sayyid Ishq or Maghrib Shh. Temple site.(vi) Dargh of Muhammad bin Hj Giln. Temple site.VIII. Kachchh District.1. Bhadreshwar(i) Solkhamb Masjid. Jain Temple materials used.(ii) ChhoT Masjid. Jain Temple materials used.(iii) Dargh of Pr Ll Shhbz. Jain Temple materials used.2. Bhuj(i) Jmi’ Masjid. Temple site.(ii) Gumbad of Bb Guru. Temple site.

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