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Casino Payments to Districts

Casino Payments to Districts

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Published by msdyer923
How much Ohio Casino money was distributed to Ohio's Public School Districts for the 13-14 school year
How much Ohio Casino money was distributed to Ohio's Public School Districts for the 13-14 school year

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Published by: msdyer923 on Feb 10, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IRNDistrictSchool Year 20132014 Total Aug-13
45187ADA EXEMPTED VILLAGE SCHOOLS46,298$ 22,413$ 49494ADENA LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT64,069$ 30,935$ 43489AKRON CITY SCHOOLS1,110,594$ 549,513$ 45906ALEXANDER LOCAL SCHOOL82,947$ 41,401$ 45757ALLEN EAST LOCAL SCHOOL55,924$ 27,564$ 43497ALLIANCE CITY BOARD OF EDU145,742$ 71,308$ 46847AMANDA-CLEARCREEK LOCAL SCHOOL85,995$ 42,266$ 45195AMHERST EXEMPTED VILLAGE203,553$ 100,740$ 49759ANNA LOCAL BOARD OF EDUCAION65,826$ 32,295$ 46623ANSONIA LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT36,848$ 17,997$ 48207ANTHONY WAYNE LOCAL SCHOOLS225,432$ 110,236$ 48991ANTWERP LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT34,556$ 17,082$ 47415ARCADIA LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT29,811$ 14,508$ 46631ARCANUM BUTLER LOCAL SCHOOL53,616$ 25,774$ 47043ARCHBOLD AREA LOCAL SCHOOLS64,617$ 32,113$ 47423ARLINGTON LOCAL SCHOOL29,644$ 15,058$ 43505ASHLAND CITY BOARD OF171,587$ 84,099$ 43513ASHTABULA AREA CITY SCHOOL194,028$ 96,601$ 43521ATHENS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT139,368$ 68,098$ 49171AURORA BOARD OF EDUCATION147,666$ 72,680$ 48298AUSTINTOWN LOCAL SCHOOL275,252$ 133,204$ 48124AVON LAKE CITY SCHOOLS192,034$ 94,830$ 48116AVON LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT215,617$ 105,694$ 46706AYERSVILLE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT40,681$ 19,807$ 43539BARBERTON BOARD OF EDUCATION192,048$ 93,613$ 45203BARNESVILLE EXEMPTED VILLAGE62,515$ 29,749$ 46300BATAVIA LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT111,329$ 53,696$ 45765BATH LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT94,737$ 45,660$ 43547BAY VILLAGE CITY SCHOOL129,293$ 63,729$ 43554BEACHWOOD BOARD OF EDUCATION71,429$ 35,698$ 46425BEAVER LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT100,188$ 49,555$ 47241BEAVERCREEK CITY SCHOOLS383,044$ 188,038$ 43562BEDFORD BOARD OF EDUCATION178,371$ 88,240$ 43570BELLAIRE CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT64,658$ 31,644$ 43588BELLEFONTAINE CITY SCHOOL132,726$ 65,667$ 43596BELLEVUE CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT106,252$ 52,109$ 43604BELPRE CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT53,821$ 26,078$ 48074BENJAMIN LOGAN LOCAL SCHOOL91,488$ 44,462$ 48926BENTON CARROLL SALEM LOCAL87,101$ 43,167$ 43612BEREA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT341,613$ 169,013$ 47167BERKSHIRE BOARD OF EDUCATION49,769$ 25,031$ 46854BERNE UNION LOCAL SCHOOLS45,008$ 22,417$ 48611BETHEL LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT51,359$ 24,386$ 46318BETHEL-TATE LOCAL SCHOOLS89,676$ 44,323$
49692BETTSVILLE LOCAL SCHOOLS8,059$ 4,066$ 43620BEXLEY CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT110,859$ 54,170$ 46748BIG WALNUT LOCAL SCHOOLS160,551$ 77,915$ 48462BLACK RIVER LOCAL SCHOOL65,649$ 33,307$ 46383BLANCHESTER LOCAL SCHOOL89,886$ 43,581$ 46862BLOOM CARROLL LOCAL SCHOOL96,035$ 46,011$ 50096BLOOMFIELD-MESPO LOCAL SCHOOL14,479$ 7,072$ 49593BLOOM-VERNON LOCAL SCHOOL47,956$ 23,462$ 45211BLUFFTON EXEMPTED VILLAGE59,468$ 28,998$ 48306BOARDMAN LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT233,506$ 114,965$ 49767BOTKINS LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT31,536$ 15,132$ 43638BOWLING GREEN SCHOOL DISTRICT157,259$ 77,371$ 45229BRADFORD EXEMPTED VILLAGE29,632$ 14,414$ 43646BRECKSVILLE BROADVIEW HEIGHTS212,007$ 105,209$ 45237BRIDGEPORT EXEMPTED VILLAGE39,546$ 19,353$ 47613BRIGHT LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT37,699$ 18,791$ 50112BRISTOL LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT36,395$ 17,945$ 50120BROOKFIELD LOCAL SCHOOL58,400$ 29,195$ 43653BROOKLYN LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT72,888$ 36,025$ 48678BROOKVILLE LOCAL SCHOOL77,586$ 38,260$ 46177BROWN LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT35,729$ 17,394$ 43661BRUNSWICK CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT387,748$ 191,488$ 43679BRYAN CITY SCHOOLS101,517$ 49,490$ 46508BUCKEYE CENTRAL LOCAL SCHOOL37,099$ 17,763$ 48470BUCKEYE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT117,865$ 57,139$ 47787BUCKEYE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT98,146$ 48,556$ 45856BUCKEYE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT93,493$ 45,584$ 46755BUCKEYE VALLEY LOCAL SCHOOL115,819$ 56,915$ 43687BUCYRUS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT74,308$ 37,297$ 45252CALDWELL EXEMPTED VILLAGE43,941$ 21,472$ 43695CAMBRIDGE CITY BOARD OF115,866$ 57,659$ 43703CAMPBELL CITY SCHOOLS64,285$ 31,031$ 46946CANAL WINCHESTER LOCAL SCHOOL187,390$ 91,521$ 48314CANFIELD LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT145,959$ 72,531$ 43711CANTON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT480,342$ 238,459$ 49833CANTON LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT105,367$ 52,921$ 47175CARDINAL LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT63,754$ 31,528$ 48793CARDINGTON LINCOLN LOCAL55,935$ 27,832$ 45260CAREY EXEMPT VILLAGE SCHOOL43,761$ 21,844$ 50419CARLISLE LOCAL SCHOOLS84,188$ 41,904$ 45278CARROLLTON EXEMPTED VILLAGE117,501$ 58,586$ 47258CEDARCLIFF LOCAL BOARD OF29,207$ 13,897$ 43729CELINA CITY BOARD OF EDU134,528$ 66,197$ 47829CENTERBURG LOCAL SCHOOL58,582$ 29,037$ 43737CENTERVILLE CITY SCHOOL422,009$ 208,737$ 46714CENTRAL LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT59,547$ 29,756$ 45286CHAGRIN FALLS EXEMPTED VILLAGE99,661$ 49,123$
50138CHAMPION LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT78,135$ 37,702$ 47183CHARDON BOARD OF EDUCATION156,876$ 77,839$ 45294CHESAPEAKE UNION EXEMPTED73,370$ 36,052$ 43745CHILLICOTHE CITY SCHOOL149,524$ 73,205$ 50534CHIPPEWA LOCAL SCHOOLS73,148$ 35,934$ 43752CINCINNATI PUBLIC SCHOOLS1,550,308$ 725,931$ 43760CIRCLEVILLE CITY SCHOOL107,901$ 53,341$ 46284CLARK-SHAWNEE LOCAL SCHOOL113,205$ 55,990$ 49601CLAY LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT31,695$ 15,313$ 43778CLAYMONT CITY BOARD OF EDU108,964$ 53,858$ 49411CLEARFORK VALLEY LOCAL SCHOOL93,145$ 45,706$ 48132CLEARVIEW BOARD OF EDUCATION89,529$ 43,706$ 46326CLERMONT NORTHEASTERN SCHOOL81,866$ 40,412$ 43786CLEVELAND CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT1,954,313$ 978,053$ 43794CLEVELAND HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY290,520$ 143,119$ 46391CLINTON-MASSIE LOCAL SCHOOL99,461$ 48,755$ 48488CLOVERLEAF LOCAL SCHOOL136,069$ 67,616$ 45302CLYDE GREEN SPRINGS EXEMPTED116,868$ 57,858$ 45310COLDWATER EXEMPTED VILLAGE71,254$ 35,218$ 46516COLONEL CRAWFORD LOCAL SCHOOLS46,341$ 22,292$ 48140COLUMBIA LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT48,435$ 23,890$ 45328COLUMBIANA EXEMPTED VILLAGE53,266$ 26,160$ 49312COLUMBUS GROVE LOCAL SCHOOL46,191$ 22,792$ 43802COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOL2,540,185$ 1,251,087$ 43810CONNEAUT AREA CITY SCHOOLS91,171$ 45,081$ 47548CONOTTON VALLEY LOCAL SCHOOL23,451$ 12,067$ 49320CONTINENTAL LOCAL SCHOOL25,617$ 12,621$ 49981COPLEY-FAIRLAWN CITY SCHOOLS161,942$ 79,826$ 47431CORY-RAWSON LOCAL SCHOOLS32,093$ 15,819$ 43828COSHOCTON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT83,335$ 41,242$ 49999COVENTRY LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT116,156$ 57,461$ 45336COVINGTON EXEMPTED VILLAGE45,528$ 22,603$ 45344CRESTLINE EXEMPTED VILLAGE34,756$ 17,122$ 46433CRESTVIEW LOCAL SCHOOL64,988$ 31,512$ 49429CRESTVIEW LOCAL SCHOOL60,733$ 30,236$ 50351CRESTVIEW LOCAL SCHOOL45,704$ 22,954$ 49189CRESTWOOD LOCAL SCHOOLS102,037$ 50,707$ 45351CROOKSVILLE EXEMPTED VILLAGE52,081$ 25,528$ 43836CUYAHOGA FALLS CITY SCHOOLS250,376$ 122,356$ 46557CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS LOCAL SCHOOL44,062$ 21,997$ 50542DALTON LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT46,783$ 23,405$ 48934DANBURY LOCAL SCHOOLS28,507$ 14,575$ 47837DANVILLE LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT34,400$ 16,736$ 47928DAWSON BRYANT LOCAL SCHOOL62,073$ 30,161$ 43844DAYTON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT704,576$ 350,001$ 43851DEER PARK COMMUNITY CITY68,362$ 33,302$ 43869DEFIANCE CITY SCHOOLS133,200$ 65,633$

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