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Vermont History
HST 184 May 20-June 28 Credit hours: 3 Summer 2013Email: psearlsu!m"edu#hone: $84-2181%nline o&&i'e hours: T()* 10-12 +M
Course Summary:
 HST 184 is intended to introdu'e students to the ma,or histori'al themes and uestions that ha!e shaped the state o& .ermont o!er time" %ur /oal is to etter understand .ermont as a physi'al entity* as an idea* and as an identity that is oth shared and 'ontested" %ur 'ourse is aout not only intera'tions eteen people* ut also the intera'tions o& people ith their lands'ape* and ith their ideolo/i'al inheritan'e and traditions" The 'ourse is intended to pro!ide students ith a personal*
 appre'iation o& .ermonts past that intimately in&orms the present"
Learning Objectives:
1" Criti'al thinin/: throu/h papers* personal re&le'tion* and espe'ially online dis'ussion* students demonstrate an appre'iation o& ami/uity* ale to see hy oth sides o& a uestion ha!e merit hile ultimately 'hoosin/ one"2" (ritin/ sills: students aility to rite 'learly and arti'ulately ill impro!e"3" E!ents in .ermont history: students ill demonstrate an a'uaintan'e ith* and understand the 'ontet and si/ni&i'an'e* o& ma,or e!ents in .ermont history"4" 5ssues in .ermonts past: students ill demonstrate an understandin/ o& the ma,or issues that ha!e een deated o!er time in .ermont"
Prerequisite Knowledge:
HST 11 or 12 is re'ommended* ut 'an e ai!ed"
Required Reading:
#otash* et al*
Freedom and Unity 
 is our asi' tet" 5t is a!ailale in the oostore" 5n addition* supplementary reser!e readin/s in the &orm o& arti'les are posted on 6la'oard"
Requirements and Grading:
Three 7assessment papers: 339 ea'hThree ton meetin/ papers: ;- 1* or 0* &inal /rade points
 one assessment paper 'an e repla'ed y a /enealo/i'al pro,e't that uses +n'estry"'omThe
tree assessment !a!ers
 ea'h should e 2-4 pa/es" <ou ha!e &i!e opportunities to rite the three papers" They are intended to e analyti' eer'ises drain/ stron/ 'on'lusions aout the e!olution o& .ermont oth physi'ally and 'on'eptually" Ea'h paper should possess a stron/ thesis statement that re&le'ts dis'iplined*
 thinin/* supported ell y &a'tual in&ormation* hi'h needs to e 'ited =pre&eraly in &ootnotes>" The ea't nature o& these papers ill e des'ried in 'lass" ?rades on papers are determined y per&orman'e in three areas: &orm* stru'ture* and 'ontent" <our paper must e as /rammati'ally 'orre't as possile" 5t must ha!e a stron/* 'lear thesis statement in its introdu'tion =hi'h is reiterated in the 'on'lusion>* and &ollo a 'oherent line o& reasonin/ throu/h lo/i'ally-stru'tured para/raphs" There ill e si ton meetin/s interspersed throu/hout the semester"
 times durin/ the semester* students must turn in a
#$to$% !age !a!er
 in a 'lass 'ontainin/ a ton meetin/" These ill e short responses to at least to o& the primary do'uments assi/ned &or that ton meetin/" @urther dire'tions* and primary do'ument assi/nments* ill e /i!en durin/ the semester" These are intended not only to stimulate online dis'ussion* ut also to &or'e students to thin
 aout hat they ha!e learned in le'tures and readin/* and not simply tae a passi!e approa'h to their or" (hen ritin/ these papers* students ill e ased to put themsel!es in the minds o& past .ermontersA you mi/ht ell e ased to rite a paper sympatheti' to a position ith hi'h you dont ne'essarily a/ree" These papers ill re'ei!e /rades indi'atin/ hether a point has een added to your &inal 'ourse /rade" To /ain a 71* papers should not e random spe'ulation* ut instead opinions ell in&ormed y 'ited 'ourse material* su'h as our tetoo" +t the same time* students should ha!e &un ith them* and try to mae them entertainin/"
5n 'lass sessions hen oth assessment papers and ton meetin/ papers may e sumitted* students may 'ertainly sumit one o& ea'h at the same time"
&eavioral '(!ectations:
Students are epe'ted to 'omplete all o& the readin/s prior to the dis'ussion that taes pla'e durin/ ea'h unit* and ill tea'h the 'ourse under that assumption"Students are epe'ted to parti'ipate at least on'e in dis'ussion aout the important uestions that are raised in ea'h unit o& the 'ourse"Students are epe'ted to tae part in e!ery ton meetin/* /i!in/ an online response to ea'h do'ument &rom their uphill or donhill perspe'ti!e")esponses to the ton meetin/ do'uments must e posted on the online dis'ussion &orum y 10+M on the Monday &olloin/ the end o& their unit"+ll assi/nments must e 'ompleted to re'ei!e a passin/ /rade"Bnder no 'ir'umstan'es ill 'heatin/ or pla/iariin/ o& any ind e tolerated in this 'ourse" This syllaus is a so'ial 'ontra't* not a le/al do'ument" 5 reser!e the ri/ht to mae 'han/es to it as the semester pro/resses" These 'han/es mi/ht in'lude* ut are not 'on&ined to* the assi/nment o& repla'ement or etra readin/s* and alterin/ the &orm or dates o& eams" +lmost alays* hene!er possile* these 'han/es ill 'ome a&ter 'onsultation ith the 'lass" The idea o& eepin/ the syllaus a little &leile is to mae the 'ourse as produ'ti!e &or you as it 'an e"
"ecnical )el!:
5& you need immediate assistan'e ith 6la'oard durin/ this 'ourse you 'an 'li' on the HED# ta at the !ery top o& the 6la'oard 'ourse pa/e" That ill pro!ide you ith numerous ays to /et help" 5& you ha!e a uestion that is not ur/ent aout ho somethin/ in 6 ors* /o to the is'ussion 6oard* and post to the Te'hni'al Support &orum" There is a 12-24 hour response time &rame" #lease &eel &ree to 'onta't me* too* ith any uestions or assistan'e you may need"

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