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Is More Than Just a 7-Letter Word

Is More Than Just a 7-Letter Word

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Published by hitler66

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Published by: hitler66 on Oct 05, 2009
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Is More Than Just A 7-Letter Word
a book by Veronica: of the Chapman family 
as in
Freedom Is More Than Just A 7-Letter Word
his book is all about freedom. I think it will surprise you how much you actually do not know about that subject. And how very little, in essence, you really need to know in order to attain it.
I hope that, by the time you have read it all the way through, your pathinto the future will be obvious to you. You should discover that, even atthe age of 7 years old, you had more power than any Government, Judiciary, Police Force and Military combined. But you did not realise it. And therefore, throughout your life, you have thrown it away. But takeheart, it is still there. And you can learn how to use it. After having read the Chapters on
, you may be wondering why you paid a price for a copy of this book. The answer ispretty obvious. The Monetary Belief System is still 'king', however muchone would wish it away. Suffice to say, the majority of that price was theproduction, printing and any postage costs. As the Author, my royalty hasbeen reduced to the barest minimum, in order to keep down the overallcost. Consequently, in that respect, it forms a labour of love on my part. What is worth more than all the gold in the world is your appreciationthat, having read this book, you have become empowered in the way youalways should have been - had you been educated, rather thanindoctrinated - during your childhood.I apologise, up front, for the use of word-stressing in the text of thisbook. I'm compelled to do that in order to attempt to overcome theingrained indoctrination to which we have all been subject throughout ourlives. And the lives of our ancestors living or now deceased. I only have'the printed word' (in its various forms) at my disposal.Please also note that, if you wish, you may quote any part of this book under one restriction only: That you quote exactly 
as is and withincontext
... because I cannot be held responsible if you should misquoteme.One final thing. Please don’t worry about the grammar or the style. It’s written exactly the way the Author wanted it written. I know that, becauseI’m that Author. Veronica: of the Chapman family, June 2009, Feltham, UK.
I dedicate this book to everyone in the FreedomMovement, without whom (and without whosesupport) writing it would not have been possible.
 You are heroes. You are heroines. And you know who you are.
“Reason is the life of the law; nay, the common law itself is nothing else but reason. The law which is perfection of reason” 
Sir Edward Coke, Lord Chief Justice of England1552-1634.
“Corruption is not the problem. It’s the 
of corruption that’s problem” 
Patrick Rattigan ND.
“I just say what I say because everyone is entitled to my opinion” 
Saffire: of the Elder family (aged 7).
I write this book for Yana, and Saffire, and allthe little ones like them. And I thank Yana’smother for the cover design.

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