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Rice Review 2013

Rice Review 2013

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Published by brotherrice
Brother Rice Alumni Newsletter
Brother Rice Alumni Newsletter

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Published by: brotherrice on Feb 10, 2014
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Rice Review
2013 Alumni Newsletter
A Year in Review 
29th All-Alumni Dinner and Adbook Honors 6 Students and 6 Alumniat Carmody Center - Unites Old Friends - Raises New Funds
 An hour before the opening reception, Vice President
Mike McShane ’87
 led a very well-received tour of the school into classrooms staffed by teachers, Al Filan, Brother Hayes, Sandra  Jones, Sue Stanley, and Mike Dolan, all recruited by Principal Jim Antos, who later joined many fellow Crusaders in raising funds for Brother Rice by raising his hand at the live fund raiser. Marketing Director
Brian Barkowski ’95
, Brother Tom Collins, along with Tom Sr. and
Tom Killoran ’95
 captured the event on film,  while “Barko” also set up a continuous video.The ever-growing Brother Rice Band filled the length of the newly refurbished Carmody Center, into which the Class of 1963 enthusiastically paraded to a robust rendition of the fight song and to a standing and spirited reception of fellow Crusaders. Some could reasonably argue that a reunion is a tough venue to honor twelve people, promote other events, while also raising thousands of dollars. There is an inherent conflict between the meeting of old friends recalling old stories, and capturing the attention of these friends for an hour for other purposes.  And yet, everyone who attended the 29th  All-Alumni Dinner on Friday, November 15, 2013 would agree that Master of Ceremonies
Tom Gorman ’85
 was the best possible choice for the task at hand. He delivered a very long script with a personal touch that felt like he  was a member of every family whose son, brother, husband, father, brother-in-law, or uncle was duly honored. Then, he somehow found enough passion and energy to raise an-other $10,000 in needed funds, to help bring improvements for the track to the finish line.  Alumni Director
 Jim Casey ’70
 misspoke  when he introduced Tom as one of the few  who has been inducted into
 school halls of fame, because he is one of only two who has in fact been inducted into all three. Tom began the fund-raising by thanking this year’s ad-book sponsors (http://alumni.brotherrice.org/adbook/) for investing more than $14,000
Leo Novosel ‘73John Powers 63Jerry Aguiar 73Rick Cunningham 73 Marty Grogan 73Bob McDonough 73
Tom Mitchell Carried in Lasting Memory
 When Tom Mitchell died suddenly last Janu-ary, the outpouring of appreciation for his life was so widespread, that the school had to host his wake. Along the line that wound and spread from the Main Gym and down the pool corridor were printed testimonials enlarged for those in line, and the content for  which remains online at http://www.brother-rice.org/?s=Tom+Mitchell The 55 testimonials  written and submitted by former players and many more who were positively impacted by Tom, represent a small sampling of the profound appreciation that continues to be expressed about what Tom meant to Brother Rice at large. Tom’s influence was so powerful that we lead our
Rice Review
2013 with a con-tinued pledge to remember him as the ultimate example of Acting Manfully in Christ Jesus. Contact Coach
Brian Badke ’92
 for informa-tion about the Tom Mitchell Society.
Dinner Highlights
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2013 Alumni Newsletter
A Year in Review 
in today’s Crusaders, with special messages published in the program booklet. The book  was filled with messages of support from alumni and friends who have been with us for many of the previous 28 books, along with brand new and upgraded donors, as this year’s book raised $4,000 more in net proceeds than last year. Alumni Association President
Mike Elwood ’74
, was again joined by the ever-present Vice President
Larry Heavey ’71
 in making phone calls, and they were joined this year by
 Jim Walsh ’86
Gary Stubits ’82
, but all agreed that it was the “new kid” in this year’s ad drive,
Terry Barton ’69
, who led the  way in producing a 68% increase in ad book revenue. But Terry et al admit that once they reached potential advertisers, it was an easy sell, because supporting Brother Rice is a fun thing to do.Tom also thanked everyone who paid $65 for increasing their gifts to the school by $10 each this year, and the crowd was just as large (330) as last year.  Jim Casey observed for himself and heard from many others that upcoming scripts for the pro-gram need to be and will be greatly shortened.  Jim is also joined by an overwhelming chorus of alumni who hope Tom Gorman remains available to honor outstanding Crusaders, as  we continue to raise new funds, while meeting old friends. Sixty-three members of the Class of 1963 reunited, along with forty guys from 1973, joined by fifteen alumni from 2003, fourteen men from 1964, with guys from 68, 78, 83, and 88 also forming tables that sur-rounded the honorees and their families. Brother Rice President Dr. Kevin Burns was deeply disappointed that a cold and flu pre-vented him from welcoming honorees, their families and friends, and alumni, as he has proven to be such a strong advocate of alumni, that many believe him to a be fellow graduate.  And speaking of someone often believed to be a fellow graduate, Board Chair Burt Odelson was  joined by Foundation Chair
 Jim Kramer ’64
 and Foundation President
Tom Harrigan ’64
, along with many fellow board members like  Joyce Sterk, who ONCE AGAIN led the way in the funds raised at the dinner and in the adbook, in addition to their continued support throughout the year. With fellow Foundation Board member Tom Gorman on stage and also as a lead ad and prize donor himself, it was especially gratifying to witness more than 120 alumni and friends join them in raising new funds, while meeting old friends. Terry Bar-ton, Larry Heavey, and Mike Elwood, along  with VP
 Joe Kenny ’87
 and the always active and generous Treasurer
 Joe Ferrick ’75
 Chair Gary Stubits all assisted Tom  with the fund raising, while Mike Elwood also sponsored a table and donated the Kindle for the live raffle, while
Dustin Odelson ’05
donated the first prize iPad. Larry returned to his table so that he could also raise his hand for a donation. For these efforts and more than can be mentioned, an additional $11,000 was raised to bring the track to the finish line, thanks to those many Crusaders  willing to raise their hands for Brother Rice.
29th All-Alumni Dinner
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Dinner Highlights
Once again, Brother Rice High School has proven to be the clear number one choice for boys attending all-boys Catholic high schools.  We could not say that without the support of alumni who make donations of time, talent, and treasure. Because of this support, we are able to build and rebuild the best high school for boys in our area. Why is Brother Rice High School the first and best choice for boys in our area? In a nutshell, it is because our tuition remains competitive, even though we constantly upgrade our tech-nology, our curriculum, and our academic and athletic facilities, while continuing to maintain and hire inspiring teachers and coaches. We ask more alumni to continue to build their alma mater with whatever you can give of your time, talent, or treasure. There are many ways to build Brother Rice by helping Admissions Director
Tim O’Connell ’03
 spread the good word to grade school boys. Tim can provide you with all the facts you need to understand and communicate to others what has been done recently to explain why Brother Rice is the number one choice for boys.  All you need to do is contact Tim at tocon-nell@brrice.org or at 773-429-4323. Tim can then help you decide how best to spread the good word to your son, brother, neighbor, nephew, cousin, and their friends. We know from recent and historical experience, that this is an enjoyable way to build your alma mater.
Tim O’Connell ’03 Seeks Alumni Support for Recruiting Efforts
Rice Review 
 Another Great Year 2013
 Joe McCarthy ’13
 wrote a commendable piece (http://www.brotherrice.org/?s=twardy) that took on the challenge of capturing the 41-year career of
Bob Twardy ’65
, but any-one who knows Bob knows that he is impos-sible to capture, for he is an original, whether as the conscientious coach and teacher or as the former DJ known as Wild Thing. As a teacher and coach, he was the consummate professional, but as a DJ, a friend, or a family member, he was and is the life of the party, always willing to partake and inspire laugh-ter. He has already proven that his spirit for Brother Rice, which traces back to when he  was in grade school at St. Catherine of Alex-andria, is as high as ever, as he continues to attend games and other events at a pace that exceeds most, fellow Crusader fans. Those  who know him, also know that Bob is among the first and foremost to visit the sick, among many other acts of Christian kindness.Fortunately for about 120 students, Pat Richardson has not left the building, for he continues to be a full time history teacher at Brother Rice. Fortunately for approximately 120 varsity basketball players during the last 24 years, he was Coach Richardson to them. Many, if not most of them have remained close to each other and to Coach through-out the last 24 years, because it’s rewarding to hold onto something that special, and continue learning from this master teacher/coach, who has worked as hard or harder than anyone to not only convey what he knows about his sport and his subject, but also by example to show how success is won by hard work. Go to http://www.brotherrice.org/?s=Richardson to learn more about Pat’s coaching career as written locally at the time he announced his retirement. His record of achievement is of and by itself a story about excellence, but to learn even more about Coach’s impact on players, talk to them and talk to his assistants. From the day he was interviewed for the job 24 years ago, people  who know Brother Rice knew this Marist grad would be a great fit for Brother Rice, but even they were surprised to see how much Pat’s performance and results would exceed their loftiest expectations.
Twardy and Richardson Retire Six Seniors Honored as Juniors of the Year Finalists
 After Brother Collins brought all into a prayer-ful memory of alumni lost this past year, who  would have celebrated their anniversary, the honors program began.Ever since the Alumni Dinner was moved from the Spring to the Fall in 1998, the John P. Leahy Awards for Outstanding Juniors have been awarded to seniors who won the honors as juniors. The process began last Spring  with the junior class voting for two classmates  who best represent the qualities of a good guy, a good student, and a good Crusader. Ten top vote getters are then presented to the faculty and staff, who narrow the field to five or six if a tie (like this year), who are then interviewed by a panel of alumni, led by VP Larry Heavey ’71, who decide the winner by consensus. Once again, these alumni were presented with finalists who were all qualified to win the award, including
Matt Cusack ’14
Matt Gagner ’14
Luke Mueller ’14
 Will Saas ’14
, and
Dan Scanlon ’14
. Ultimately,
Mitch Strahlman ’14
 was deemed the win-ner. The Brother Rice Alumni Association planned to provide $2,500 for the winner, and $500 for the other finalists toward their senior tuition. Since Mitch’s mom is a math teacher at Brother Rice, they were offered a stipend for books and other bookstore items, since tuition is covered for the sons of veteran teachers. Rather than accept any stipend, Mrs. Strahlman instead asked if Mitch’s $2,500 could be divided among the other 5 finalists toward their tuition. As a result, the five other finalists doubled their winnings this year. Tom Gorman also made a point of asking Mrs. Strahlman to stand and take a bow for being an outstanding teacher, an assessment he based on his son Jack’s experience in her classroom. Then, the finalists were presented plaques by Larry on stage, a visual reminder that the  Alumni Association exists to support the cur-rent students of Brother Rice.
Dinner Highlights

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