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Dragon Girl (Chapter 8)

Dragon Girl (Chapter 8)

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Published by Ami (ah-me)
The other side of Akira's family, the side she never knew about...
The other side of Akira's family, the side she never knew about...

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Published by: Ami (ah-me) on Oct 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dragon Girl--Uncle--
When I woke up, I had a huge headache, but my armsand legs were chained up against a wall. It looks like Iwas in a dungeon, the ones you usually see in thosefairytale’s were the princess is captured, and defenseless. Yeah, but on the bright side the moon was a great view,(except for the cold wind blowing hard at me). There wasa huge square shaped, um… how do I say this, notexactly a window but, well it was…a dent threw thewall(that was shaped like a square). I wondered how longdid I sleep, I feel like I’ve been sleep for days. I looked outat the sky, moon was in a crescent, it was so pretty-. Waita minute! Crescent! The last time I saw the moon it wasfull! I must have slept for day now, that explains why I’mso hungry. But uh… something wrong, I’m not feeling toowell. Why is it all the sudden, that my stomach is hurting,really bad, and it’s not just my stomach, my whole body?Ouch… everything was… I was… glowing.“Is someone there? Please help…me. Hello?” I wasstarting to cry, the pain was unbearable, I looked to myleft my nails were growing, long and sharp, my hairstarting changing too. Suddenly I grew bangs, my hairgrew all the way to my waist, long with curls, and it wassilver. My eyes turned gold, I grew fangs and my clotheswere somehow ripping. I wasn’t in pain anymore, insteadI felt powerful, then my wings came out, and… they wereblack. Was I also a demon? What happened to me, when-
how did I end up here? Something didn’t feel right, andsomeone was coming. I broke the chains, and floateddown to the floor. Whoa? How did I just… and what am Iwearing. I looked down and for some reason I waswearing something that looked like a skirt and a shirt puttogether. The top part was a v neck (what? I have a thingv necks), with long sleeves that spread out around mywrist, and a black belt around my waist. The mini skirtwas attached to it, with black boots. Now, I’m notcomplaining I mean yeah, I was a little mad that I can’tseem to find outfits like this in mall, but why was Iwearing it was my question. I didn’t have time to thinkabout it, someone was coming, I had to get out of here,and I had to find Natsume. I ran out the window, and flewout into the night sky. I didn’t realize how what I didnaturally would have killed me, but for some reason Iwas…a lot stronger than usual. My wings didn’t go out onme. I may or may not be a demon, but I knew that thisdid not come with the ‘Power dragon inside me thing’, Iwas something…
I turned around, someone wasfollowing me, another demon? It was, but I think he wassupposed to be my guard in case, I tried to run away orsomething.“Listen girl, you’re not going anywhere just yet. I need totalk to you.” He said. This is just what I needed, a goodfight. I smiled.“Yeah, right. You locked me up in a dungeon with no foodor water, and now you just want to sit down with me anhave a nice
” He looked shocked, but gave him no
time to think. I flew right at him, punching him in thenose. He looked at me shocked, but he quickly got overit, and went after me. He was to slow or I was…very fast.I punched and kicked back and forth, he could barelybreath, I could barely stop. I didn’t realize what I wasdoing, I had so much power, that I just felt like it shouldbe let out. But not on him, I didn’t want it this way ; it wasto late. I punched him one more time, and he went flyinginto the ocean. He…he didn’t move. Did I…kill him? No,that wasn’t possible I would never kill anyone, I knewbetter than that. But… the blood on my hands saidsomething different. I was shocked, I didn’t mean to- NO Idon’t know if he’s dead or not. To make sure I needed toget him out of the water, *sigh* he wasn’t dead justunconscious, and badly wounded. I went to far, a coupleof more hits and I would’ve killed him. When you look athim closely he didn’t even look evil, he looked like- likehe could be my grandfather. Really he looked exactly likemy dad, but old, my heart almost stopped when I sawhim. I felt so guilty that I didn’t realize what I was doing, Iwas healing him. So I have the power to heal now? This isreally freaking me out. When I finished I laid him down,and wondered off into the woods, he not going to be ableto do much for a while. I owed it to him to take care of him, it’s the least I can do, until he gets better. Then I’llleave. So I ran back into the forest, and grabbedsomething to eat.
-The Next Morning-

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