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103 The Spirit of Antichrist

103 The Spirit of Antichrist

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Published by mcdozer
"Zeitgeist:" the spirit of antichrist
"Zeitgeist:" the spirit of antichrist

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Published by: mcdozer on Oct 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I used to readthat passage about "the spirit of antichrist" in 1Johnand wonder, "Hmm,doesn't make much sense to me. Who would in their right minds dispute that Jesus wasactually a historical figure, and that He lived as a real man of flesh and blood?" Wellevidently there ARE people who do, and they're actively working on spreading their doctrine and spirit of antichrist, which they term "Zeitgeist," the spirit of our time.Well, as opponents of the spirit of antichrist and militant adherents to the Spirit of God,we're supposed to resist and fight that move and counter their flood of lies with the truth.I'm afraid, though, that the usual attempts of denying the similarities between Jesus andthe pagan deities, which apparently give the zeitgeist or antichrist movement itsmomentum won't do.Christians will have to pull themselves together and realize once and for all that God isstronger than the Devil and face their ridiculous fear of astrology and the stars, as if ithad been Satan who put them in the sky to tease Christians with them: "Don't get tooclose, or they'll bite you!"If we're going to combat the spirit of antichrist in the zeitgeist movement efficiently, we'regoing to have to face the fact that it was God, not the Devil, Who created the stars, andcreated them for a purpose.We're going to have to face the fact, that it was also God Who created the star signs,and that the word "zodiac" is not evil or witchcraft, but actually originally appears in itsHebrew form, "Mazzaroth," in the Bible, namely in the book of Job,and means nothing else than "the path."Furthermore can we not deny the fact that God created certain things in the physical inorder to illustrate spiritual truths, and the sun and its relation to the stars are one of them. Sexual intercourse, by the way, is another one of them, and not the epitome of evil, as some Christians still seem to believe.We have to realize that our God is not a wimp who created all these things in order for us to let the Devil run off with them and rake in all the credit for them.I've even read websites of Christians who teach that candles are evil.Well, what are you going to do when the lights go off in New York for the last time,brother? Sit in darkness because you're scared to light a candle?Of course, these people are scared stiff of any kind of symbolism, whether it be to depictJesus as a lion, as in the movie "The Lion, the With and the Wardrobe," and the star signs? Oh my God, they must have crept right outta hell. When in reality, nothing couldbe further from the truth, and if they'd just read their own Book, they'd find out.Just because there are a few Scriptures in which it warns of the pagan astrologers andsoothsayers, or the sort of people who are trying to figure out if you're going to be luckyat the races tomorrow by your horoscope doesn't mean we should throw the baby outwith the bath water.Of course, I'm not as naive to believe that I'm going to change that sort of people'sminds. But there may be others for whom there is hope, and who manage to ignore the"Thou shalt be scared stiff" dogma drilled into them for long enough to recognize God asthe Big Thing in and around it all, the One Who created it all for His glory, and thendevelop the guts to grab what was rightfully ours to begin with and knock the Devil andhis slimy cohorts for a lop with it.We're not too scared to kill of innocent muslims by the millions, but when it comes to

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