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Advice and Inspiration

Advice and Inspiration

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Feb 11, 2014
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There are many problems with the youth. Some of the youth glamorize vulgarity and social nihilism. We are all opposed to that quick, fast, and in a hurry. Much of the responsibility lies with the youth. Also, a thought came up in my mind. Many of the older generation has a responsibility too. Not to mention that we should realize that tons of the youth are doing what is right. I am 30 years old now and I know the youth in their 20s fighting for real social change in the world. I know a Sister acquaintance, who is a very excellent teacher too. Many of the older  generation also should instill real values in the youth in order for them to witness a better way of living. Also, we should place ourselves in the shoes of the youth to witness why things are in the  first place and to see what can we do about it. It is fair to not only discipline the youth, but to  ADDRESS THE CONDITIONS OF THE COMMUNITIES AS A MEANS TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS.  Another thought came into my mind too. When we embrace the older generation's legitimate experience and wisdom and the youth's legitimate strength, vigor, and inspirational qualities, then our COMMUNITY can be so much better. The youth and the rest of us are allies. The youth doing what is right ought to be rewarded. Some of the youth acting foolish ought to be criticized and encouraged to do better. When we unite and value our strengths, then true blessings came about.
The old school vibe of the WARRIOR SPIRIT (I remember I wrote about this issue months ago during the summer) should be advanced more in our community. That warrior mentality has been shown by our relatives and our ancestors. It is found in the power of Malcolm X, Dr. King, Harriet Tubman, the strength of the BPP, and in our African heroes too. There is nothing wrong with it. It exists in many of our people, but not enough in my opinion. Many human beings agree with me on that point. That is why it is so important for Brothers to teach young males on the important on that relentless masculine power. That power is strong and many racists fear it since it refutes their illogical ideologies.
When we are truly united, we can adequately grow our culture and fully defend ourselves
. Racists are irrational and have extreme insecurities. That is why they target people and try to cause chaos in the world. We can win, but we have to  fight for it.
That is why for years, I do advocate any able bodied male or female in their youth to do exercise or learn self-defense training in real life. These acts are some of the easiest ways to get healthy and to grow that warrior energy
. Yes, we have that responsibility to help the young. Many are from Generation X (LOL. :) ) and I am from Generation Y, so we have our strength, intelligence, youth, etc. that can inspired the entire community. Italy is known for its racism. I never forgot about how many of them disrespected the Sister who was a political leader in Italy. So, racism is worldwide. Europe has a lot of racism  just like America. Europe is not as "progressive" as many view it. Mario Balotelli never said a statement about why he has cried. I assume part of it is because of the evil treatment that he has suffered consciously or subconsciously. I do believe that Mario should organize with LEGITIMATE, INDEPENDENT black political groups in Europe to fight back. Individually, he has the right to defend his dignity and honor as a black man too. Mario suffering racism is something that we oppose. We are in solidarity with our people worldwide. Nothing changes unless WE FIGHT. WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST BIGOTRY. He has the right to leave that team and go to another one as well. The slavery mentality is deep. We know how they think. Many of them may smile in your face, but say derogatory comments being your back. So, it is obvious that we have to think reasonably about this situation.
The analogy of a plantation perfectly outlines the situation, because we A'INT FREE. We are not free from discrimination, racism, and oppression. We are not free from horrid conditions in many of our communities. It is obvious that they give crumbs to the bourgeoisie, but these crumbs are only stale manna sent to the few that give an appearance of FREEDOM. Once, folks realize that (of us still being in chains because we lack true ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL POWER IN A REVOLUTIONARY BASIS), the better off human beings are to see the wickedness of modern day society. The victim has nothing to do with the modern system of oppression at all. He, or the Brother from Italy experiencing racism, has nothing to do with the racist taunts from ignorant folks. The victims exist within the fabric of hurt and we have to do address these things. Also, as you have greatly deduced, we have to FIGHT. We have to defend the strength of our Brother Mario Balotelli. He is our Brother and we have to tell him that we care about him. The recent white supremacist fascist groups growing in the Ukraine, Greece,
Germany, the UK, Spain, etc. document that our fight is global beyond just the States. Also, we show our STRENGTH by knowing about the evil system of white supremacy, knowing about true black legacy plus history, and advancing our interests.
When you get older, you have the chance to place the truth into context. There are legitimate  progressive critiques of the policies from the White House. Then, there is the reactionary slander of the President and his family, which I reject 100 percent. Racism is a system of evil domination and it is about the lie about one's "race" being superior to others. We see that a deteriorating capitalist system is causing a worsening of the lives of everyone, both blacks and non-blacks. There is a legitimate critique about the current administration not adopting a tougher stand against white racism and corporate privilege. "Bipartisanship" has contributed to situation that we are in now, because it has lead into the evil policies of sequester and controversial drone strikes worldwide. The reality is that Main Street and Wall Street don't have the totally same interest at all. For one thing, on some issues, President Barack Obama is too reactionary. The current administration is wrong to advance an imperialist foreign policy and to love an oppressive domestic NSA spying program domestically. We are in an ideological fight against reactionaries, plutocrats, and racists who have the effrontery to charge their victims with racism.  Also, the mainstream Right is ignorant to hand President Barack Obama his 2nd Presidential victory on a silver platter a year and a half ago. The Republican campaign of 2012 was so cartoonish and extremist. This was one reason out of many that many black people and others voted for President Obama. Back in 2010, one survey said that as high as about half of African  American college students were disappointed in Obama (for reasons of not fighting enough and

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