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Sinhala Rulers Waste Trillions Tricking the UN Trounce Rights of Eelam Tamils

Sinhala Rulers Waste Trillions Tricking the UN Trounce Rights of Eelam Tamils

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Published by nelvely

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Published by: nelvely on Feb 10, 2014
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By: Dr C P Thiagarajah
The news of a 3rd resolution by US and allies on Sri-Lanka in the UNHRC had been floating around for a long time. o!ement of UN" US" and UNHRC staff in out of Sri-Lanka had been !ery fre#uent re$ently. The Sinhalese who $arried out an alleged war $rime and geno$ide in ay %&&' in the last war against the indigenous Tamil (o(ulation in their Traditional Homeland )TH* of North and +ast of Sari-Lanka are on (ins as to what will ha((en to their Sinhala hero. ,rom the time the !aliant U rime inister" Right Honourable /a!id Cameron $alled for a $redible 0nternational 0n#uiry )00* into the war $rimes in the CH12" the Sinhalese are united as a bun$h irres(e$ti!e of their religious and (arty differen$es to (rote$t the Sinhala war $riminals in!ol!ed in the dastardly $rime. +!en Sinhala N21s and the $lergy both Christian and uddhists are against an 00 into the alleged $rimes and geno$ide. Their morale had gone to the wind. Conse#uently Sinhala Lankan Rulers had been allowed to waste trillions tri$king the UN troun$e the basi$ demo$rati$ human Rights of Tamils after the war of geno$ide.0t is (ertinent to (oint out here that this (oliti$al $atastro(he was brought on by the Sinhalaya themsel!es u(on them. Sin$e 0nde(enden$e in 4'56 they $unningly disenfran$hised a se$tion of Tamil (o(ulation )Tamils of re$ent origin from 0ndia* in 4'56. They $arried out (lanned $olonisation of the Tamils7 histori$al homeland )TH* of Noth and +ast of Sri-Laka starting in 4'5'. These undemo$rati$ a$tions against the Tamil Nation redu$ed the re(resentation of Tamils in the (arliament in 4'8% within four years after 0nde(enden$e. The result was Sinhala uddhists gained two third ma9ority in the (arliament that fa$ilitated them $onstitutionally to  (ass whate!er dis$riminatory legislation they wanted without any hesitation at their whims and
fan$y. They went hell bent on redu$ing the rights of the minority Tamils in the most undemo$rati$ way.The mother of arliament $ame ashamed of all this and the (erson who drafted the Sri-Lankan $onstitution Lord Soulbury was all in tears of what ha((ened to the Tamils in Sri-Lanka after inde(enden$e. :s the old saying goes re(entan$e $ome too late.Using the bulldo;er ma9ority in 4'8< eele$tion the assassinated 1=ford edu$ated e=tremist S>R/ andaranayake denied the language rights of Tamils that was in the statute book through the Sinhala only bill. :fter gaining the two third ma9ority Sinhala Nation went on to entren$h themsel!es as the ma9ority nation. They (romulgated new $onstitutions" in 4'?% and in 4'?6" whi$h further $onsolidated all (owers in the hands of Sinhala uddhists at the e=(ense of minority grou(s@ Hindus" uslims and ChristiansA their rights7 be$ame readily dis(ensable.The tram(ling and sub9ugation of minority grou(s was $om(leted by dro((ing the safeguard entren$hed in se$tion %')%* of 4'5< ritish drafted Ceylon $onstitution from the new $onstitution of 4'?%. Tamils7 (ea$eful negotiations and 2andhian style non-!iolent (ea$eful  (rotest against the denial of demo$rati$ rights and sub9ugation led to re(eated (ogroms against Tamils in 4'8<" 4'86" 4'<4" 4'?5" 4'?? and 4'63" last of the (ogroms o!er 3&&& (eo(le were killed and large s$ale destru$tion of (ro(erties of Tamils o$$urred 0sland wide. :ll negotiations and agreement rea$hed between the Tamils and the Sinhala go!ernment were abrogated by the Sinhala (rime ministers and (residents sim(ly be$ause the ma9ority Sinhalese (eo(le did not want any (ower de!ol!ed to the Tamils.The Sinhalese at last $arried out the sole desire of redu$ing the Tamil (o(ulation through sele$ti!e murderous geno$ide in ay %&&' under the guise of fighting the LTTR that was designated a terrorist organisation by the >est due to misunderstanding. 0nstead of tra$king and fighting the LTTR the Sinhala go!ernment sa$ked the Banni (o(ulation whole sale and killed inno$ent $i!ilians along with the LTT+. They sowed the wind and are now rea(ing the world wind.0mmediately" following the war on %3 ay %&&'" The Sinhala (resident ahinda Ra9a(akse and UN S2 r an i un signed a 9oint statement agreeing that an a$$ountable (ro$ess would be set in motion. The Sinhalese masses did not want an a$$ountable (ro$ess as they sus(e$ted in!ol!ement of foreign obser!ers would e=(ose the geno$ide behind the war. :nd also that they will not ha!e room to mani(ulate what they wanted ie of safeguarding the war $riminals.Therefore" R retra$ted on the agreement. ,ollowing this di(lomati$ deba$le an i un a((ointed a UN anel of e=(erts to (rodu$e a re(ort after ne$essary in!estigations.UN anel of e=(ert )1+* re(ort of 34 ar$h %&44 also $alled the /arusman re(ort after the $hairman of the (anel" on the last war in$riminated mainly the Sinhala go!ernment and armed for$es. 0t $on$luded S(e$ifi$ally the (anel found $redible allegations asso$iated with the final stages of the war. etween Se(tember %&&6 and ay %&&'" the Sri-Lankan army ad!an$ed its military $am(aign into the Banni using large-s$ale and wides(read shelling" $ausing large number of $i!ilian deaths. This $am(aign $onstituted (erse$ution of the (o(ulation of Banni. DDDD-et$. The go!ernment sought intimidate and silen$e the media and other of the war
through a !ariety of threats and a$tions in$luding the use of white !ans to abdu$t and make  (eo(le disa((ear.ETo $ounter the 1+ and to a!ert an 00" the Sinhalese (rodu$ed a mu$h maligned Lesson Learnt and Re$on$iliation $ommission )LLRC* re(ort. 1n %5 Fanuary %&45 The ritish ,oreign and Commonwealth 1ffi$e" outlined that Sri Lanka7s domesti$ LLRC a((ointed to address a$$ountability issues did not meet international standards. +!en the man who wrote the re(ort should ha!e been ashamed of himself. ay the earth rest lightly on himGThe LLRC re(ort $ontrary to (o(ular world o(inion e=onerated the military from any war $rimes. +!en a few re$ommendations that were worthy of im(lementation were not fully (ut into for$e e!en though UN wanted those to be im(lemented./emo$ra$y for the Tamils of the North and +ast of Sri-Lanka e!a(orated into thin air with this di(lomati$ tussle between the UN and the Sinhala go!ernment. The demo$rati$ Tamil Nation of Banni be$ame (au(ers o!ernight de(ri!ed of e!erything that they earned under a demo$rati$ go!ernment when the ritish were ruling. Tamils" howe!er" still $laim dis$rimination by the ethni$ Sinhalese. Human rights a$ti!ists also say the go!ernment is not serious about (robing re(orted abuses by its own armed for$es" a$$used of ha!ing targeted hos(itals and blo$king food and medi$ine as a war strategy. The (rote$tors of /emo$ra$y US: and U will not rest unless those res(onsible for this terrible $rime against Humanity are booked. 0t is U that ga!e us demo$ra$y and Tamils knows the benefits and (leasures of demo$ra$y. That is why they are re!olting against (lanned Sinhala re(ression.1ffi$ials said that the fa$t the U.S. is (ushing a third resolution in as many years refle$ts $on$ern o!er a la$k of (rogress in addressing outstanding issues of a$$ountability and re$on$iliation" as well as o!er land sei;ures" religiously moti!ated atta$ks and unsol!ed $ases of atta$ks on 9ournalists.:, re(orted on 4 ,eb %&45" that a$$ording to UN at least 4&&"&&& (eo(le were killed during the war. The satellite (i$ture below e=(oses the truth of the final battleground in ulli!aikal where su$h a large number of $i!ilians were massa$red.The UN under an i un is a weak organ to deal with (re-(lanned war $rimes be$ause there are many $lauses and $harters that must ha!e been a((ro!ed and signed by the $rime $ommitting $ountry. +!en to bring a motion in the Human Rights $oun$il the !otes of its members are ne$essary. The Sinhala go!ernment is now lobbying in the UN to $an!ass !otes from the member $ountries in the UNHRC.:$$ording to news Trillions are being rolled out of the treasury for (ro(aganda" R and $an!assing against a UN resolution for an 0nternational 0n!estigation )00*" when the war dis(la$ed Tamils are still struggling without homes and basi$ fa$ilities for subsisten$e. : ma9or se$tion of the war affe$ted Tamils are struggling without (ro(er shelter or roof o!er their heads dee( inside Banni" away from their former homes" where they had been shuffled by the army in tem(orary huts as settlement. The (i$ture below shows war affe$ted Tamils farmers and fishermen eking out a life in tar(aulin $o!ered huts with their household (ara(hernalia. This  burden is in addition to the general $ost of li!ing rising steadily under this go!ernment due to its e=tra!agan;a )Sunday Leader of 8 ,eb %&45*. : double 9eo(ardy for the Tamil $iti;ens of

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