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Gaza’s paralysis the story of Arab Dola

Gaza’s paralysis the story of Arab Dola

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Feb 10, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Monday 10 Feb 2014Miller on Foreign AffairsOne day in April last year, Gaza’s forer !"ng#f" $hapion, a po%erf"lly#b"ilt 2&#year#old $alled Arab Dola, %as standing on the $onstr"$tion site %here he %or!ed %hen a large etal $ontainer toppled off the roof of the b"ilding abo'e hi()e did not see it $oing(
*n a instant, Arab Dola’s f"t"re $r"bled to d"st, 'ertebrae +4, +, +& and +-, $r"shed and splintered( )is spinal $ord, se'ered( )is life, irreparably altered(.oday, he lies paralysed and rasping for breath in the tiny front roo of a t"ble#do%n sl" d%elling in
$ro%ded and fetid /ea$h ef"gee +ap, a "adraplegi$, $apable of a!ing only the slightest of o'eents %ith his no% %asted left ar( )e needs total $are, ro"nd#the#$lo$!(e3t to hi, baby Asil, his t%o#onth old da"ghter, $oos in her $ot( Arab learned that his yo"ng %ife, Dalia, %as pregnant as he lay in a ne$! bra$e %ith t"bes do%n his throat( ntil then, he’d been $ons$io"s thro"gho"t 5 and hadn’t slept for 10 days fro the pain( /"t %hen he heard the glad tidings, he %ent into $ardia$ arrest(
*f *’d e'er tho"ght this ight happen, * %o"ld ne'er ha'e arried,6 he tells e, his eyes briing %ith tears( 7* a lost( And y f"t"re is lost(6 )e nods to a photograph of hiself, $a"ght id#l"nge in his /r"$e 8ee days, and e3hales a long, painf"l sigh(ats and asbestosGaza is f"ll of faily tragedies and after se'en years of *sraeli siege and a $oatose e$onoy, nearly e'eryone is str"ggling( /"t paralysis is %hat best des$ribes the Dola faily’s $ondition, ha'ing lost their sole bread#%inner(Arab’s father, Mohaed, has not %or!ed for years, sin$e *srael barred labo"rers $rossing o'er fro Gaza( )e and his %ife, 9o"sra, ha'e three other $hildren and then there’s Dalia and the baby( .here %as no food in their fridge, %hi$h doesn’t %or! any%ay, as there’s no ele$tri$ity(
)e %as y right hand,6 says Mohaed, o"t of the bl"e, as %e sit dis$"ssing the gri sit"ation in Gaza( .he faily has been "nable to find or afford a proper %heel$hair for Arab, let alone the edi$al $are he re"ires for his $ople3 $ondition(9o"sra gi'es e a to"r of their dar! and $r"bling hoe( .he pla$e is spotless b"t the bedroo and !it$hen and bathroo are infested %ith rats and the plasti$ sheet roof, %eighed do%n by ro$!s, is badly $ra$!ed( And "nder the plasti$, she says, pointing to the $eiling, asbestos boards, bro!en and e3posed(*n the $abin !it$hen, 9o"sra r"ns the tap and fills a glass f"ll of %ater( 7.aste it,6 she says(* ta!e a sip( *t’s as salty as sea#%ater 5 %hi$h is pretty "$h %hat it is, as the Mediterranean has infiltrated into Gaza’s gro"nd%ater a!ing %hat’s left of the near#epty $oastal a"ifer "ndrin!able( 9et for failies li!e the Dolas, %ho $an rarely afford to b"y %hat 9o"sra $alls 7s%eet %ater,6 that’s %hat they’'e got(
Desperate’Gaza is r"nning on epty(
 as 7rapidly be$oing "ninhabitable,6 this s"ffo$ating, o'er#$ro%ded prison of a pla$e,

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