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Official Opening of the Second Session of the County Assembly Speech.

Official Opening of the Second Session of the County Assembly Speech.

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Published by Eriq Chamakh Dee

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Published by: Eriq Chamakh Dee on Feb 11, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE SECOND SESSION OF THEFIRST MACHAKOS COUNTY ASSEMBLYBY H.E. GOVERNOR ALFRED N. MUTUAMr. Speaker,WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY IN WHAT IS TURNING OUT TO BE A HISTORICAL MOMENT IN OUR COUNTY MACHAKOS AND BEAUFIFUL COUNTRY KENYA.I sa!" #e$%re &%' as a pr%'" s%! a!" ())*e! %$ Ma(+ak%s, +e pa(e % #e. Ma(+ak%s )s +e !e- $r%!)er )! ra!s$%ra)%! %$ p%))(s a!" a((eerae" "e/e%pe!. We are '(k& a!" #esse" % a #e par %$ +e ea"ers+)p %$ +)s (%'!& a +)s )e.Mr. Speaker,S)!(e & G%/er!e! 0as $%re", 0e +a/e #ee! #'s&1/er& #'s&. I 0)s+ % e-e!" & 2ra)'"e % +e C%'!& Asse#& $%r +e e-(ee! r%e &%' +a/e pa&e" #& $%('ss)!2 %! "e/e%pe! a!" )2!%r)!2 re2ress)/e p%))(a a(+)!a)%!s a!" !%)se.Mr. Speaker,T+)s +%'se appr%/e" +e #'"2e +a & G%/er!e! )s #'s& )pee!)!2. Y%' are +e %!& +%'se )! +e 0+%e (%'!r& +a 2a/e e3'a s+are %$ %!e& % "e/e%pe! as &%' ")" % re('rre! e-pe!")'re 4 +a )s 2rea ea"ers+)p #& +)s +%'se, (%!2ra'a)%!s e#ers.I 0)s+ a +)s )e % ake a $e0 )!'es % 2)/e a s+%r s&!%ps)s %$ +%0 0e +a/e '))se" +e #'"2e $'!"s a!" 0+a pa!s 0e +a/e )! +e !ear $''re. Laer, I 0) speak %! +e p%))(a p%s))%! )! %'r (%'!r& a!" +e srae2& 0e are a"%p)!2, #ear)!2 )! )!" +e s%2a! 5s)asa #a&a, a)s+a #a&a6.Mr. Speaker,M& G%/er!e!7s e(%!%)( pr%2ra %$ "e/e%pe! )s #ase" %! 0ea+ (rea)%! a!" (rea)!2 a (%!"'()/e e!/)r%!e! $%r )!/ese! a!" 2r%0+. T+a 0a&, 8%#s (a! #e (reae" a!" %'r pe%pe $ree" $r% +e &%ke %$ sa/er& 0e (a p%/er&.T% +)s e!", 0e +a/e p'r(+ase" se('r)& /e+)(es, )!sae" CCTV (aeras, se 'p (a (e!res a!" '!"erake! a!& eas'res % pr%/)"e /)a se('r)& $%r %'r pe%pe. N% s%()e& (a! "e/e%p 0+e! %!e (a!!% e/e! e!8%& +e $r')s %$ +e)r s0ea "'e % (r)e. I "%es !% aer 0+e+er &%' are 0e "resse", +a/e 0aer a!" a 2%%" 8%#, )$ &%' are #e)!2 (+%ppe" 'p a !)2+, #e)!2 s+% a a!" e/e! #e)!2 pa(e" )! a p%s))%! % 0a(+ &%'rse$ a!" &%'r %+er a!" "a'2+er rape" +e! &%' are !% se('re. Se('r)& )s +e (%re % e!8%&)!2 a %+er "e/e%pe! pa!s.W+)e p'r(+as)!2 +ese se('r)& e3')pe!, 0e +a/e sr)(& a"+ere" % +e #'"2e pr%/)s)%!s +a +)s H%!%'ra#e +%'se /ee" $%r.Mr. Speaker,T% (%#a +'!2er, 0e sare" a s'#s)"& pr%2ra %$ a%(a)!2 s'#s)")*e" see", $er))*er a!" ra(%rs. T+)s pr%2ra +as #ee! 0r%'2+ 0)+ s%e (+ae!2es 0+)(+ +a/e !%0 #ee! re()$)e" a!" )! +e $''re, 0e 0) "% %re a!" )! a! e$$)()e! 0a& s% +a 0e e!s're $%%" se('r)& )! %'r re2)%!. We 0a! +e &%'!2 2e!era)%! % $%r2e +e e-)se!(e %$ +e 0%r" M'&%.Hea+ (are )s (r))(a a!" 0e 0a! Ma(+ak%s % #e +e +ea+)es re2)%! )! A$r)(a. T% ee W%r" Hea+ Or2a!)*a)%! 9WHO: sa!"ar"s, 0e are spe!")!2 ;<< ))%! s+))!2s % se 'p (%'!)& +%sp)as 0)+ aer!)&, a#, =1ra&, )!)1+eare a!" 0ar" $a()))es. I! a""))%!, as par %$ %'r eer2e!(& a!" res('e
ser/)(es, 0e 0) s%%! #e '!/e))!2 a#'a!(es $%r +e 0+%e (%'!&.Mr. Speaker,I )s sa)" +a e/e! a 8%'r!e& %$ >,<<< seps #e2)!s 0)+ +e $)rs sep. H%0e/er, +e seps (a! #e eas)er %r +ar"er "epe!")!2 %! +e erra)!.Ma(+ak%s r%a"s are )! a "ep%ra#e sae. M& G%/er!e! +as p'r(+ase" r%a" ak)!2 e3')pe!. S%%!, +ere 0) #e a 2ra"er )! e/er& (%!s)'e!(&, #' "%*ers, e-(a/a%rs a!" %+er e3')pe! 0) #e #'s& a 0%rk.We +a/e pr)%r))se" %! )!ka2e r%a"s % %pe! 'p %/ee! )! +e (%'!&. T+)s 0eek 0e are s)2!)!2 (%!ra(s $%r +e a0ar"s %$ +e K)+)a!) % Mak'a!% a M0aa r%a". T+)s r%a" 0) %pe! 'p +e (%'!& $r% +e Mas)!2a?Yaa area % M0aa a!" Ma(+ak%s area.We are as% 2%)!2 % (%!sr'( +e K%ar%(k % Ke!% r%a", K)/a!")!) % Mas)!2a a!" aer Ekaakaa r%a", A+)r)/er, S&%k)a' a!" K)!a!)e r%a"s. O'r $''re pa!s are % ara( +e Kaaa r%a"s, Wa'!&' % K)#a'!) r%a" a!" e/e! +e Kaa!2) +r%'2+ Ik%#e % Ma'' r%a"s. O+er r%a"s )! M'a a!" Ka+)a!) +r%'2+ Kak'&'!), Ka0e+e) % Ka!2'!"% r%a"s 0) as% #e ara(ke".C'rre!&, 0e are #'s& a)!a)!)!2 a!" $)-)!2 @< r%a"s, %!e per 0ar", 's)!2 %/er << ))%! s+))!2s.Mr. Speaker, A +ese r%a"s +a/e % ea" % s%e0+ere. We 0a! %'r arke areas, %'r %0!s % #e %"er! a!" 0e are "%)!2 +a. O'r 0aer pr%2ra )s %! (%'rse, %'r &%'+ (e!res '!"er (%!sr'()%! a!" e/e! %'r r'ra ee(r)$)(a)%! pr%2ra e-pa!")!2 rap)"&. We are #'s& a!" 0) (%!)!'e % #e #'s&.Mr. Speaker,O! Fr)"a&, + N%/e#er, <> 0e +%se" +e Hea" %$ Sae Pres)"e! U+'r' Ke!&aa % Ma(+ak%s 0+ere +e a'!(+e" %'r I!/ese! Pr%2ra a!" %'r Ne0 C)&. T+)s 0as !e)+er a %(a !%r Ke!&a! e/e!. I 0as a! )!er!a)%!a e/e!. I 0)s+ % +a!k H.E. +e Pres)"e! $%r s'pp%r)!2 +)s 0%!"er$' pr%2ra. I as% 0)s+ % +a!k H.E. Ka%!*% M's&%ka $%r ea")!2 %+er Uka#a!) ea"ers s'(+ as H%!. C+ar)& N2)', a Ma(+ak%s MPs a!" e#ers %$ +)s +%'se % +)s e/e!. I!"ee", 0e s+%'" #e pr%'" %$ +e $a( +a a Ma(+ak%s MPs 0ere prese! %r +a" se! +e)r ap%%2)es "'e % #e)!2 %/erseas. A (%'!& represe!a)/es 0ere as% prese!. V)r'a& a Ma(+ak%s ea"ers apar $r% %!e 0ere a +a!" as 0e '!/e)e" +e $''re, !% +e pas, %$ %'r (%'!& a!" re2)%!.I! +e Ne0 C)& area, 0e +a/e #') a 0%r" (ass park +a a""s %! % +e re(rea)%! $a()))es +a 0e are 'p2ra")!2 a!" "e/e%p)!2 s'(+ as %'r Sa")' )! Ma(+ak%s.T+e Ma(+ak%s Pe%pe7s park )s $%r a %$ 's a!" ) 0) #e %pe! +)s Vae!)!e7s 0eeke!" $%r a +ree "a& $a)& a!" e!era)!e! e-ra/a2a!(e. Y%' are 0e(%e 0)+ &%'r %/e" %!es % e!8%& +e %s #ea')$' park )! A$r)(a.Mr. Speaker,T+e pr%2ras 0e are '!"erak)!2 are a!&. We 0) s%%! #e #r)!2)!2 % +)s +%'se a re/)se" #'"2e +a 0) re1a)2! %'r spe!")!2 0)+ +e rea)& %! +e 2r%'!" s% +a 0e (a! r)se % e/e! 2reaer +e)2+s.We +a/e as% #e2'! +e pr%(ess $%r +e prepara)%! %$ !e- &ear7s #'"2e. I! %'r e-pe!")'res, 0e are )reess& #e)!2 e" #& +e pr)!()pe %$ /a'e $%r %!e&, a((%'!a#))& a!" ra!spare!(&. M%!e& s+%'" #e a ea!s % )pr%/e +e )/es %$ %'r pe%pe.
We )! Ma(+ak%s are "reaers !% a$ra)" % #reak +e %" 0a&s %$ "%)!2 +)!2s s% +a +ere )s a((eerae" 2r%0+.T+)s Mr. Speaker #r)!2s e % & (%!('")!2 rearks. I 0)s+ % spe!" a $e0 )!'es +)2+)2+)!2 +e p%))(a s)'a)%! )! +)s (%'!& a!" (%'!r& Ke!&a. As I p%)!e" %' re(e!&, I! Ke!&a %"a&, +ere are 0% k)!"s %$ ea"ers +ere are +%se %$ 's 0+% are /)#ra!, se$ess a!" 0+% are $%('se" %0ar"s )!))a)!2 spee"&, )e& a!" rea "e/e%pe! $%r %'r pe%pe )! a ra!spare! a!" e$$)()e! 0a&. T+e! +ere are +%se %$ a ")$$ere! era 0+% +a/e r'! %' %$ )"eas, are 2ree"&, )!%era!, a$ra)" %$ p%s))/e (+a!2e a!" 0+%se a)! a2e!"a )s % e!s're +a +e p%%r rea)! p%%r s% +a +e& (a! (%!)!'e % #e asers as +e& e!+a!(e (%rr'p)%!, "esp%!"e!(& a!" +e "e/)s a2e!"a.Ke!&a!s, I #e)e/e, are )re" %$ #e)!2 )ke" "r&, %$ s'$$er)!2 a!" ep& ak. Ke!&a!s 0a! % see +e)r )/es (+a!2e )! +)s ")2)a era s% +a +e& %% (a! )/e )! (%$%r as +e C+)"re! %$ G%". I (a 'p%! Wa!a!(+) % 8'"2e +e)r ea"ers #ase" %! +e "e/e%pe! +e& #r)!2 a!" !% %! +%0 '(+ +e& ak, #e(a'se ak )s (+eap.I 0)s+ % (%!$)r % +)s +%!%'ra#e +%'se +a I +a/e #ee! appr%a(+e" #& s%e %$ +e pe%pe &%' k!%0 /er& 0e a!" 0+% are ")re(& a!" )!")re(& ak)!2 0)" ae2a)%!s, a2a)!s 's, % e!2a2e )! (%rr'p)%! a!" ")/er (%'!& %!e& % +e)r %0! pers%!a 2a)!.I +a/e re$'se" a!" 0) (%!)!'e % re$'se. T+e )e %!e& 0e +a/e )s !% $%r a!)p'a)%! %r % ake +e r)(+ r)(+er a!" +e p%%r p%%rer. N%, +e %!e& )s % ep%0er %'r pe%pe s% +a e/e! +e p%%r (a! +a/e ")2!)& a!" a#)))es % 2e!erae 0ea+. T+%se !% +app& 0)+ & ra!spare!(& sa!" (a! (%!)!'e )!s')!2 's )! (+'r(+es, 2a+er)!2s a!" ee)!2s. We 0) !% #%0 +e % +e)r (%rr'p)%!.MR. SPEAKER, I )s (%%! k!%0e"2e +a +e CID are )!/es)2a)!2 s%e %$ +e)r ea"ers $%r (%rr'p a()/))es a Ma)), 0+)(+ )s %!e %$ +e a!& reas%!s 0+& K%!*a C)& +as sae", a (ase %$ #a" A$r)(a! Lea"ers+)p S&!"r%e.O'r (%!)!e!, A$r)(a, )s sa)" % #e +e r)(+es )! +e 0%r" )! ers %$ res%'r(es a!" sk)s. H%0e/er, ) )s +e p%%res a!" +e +%e %$ s'$$er)!2 "'e % #a" ea"ers+)p. W+e! &%' %%k a s%e %$ +e !%)se, a(+)!a)%!s a!" p%))(a '!"er)!)!2s #& s%e pe%pe )! %'r (%'!&, &%' (a! e 0+& A$r)(a )s s) re2ar"e" as +e "ark (%!)!e!. A )e +as (%e Mr. Speaker a!" H%!%'ra#e e#ers, $%r 's % r)se a#%/e pe& a!" 2ree"& p%))(s a!" $%('s %! %'r pe%pe.I a +ere a!" &%' are +ere, !% $%r +e e-pa!s)%! %$ +e s)*e %$ %'r s%a(+s #' $%r +e se$ess ser/)(e %$ %'r p%%r pe%pe. I 'r2e a %$ &%' !% % #e s)"e ra(ke" #& +e ('rse %$ A$r)(a! #a(k0ar" p%))(s 0+%se a)! a) )s % 2)/e p%)s%! a!" !% )k % %'r +'!2r& (+)"re!.Mr. Speaker,U!ess 0e #reak a0a& $r% re2ress)/e p%))(s 0e 0) $%re/er #e (+)"re! %$ M'&% 4 $%%" re)e$.F)!a&, I !%0 0)s+ % (%e!" +e 0)per par& ea"er a!" Uka#a!) ea"er H.E. Ka%!*% M's&%ka $%r +)s 2')"a!(e a!" 2%%" pa!s $%r %'r pe%pe. I +'#& 'r2e +) % %/e 0)+ spee" % )!))ae +e s'22es)%! #& Mak'e!) G%/er!%r K)/'+a K)#0a!a % 2a/a!)*e a!" #r)!2 %2e+er +e Ka#a (%'!)&.I "rea, a!" +%pe, as a!& %$ %'r pe%pe "%, $%r +e "a& a %'r respe($' ea"ers, Ka%!*% M's&%ka, C+ar)& N2)', a G%/er!%rs, Se!a%rs, MPs, C%'!& Asse#& ea"ers, C+'r(+ ea"ers 4 8%)! +a!"s a!" 0%rk %2e+er $%r %'r pe%pe.

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