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Published by thesacnews
Sac City's Journal of politics and Opinion
Sac City's Journal of politics and Opinion

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Published by: thesacnews on Oct 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sac City’s Journal of Politics and Opinion
TheSacNews.com October 5, 2009 Issue 67
Page 01
Melissa is not a puppet that got talked intorunning for the position, she is there to representwhat is in the best interest of the students (ALL)students!! I can’t believe you two would have thenerve to slam someone that had the guts to run for the board and also had the most votes in the elec-tion! Did all the people that voted for her get talkedinto it? I think not! The fun times will be readingthe senseless comments that you make Curt!
Angie Kreft4.
On her rst night she voted to break up the joint
school board meets. I’d be interested to hear how
hampering the ESC business ofce’s basic ability toget business done in a timely matter is benecial to
(ANY) student.It is my opinion, based on the way that she voted onnight #1, that Melissa was compelled to run for theSac School board to provide Shirley and Dave withthe voting bloc that they need in order to obstructESC business decisions with the purpose of making
the ESC business ofce look bad.
It’s always possible that Melissa may have a changeof heart and will not allow herself to be used as atool to obstruct the progress that has been made atEast Sac County… after all, I’m sure at heart sheisn’t a calculating politician bent on breaking up theschool, but a person that actually cares about our children.How great would it be if she turned her attitudearound and started voting in favor of making prog-ress at East Sac County instead of seemingly work-
Melissa bellcock “OK” With under representing Voters
ing towards… what? What are the alternatives?Merging with one of the other two choices that arelocated further away? Not merging or sharing withanyone at all?Shirley and Dave will probably always vote, as theyhave done in the past, in such a way that I feel iscalculated to make the school, as it’s currently run,look bad. Martha and Brent will probably alwaysvote in such a way that will be calculated to smooththe transistion on the road to merging. Melissa willalways be the swing vote. Will she vote for what’s best for the school, or for what’s best for ShirleyPhillips and Dave Sands?Angie, I certainly hope that you are right, and that Ihave 100% wrong read on Melissa Bellcock. Luck-ily, none of us will have to wonder for very longsince the next meeting is in three Mondays. Melissawill, through her votes, reveal to us all what is re-ally in her heart.
Curtis Bloes5.
I would have liked to see you run Curtis. Ohwait, you’re SCUM too.
LOTS of people would have liked to see me run.:)You probably didn’t mean to include Melissa Bell-
cock in your “Curtis Bloes is scum” message just
now, right? I LOVE hatemail, but it’s hard get myfeelings properly hurt when I’m giggling because
you didn’t take just a second to proofread your own
unintentional hilarity.
Curtis Bloes
In the September 28, 2009 issue, TSN reported that Melissa Bellcock was nominated to serve as theschool’s liaison to the Sac Community Recreation Center Board. In fact that is wrong. Melissa Bellcock will be under-attending the Kid’s World board instead. Nobody wanted to serve on the Recreation Center Board an the decision of whom to assign has been tabled until the October 19 meeting.
Kids World August Cash Flow
09/29/09 Sac CountySupervisors Call to Order 
The September 29,2009 Sac CountySupervisors meeting came to order afew minutes late with all threeSupervisors, Jack Bensley, Rick Hecht,and Dean Stock present. Also presentwere Jim Dowling, Sac County Auditor and Secretary of the Board, Dale Kraftrepresenting the Coon Valley Trustees,Michael Schwabe representing Toyne(Fire Truck Sales) of Breda Iowa, SacCounty Engineer Ron Haden, LisaBethune, Sac County Central PointCoordinator, Dale Wegner, and CurtisBloes.The minutes of the September 22, 2009were approved without comment. Theagenda for the September 29, 2009meeting was amended to include a presentation by Lisa Bethune of her agency’s cost report. The amendedagenda was approved withoutcomment.Rick Hecht opened the meeting with averbal commendation for thequilting committee, and for Sue Peytonand Kathy Cook in particular for theoutstanding success of the quilt-a-fair saying, “It was done very professionally and [was] a very positivething for the county and for the area.”
Pure SenseFiltrationUpdate
According to Mayor BarbPowell, PSF has changed their  plans regarding how the proposed building will sit on
the lot. At rst it was going sit
the long way on the lot, now itwill sit across the short way onthe lot.
TheSacNews.com October 5, 2009 Issue 67
Page 02
According to documents obtained from the Sac County, Iowa Courthouse,
Theodore John Ulmer 
of PO Box 261, [ no city or state given] isaccused of the crime of 
Harassment in 3rd degree
, a simple misdemeaner, in violation of (Section 708.7 of the Code of Iowa) in that thedefendant on09/21/09 at the location Sac County did: Harass kelly Lake by leaving text and voice message that caused he annoyance.
All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.
The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice.
These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.
09/29/09 Sac County Engineer’s Report

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