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EyeforTravel - Online Marketing in Travel USA 2008

EyeforTravel - Online Marketing in Travel USA 2008

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Published by Nikhil Vijayan
Upgrade your Online Marketing
Toolkit to Optimize Sales in a
Web 2.0 Environment.

Event page: http://events.eyefortravel.com/smusa/?q=smusa?t=scribd

Homepage: www.eyefortravel.com/?t=scribd
Upgrade your Online Marketing
Toolkit to Optimize Sales in a
Web 2.0 Environment.

Event page: http://events.eyefortravel.com/smusa/?q=smusa?t=scribd

Homepage: www.eyefortravel.com/?t=scribd

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Nikhil Vijayan on Oct 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Benchmrk our trte ntthee ndutr expert nd enureou don’t et left behnd
Focu on the fundmentl of onlne mrketn –then plce them n the dnmcllprotble context of Web 2.0.
Master the key areas o
search engine optimization
to ensuremore customers nd your site 
Manage customer relationships
online – and ully exploit thepower o Web 2.0, using social networking and user-generatedcontent to increase salesOptimize – and upgrade – your site to
increase conversion rates
Exploit the rapid growth o
 video content
to build brand anity anddrive more trac across a variety o channelsIncrease your
afliate marketing
initiatives to swell trac, improvebrand credibility and produce extra revenueSucceed at
email marketing
, even when response rates are allingExplore
mobile marketing
– and discover i you can be a travelbusiness that makes it paySpend your marketing budget wisely in a time o
Researched and Organized by:
Network with the most powerful minds in online travel marketing
gn the mxmum ROi from ever mrketn dollr ou pend onlne – detl nde
Upgrade your Online MarketingToolkit to Optimize Sales in aWeb 2.0 Environment
Pt  t Ss d Mkti Sis
25-26 June 2008, Mrrott Downtown Mncent Mle, Chco
Online Marketing in Travel 2008
if ths s not your area of expertse, please pass ths brochure onto your marketng department, so they canbenet
a  sunt 
egste ee 2 a 28 
Understanding how the internet is changingthe rules o marketing is a huge challenge orthe travel industry right now. Which practicesare obsolete? What opportunities should you pursue? And is success simply aboutrevenues and the bottom line – or are thereother equally valid defnitions?
One thing’s or certain. It’s travelers who areleading this latest revolution. And they’re veryclear about what they want. Reviews andrecommendations rom their online riendsand peers, plus virtual tours o destinationsand hotels are becoming almost as importantas price.Where does that leave you?You’ve invested hugely in your website. Yourbooking engine’s a true revenue generator. Yourdata storage acilities allow you to tailor specicmessages to particular customer groups. And inthe ace o economic slowdown, it’s even morevital to ensure every marketing cent you spendachieves maximum payback.In short, you need to be convinced that thesupposed wonders o Web 2.0 will be more thana just passing phase beore you commit budget.But then again, i you hesitate… isn’t there adanger you’ll get let behind?
Online Marketing in Travel 2008
will help yousolve the dilemma.
Reserve your place at the well-establishedevent that consistently attracts 200 of  America’s top travel marketing executives – with an agenda that reviews establishedmarketing techniques, and embraces thebest of the new
I you are among the thousands o travelproessionals who have attended our events inthe past decade, you know they’re distinguishedby the caliber o the speaker aculty (you’realways guaranteed to hear rom the oremostinnovators and practitioners on the planet) andthe quality o the knowledge and know-howthat’s on oer to you.This year is no exception.On the one hand, we’ll make sure you’re up-to-speed on the latest trends in online marketingessentials like email, search, display advertising,and spiderweb linking strategies. You’ll see romthe Conerence Program, that these sessionswill provide plenty o uel or you to inject intoyour current marketing initiatives, to make themstronger still.Then, once these undamental marketing toolshave been reviewed, we’ll start on Web 2.0.New sessions or this year’s program include:
• Social Media:
User-generated content andsocial networking sites are creating big buzz.But how do you turn that buzz into bucks?Do you need a new range o niche products?Can you ever hope to control what’s saidabout your products and brands? Should yoube building your own networking channels?Or will you get a better return on your budgetby using other people’s channels to promoteyoursel?
• Mobile Marketing:
As Bluetooth and smartphones go mainstream, mobile marketing isnally poised to deliver on its potential. We’llhelp you decide whether now is the time toincorporate mobile marketing into your mix –and i so, where to concentrate your eorts.Should you begin by sending reminders andtelling your customers about unexpectedevents? Or can you embark on CRMprograms to generate immediate sales?
• Rich-Media Content:
Just as you weregetting used to podcasts, should startshooting vodcasts? Video adds hugely toyour customers’ website experience, and it’sbecoming a marketing must. Which partnerscan help supply the content you need atacceptable cost? How do you close the videosale? And i a picture speaks a thousandwords – should you be cutting the amount ocopy on your web site – or not?
• Afliate Marketing:
Why are so many travelcompanies signicantly increasing theiraliate marketing spend? Should you ollowsuit, or is this a bandwagon you can saelywave at, as it passes by? Is there a reason– other than ignorance – why the big travelbrands tend to avoid aliates? How do youmonetize partners? And how does the ROIstack up against other types o marketing?
Plus expert guidance on tracking andmeasurement, so you can ensure your budgets work as hard as you do
With so many online advertising options – triedand tested, plus new and exciting – it is noweven more important that you know how tocorrectly analyze your marketing spend. Thatway, you can see how best to allocate yourbudget across the marketing mix.Take search, or instance. You’ll see whetherpay-per-click is becoming less cost-eectiveor you, now that so many travel businesses arevying or limited search space. And decide i it’stime to change your budget split between thekey ormats o search: Organic, paid, meta,Web 2.0, local, and mobile.In short, the Conerence will help youunderstand the more sophisticated ROImeasurement systems to ensure yourcampaigns are more protable rom now on.
Superb networking – you’ll make dozensof new contacts and meet valuable newbusiness partners
By the time this event ends, you’ll havea roadmap that fags up a coherent,comprehensive marketing strategy. A strongmarriage o proven online techniques and themost appropriate Web 2.0 possibilities, ratherthan just a series o random ad hoc initiatives.You’ll also have the increased condence thatcomes o knowing you’ve learned rom theexperience – and mistakes – o some o theworld’s most successul travel brands, andpicked the brains o senior marketers romhotels, airlines and online agencies. Plus awhole host o new contacts who can help youdrive your business orward in 2008 and beyond.
This event will sell out. Immediate bookingis strongly recommended.
For more information visitwww.eyefortravel.com/crm2007
For more information visit www.eyefortravel.com/smusaCall the booking hotline now on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 (UK)
“The range of speakers and their knowledge and passion for thetopic was extremely inspiring. I came away with a long list of ideas to sharewith the marketing team” 
Charlotte Johnson,
Tourism New Zealand
“It is great to meet others in the industry who areexperiencing my frustrations. It offers a level of sanity to know I’m not the only one.” 
Liberty Wright,
Harrahs Entertainment
“EyeforTravel wasextremely relevant concerning hot topics and future trends to stay on top of your game. Thank you, I’ll be back!” 
 Amy Ras,
 Aruba Hotel andTourism Association
Travel marketing in the age of Web 2.0 
What’s next? How do you cash in on it? And how do you update the fundamentals of online marketing to work successfully in this new era? 
D One:Wedned June 25 • 9m – 7.30pm
Social Media Marketing – CRM - Search Engine Marketing – Email MarketinSearch Engine Marketing – Email Marketing – Website Optimization –
KeynoTe PreSenTaTIon:
Undertnd nd Optmze alonthe Onlne Mrketn Vluespectrum: From Drect to Brndnnd serch to socl Med
nd u bd n yu iu vuum
  yu ming iniiiv?
an c,
VP Online Marketing,
SeSSIon 1: Search engIne MarKeTIng
Mter all Ke are of serchEnne Mrketn to Enureyour ste’ Vblt
 h, i mdi h, ppc, gni
ming d?
- D hi  h nd  ppc   -iv dviing md?- I ppc ging  di  ju hngdmiy in h n uu?- Wh nyi  n h yu juiy
gnd nn  dmin h ngin
 seM mignp G,
VP Marketing,
Virgin America
Nni Ign,
Senior Account Manager,
Gg Jhnn,
Director o eCommerce,
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Dug snd,
Microsoft Advertiser andPublisher Solutions
NetworkiNg Coffee Break
SeSSIon 2: WebSITe oPTIMIzaTIon
Optmze your Webte to increeConveron Rte
ding im  du bndn ?
g imgy, i nvigin nd ddiinh in?
h y   yu du nd  
h dng in uing bhvi ging?sv pini,
SVP Sales and Marketing,
KimptonHotels and Restaurants
Dn Yhy,
General Manager,
Yn l,
rouNdtaBle luNCh Break
spotlht on socl Med
How re Conumer Behvn n Web 2.0 Envronment – and HowDoe socl Med impct therBun Ccle?
hv n h um’ diin-ming?
in h nin v buying y? Whn d
nn?kn ld,
Levere the Power of soclMed to Turbo-Chre yourOnlne Mrketn inttve
 h v m?
min, du dvmn,mmuniin, nd num inigh?
nvin ni mngmn  inv in ndu yu gy?cnd Imd Jym,
PhD, Social Marketing Manager, Global Consumer Marketing,
InterContinental Hotels Group
KeynoTe PreSenTaTIon:
Promote – nd Protect – yourBrnd n the socl Med spce
gy   nd mni yu bnd in
yu uin in h i mdi ?
bnd n i mdi i
mdi ming?
rndy pn,
NetworkiNg Coffee Break
How Cn Trvel CompneMonetze Uer-generted Vdeo?
nvy h diiniv nd iv u yu v du  nin um
vn ih-mdi nn by ing u nnin mmuniytim s,
VP Marketing & Sales USA,
SeSSIon 3: crM
succefull Mnn eCRM nTrvel 2.0: How to incorportesocl Med inttve ntoyour strte
yu um? Wi yu v b b  nv  ?
um in vngi by ing hi
 mdi i?
u-gnd nn gi  um
i mdi  yy mingD. N chiduidu,
Ph.D, Assistant Proessor o Marketing,
California StateUniversity, Dominguez HillsMore Speakers to be announced shortly,please check the website for updates
eNd of day oNe CoCktail Party

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