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035 Ye Shall Be As Gods

035 Ye Shall Be As Gods

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Published by mcdozer

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Published by: mcdozer on Oct 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Ye shall be as gods." A promise that would change the course of history of mankind drastically, and affect each man, woman and child's life ever since thevery beginning. One simple choice - perhaps carelessly made on a whim - turnedcreation from a heavenly state into something a lot more like hell for most of us,while enabling some to create their own, artificial little "heaven on earth," wherethey would be able to play god themselves.
Are you one of them? Let's find out. In what way does Satan's temptation, offer andpromise to us mortals, "Ye shall be as god's," manifest itself in our lives? In more waysthan one, and a lot closer to home than some dare think.
First of all, one aspect in which probably most of us have fallen prey to it, is the urge to providefor ourselves, instead of letting God be the Provider. Before the Fall, man
have to work andlook after the garden, name the animals, etc., but it was obvious that everything around him wasa gift from his heavenly Creator. Only
the Fall was man doomed to till the ground in order tobring forth from it his own sustenance, and we've all been plodding away at that doom ever since.And that in spite of the fact that Jesus came to liberate us from that slavery to the treadmill of existing merely for our own survival, in fact, challenging us that we would not be able to serveGod and the false god of wealth at the same time, but that He would supply all our needs, if wewere determined to put His cause first in our lives and serve Him. How many Christians doyouknow who really believe that?Next, being "gods" has enabled us to create our own "reality." Before the Fall, man already hadthe knowledge of that which was good. Thus, when he chose to eat of the tree of the knowledgeof good
evil, the added factor was, in fact, the knowledge of 
, the stuff he
knowbefore, and that made him so curious & fascinated them to a point where they would disobeyGod. The first piece of "knowledge" (or let's call it perception) that Satan gave them, apart fromthe fact that God was a liar ("ye shall not surely die") and the divine status (ye shall be as gods")that was awaiting them in exchange for the forbidden snack, was that it was wrong to be naked.While God obviously didn't see anything wrong with it, but even told them to have sex when Heuttered His first commandment, "Be fruitful and multiply," the Devil obviously didn't agree (so,contrary to what we tend to think, the Devil
sex, and he sure hates us producing offspring!),and helped Adam and Eve to see things
way, which made them ashamed of their nudity andgave them the urge to hide and cover up. "Welcome to your new reality, folks!"Of course, this was a sad, but one of the more harmless lies that have pervaded our perception of things ever since, compared to the notion that it's perfectly alright to kill in order to further our owninterests, all the way to our more recent dogmas putting us on one level with our "relatives," themonkeys and reducing us from our former, more glorious position of potential "gods" to mere"monkey-gods."This also touches on a third aspect in which our "god-hood" influences us every day, becausewhat enables us to kill and annihilate entire nations, races or peoples, is the ability to
. We judge others and look down on them because they are different than we are, thus puttingourselves
them ("gods," after all), and thus condemning them, as the ruling and reigningauthority over them, to the loss of their freedoms, their homes, their limbs, their lives, whatever we can get away with.We have also become the masters of creation, doing the same kind of stuff we do to our fellow-humans to our lesser brethren, the animals, the trees, the rivers, the sky, the earth.

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