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Course Syllabus
EDSP 302: Characteristics of Individuals with Severe Disabilities
3 Credits -
1 credit = 15 contact hours
 Instructor: Ginny Iverson Times and Dates : June 30 – August 8, 20! "ocation: #n$ine - %$ac&'oard
(D)* 302 +i$$ 'eneit genera$ and secia$ educators, re$ated services roviders, administrators, araeducators and ot.ers invo$ved +it. educating students +it. Intensive )ecia$ (ducation needs rom resc.oo$ t.roug. .ig. sc.oo$/ T.is course oers concetua$ and ractica$ inormation and s&i$$s to aci$itate t.e education o students +it. severe disa'i$ities in inc$usive c$assrooms 'ased on 'est ractices in intensive secia$ education/ istorica$ and current ersectives +i$$ 'e e1$ored a$ong +it. concetua$ rame+or&s or educating c.i$dren +it. severe disa'i$ities/ C.aracteristics, inc$uding inte$$ectua$, .ysica$, sensory, .ea$t. and 'e.aviora$, +i$$ 'e e1$ored t.roug. numerous e1em$ars o severe and mu$ti$e disa'i$ities e/g/, autism, cere'ra$ a$sy, Do+n syndrome, dea'$indness/ T.e em.asis is on understanding .o+ t.ese c.aracteristics aect $earning and t.e se$ection o educationa$ interventions/ )tudents +i$$ articiate in simu$ations, and $earn to conduct researc., record revie+s, intervie+s and o'servations, and document inormation a'out a student and im$ications or t.e educationa$ rogram/ )tudents +i$$ 'ecome ami$iar +it. state o t.e art too$s or roviding e1em$ary services or c.i$dren +it. severe disa'i$ities/ T.e overa$$ em.asis o t.e course is va$uing eo$e +it. severe disa'i$ities 'y romoting oortunities, articiation, $earning, and suort t.at resu$t in va$ued $ie outcomes
)tudents +i$$ $earn concetua$ and ractica$ inormation and s&i$$s to aci$itate t.e education o students +it. severe disa'i$ities in inc$usive c$assrooms 'ased on 'est ractices in intensive secia$ education/
Demonstrate &no+$edge a'out t.e: a inte$$ectua$, ' .ysica$, c sensory, d .ea$t., and e 'e.aviora$ c.aracteristics o students +it. I)( needs and corresonding termino$ogy/
Demonstrate &no+$edge o t.e imact o disa'i$ity-re$ated c.aracteristics on educationa$ access and rogramming e/g/, adatations, .ysica$ management or students +it. I)( needs/
 Articu$ate a concetua$i4ation o .o+ and +.y students +it. severe disa'i$ities can 'e meaningu$$y inc$uded in t.e $east restrictive environment, inc$uding c.rono$ogica$$y age-aroriate, genera$ education c$asses/
Demonstrate &no+$edge o t.e ro$es o re$ated services roviders e/g/, .ysica$ t.eraists, occuationa$ t.eraists, seec.-$anguage at.o$ogists to +or& eective$y +it. t.em as team mem'ers and 'e &no+$edgea'$e consumers o re$ated services or students +it. I)( needs/
Demonstrate &no+$edge o inc$usive ractices or teac.ing students +it. intensive secia$ education needs in genera$ education c$asses/
- 2 -
Demonstrate &no+$edge o artia$ articiation strategies, universa$ design and assistive tec.no$ogy to ena'$e students +it. severe disa'i$ities to articiate meaningu$$y in a$$ asects o sc.oo$ and community $ie/
General Course Information
Cour se Policies/Epectations:
)tudents s.ou$d e1ect to devote t+e$ve to eig.teen .ours er +ee& in revie+ing on$ine $essons and resources, reading re5uired te1ts and artic$es o$ine, $istening to audio materia$s, creating and com$eting assignments, and articiating in +ee&$y discussion grous/
#n$ine articiation in %$ac&'oard eac. +ee& to com$ete assignments and ost discussion messages/ )tudents are e1ected to visit t.e %$ac&'oard site at $east t.ree times er +ee&/
Com$ete +ee&$y readings and assignments and articiate in +ee&$y discussions re$ated to readings and assignments/ Discussion 5uestions +i$$ 'e rovided eac. c$ass 'ased on t.e readings and c$ass activities or t.at +ee&/ 6ou +i$$ 'e e1ected to read and comment on at $east t+o o your c$assmates7 discussion osts eac. +ee&/
Com$ete +ee&$y re$ections on course materia$s and c$ass discussions re$ative to your +or& in sc.oo$s/ 6our re$ections are your oortunity to t.in& a'out c$ass reading and activities and to s.are +it. your c$assmates .o+ t.ose ideas re$ate to your +or& +it. c.i$dren and yout. in sc.oo$s/ (ac. re$ection s.ou$d 'e no more t.an one tyed age/ 6ou +i$$ 'e e1ected to read and comment on at $east t+o o your c$assmates7 re$ections eac. +ee&/ 6ou +i$$ ost your re$ections and comments on our c$ass '$og site/
!ttendance Epectations:
)tudents are e1ected to visit t.e %$ac&'oard site at $east t.ree times er +ee& and to ta&e art in grou activities and on-$ine discussions/
The official policy for excused absences for religious holidays: Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester students should submit in writing to their instructors by the end of the second full week of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. Faculty must permit students who miss work for the purpose of religious observance to make up this work.
)tudents are e1ected to ta&e art in a$$ grou activities, discussion 'oards, c.at room discussions and e-mai$ discussions/
 A$$ students are re5uired to 'e ami$iar +it. and ad.ere to t.e Academic onesty *o$icy *rocedures9 de$ineated in t.e most recent edition o T.e Cat7s Ta$e9/ .tt:+++/uvm/edu;dosa.and'oo&/
 Accommodations +i$$ 'e rovided to e$igi'$e students +it. disa'i$ities/ *$ease o'tain an accommodation $etter rom t.e ACC()) oice and see one o t.e instructors ear$y in t.e course to discuss +.at accommodations +i$$ 'e necessary/ I you are unami$iar +it. ACC()), visit t.eir +e'site at .tt:+++/uvm/eduaccess to $earn more a'out t.e services t.ey rovide/ AC()): A-<0 "iving "earning Center, =niversity o >ermont, %ur$ington, >T 0?!0?/ *: 802-@?@-<<?3, TT6: ca$$ < re$ay, a1: 802-@?@-0<3B, (mai$: accessuvm/edu, Instant essenger: =>access/ Genera$ oice .ours: 8:30am – !:30m onday t.roug. riday/ Ca$$ to ma&e an aointment/
- 3 -
#re$ove, /, )o'sey, D/, E )i$'erman, F/ 200!/
Educating Children with ultiple !isabilities:  " Collaborative "pproach.
%a$timore: *au$ / %roo&es *u'$is.ing Co/Donne$$an, A/ / and / F/ "eary BB?/
 ovement !ifferences and !iversity in "utism#ental $etardation: "ppreciating and "ccommodating %eople with Communication and &ehavior Challenges.
 adison, I, DFI *ress/Giangreco, / and Doy$e, /%/ 200</ Huic&-Guides to Inc$usion: Ideas or (ducating )tudents +it. Disa'i$ities/ %a$timore: *au$ / %roo&es *u'$is.ing Co/
Supplemental readin&s 'ill be pro(ided durin& the course) includin&:
i$son, A$$an/ Augmentative Communication in *ractice/ Coyrig.t  T.e individua$ aut.ors, CA"" Center E )cottis. (1ecutive (ducation Det/ *D/%ur&.art, "/ Deve$oing visua$ s&i$$s or c.i$dren +.o ace cortica$ visua$ imairments/ *Di$es, %ar'ara/ #vervie+ on dea-'$indness/ *DIntroduction to sensory rocessing concets/
*o$$oc&, 200@/ eeing current in sensory integration/ CanC.i$d Center or C.i$d.ood Disa'i$ity Fesearc.: caster =niversity/ Fetrieved at .tt:+++/canc.i$d/caDeau$t/as1Kta'idL23< (de$man, )//, "as.'roo&, */, Carey, A/, e$$y, D/, ing, F/A/, Foman-"ant4y, E C$oninger, C/J/ 200@/ Cortica$ visua$ imairment: Guide$ines and educationa$ considerations/
!eaf'&lind %erspectives( )*
 A$$ course assignments +i$$ 'e su'mitted e$ectronica$$y/
Student E(aluation/!ssessment
Final Grades will be determined based on the following percentage breakdowns, provided all course requirements are met to minimum satisfaction:
C$ass *articiationDiscussion %oard 20ee&$y Fe$ection Journa$20*.i$oso.y )tatement0)e$ected Disa'i$ity )ummary 20@ ini anua$s30 T#TA" *#IMT) *#))I%"(00
 T.e =niversity o >ermont grading system +i$$ 'e a$ied:

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