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8331617 the Secret Doctrine Vol 3 HP Blavatsky

8331617 the Secret Doctrine Vol 3 HP Blavatsky

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Published by Bernard

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Published by: Bernard on Oct 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SECRET DOCTRINE -VOLUME -3-by H.P.BlavatskyOCCULTISMThis is Part 1 of 4As for what thou hearest others say, who persuade the many that the soul when oncefreed from the body neither suffers.... evil nor is conscious, I know that thou art bettergrounded in the doctrines received by us from our ancestors and in the sacred orgies of Dionysus than to believe them; for the mystic symbols are well known to us who belongto the Brotherhood.PlutarchThe problem of life is man. Magic, or rather Wisdom, is the evolved knowledge of thepotencies of man's interior being, which forces are divine emanations, as intuition is theperception of their origin, and initiation our induction into that knowledge ... We beginwith instinct; the end is omniscience.A.Wilder1 Table of Contents Sect. Page2Introductory 1  3One Key to All Sacred Books 3  4Assumptions have to be proven 5  5The Spirit of Plato's Teaching 7  6Self-Contradiction of the Critic 9  7The Character of Ammonius Saccas 11  8Plato a follower of Pytaghoras 13  9Preliminary Survey114  10The Protectors of China115  11The A.B.C. of Magic117 
12Magic as old as Man119  13The Tree of Knowledge121  14Occultism must win the Day123  15Black Magic at Work125  16Black Magic and Hypnotism127  17The Philosophy stands on its own Merits129  18Modern Criticism and the Ancients230  19All Honour to Genuine Scientists231  20What is a Myth233  21Chaldaean Oracles235  22The Origin of Magic336  23The Books of Hermes337  24What is the Origin of Magic339  25Pherecydes of Syros341  26Cain Mathematical and Anthropomorphic343  27The Secrecy of the Initiates444  28Exoteric and Esoteric Teachings445  29Origen on "Genesis"447  30The "Dark Sayings" of the "Testaments'449  31The Greatest Crime ever perpetrated451  32Asiatic Religions proclaim their Esotericism openly453  33The Wisdom Religion455  34Some Reasons for Secrecy556  35The Key of Practical Theurgy557  36The Ladder of Being559  37Three Ways open to the Adept561 

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