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BAB II(from pdf)

BAB II(from pdf)



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Published by: Dion Ganteng Indonesia Indah on Oct 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This chapter will discuss children, songs and the definition of children songs. The middleof this chapter consists of discussions of teaching media and characteristics of Elementary School students. Pronunciation also would be presented I this chapter. Thelast discussion of this chapter is a discussion of children songs as media in teachingEnglish pronunciation.
2.1 Children
As we see, children are an object that is interesting to be discussed. It is caused becauseof the nature of the children itself. They are able to work with others and learn fromothers (Scott and Ytlberg, 1990:2-4). They also love to play. Moreover, children are veryactive. Not only that, they are also intelligent.As listed above, children are able to work wit others and learn from others. Connectedwith the education world, this characteristic of children is exceptionally beneficial to theteaching and learning process. It makes the teacher easier to convey the material to thestudents (children). It because based on the nature of children they can work in group andlearn something from their friends.Out of the education scope, childhood is a pleased period. They can do anything theywant to do. They do not think that it disturbs others or not. They also do not think that itinflicts others or not. They can play the whole time as they
want. It is appropriate to their nature that they love to play (Scott and Ytlberg, 1990:2-4).Moreover children are very active. It is in line with Donaldson’s opinion in Cameron(2001: 4) that the child tries to make sense of the world. They do something as thoughthey don’t have fatigue. They will do anything, provided they are happy. Here, their enthusiasm in doing something they like is very great. And their enthusiasm in doingsomething is a source of their energy to do activities they want to do.Besides the reasons above, children are intelligent. They will try to solve a problemaround them that sometimes can not be solved by adults. As Cameron (2001: 2) says that“the child is seen as continually interacting with the world around her/him, solving problems that are presented by the environment”. For example, there are two youngsters,an elder sister and her younger brother. At that time, they went sight seeing by bike. Thekickstand of the bike was broken. The elder sister was confused thinking how to repair the kickstand. Without much thinking, the younger brother repaired the kickstandoptimistically. And finally, the younger brother succeeded in repairing the kickstand.From the example above, we see that children are intelligent.
2.2 Song
“A song is a short of piece in one concise movement for the medium of solo voice and piano”. (Simms, 1993:29). According to Parto (1996: 99), a song is a group of arrangements which consists of lyrics and elements of music like rhythm, melody,harmony and expressions. Moreover, “A song is a musical composition for the voice of several voices”, “A song is a short poem whether intended to be sung or not; a lyric or  ballad”. (The International Websters comprehensive dictionary of the English Language,
2003: 1127).The American Heritage Dictionaries says that song is:“Music is a brief composition written or adapted for singing. It also says that song is adistinctive or characteristic sound made buy an animal, such as a bird or an insect. Thelast definition, song is poetry, a verse and a lyrics poem or ballad”.www.answers.com/topic/songOther definitions of song are listed below:“Song is the act of singing, the characteristics sound produced by a bird, a short musicalcomposition with word, a successful musical must have at least three good songs. It alsosays that song is a distinctive or characteristic sound. Besides that, song is the imperialdynasty of China from 960 to1279 and a very small sum”.www.Submit @songoftheyear.comBased on the references above, I conclude that song is a group of beautiful words inwhich there is a message in it to be conveyed to other people and presented with beautifulmusic. It deals with some themes. It deals with story, advice, study, religion,environment, universe, love, happy and sad feeling.
2.3 Definition of Children Song
We have seen the definition of song above. And now, let us talk about children.Principally, children are the plural of child. And definition of child itself is an individualwho has not reached puberty (Hornby, 1995:192)In my view, children song is a group of beautiful words in which there are a message to

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