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Outdoor Survival Tips for Hiking and Camping

Outdoor Survival Tips for Hiking and Camping

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Published by Bernard

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Published by: Bernard on Oct 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Outdoor survival tactics for hiking and campingArticle Presented By www.SurvivalPacks.com 
The outdoors is a beautiful place in which nature is at its best. While the places you may spendyour time in at the wilderness seem very safe, there are certain precautions that every person,even the seasoned hiker or camper needs to take. A first aid kit is absolutely essential on eventhe shortest outdoor excursions. A simple collection of antiseptic, bandages, andhydrocortisone cream should meet the needs of most minor injuries. For more serious injuriesa cellular phone will prove to be very valuable or know the locations of the nearest phones thatprovide service to ranger stations.Aside from having your first aid kit and way to communicate, the best way to protect you fromperils of the outdoors is to know the area in which you are camping or hiking. You would notwant to be dropped off in the middle of a huge city that you were not familiar with and thewoods should be treated with same respect. By knowing your area, the climate for thatparticular time of year is very crucial. Not having the appropriate clothing to withstand theweather could cause great harm to you and your family. Remember that a lot of areastemperature range can vary by as much as 40 to 50 degrees between daylight and nighttimehours. To help combat temperature changes the proper equipment can make life out on theterrain a little easier. There are tents and sleeping bags designed for particular temperatureranges that will help keep your body temperature at a safe level. Hypothermia and heatexhaustion are two serious concerns that happen readily to unprepared campers and hikers.The next point of interest is food and water. Your body will require water to survive. At least 2liters of water needs to be available daily to sustain your body need for water. While this canbe obtained from streams, wells, and other natural resources, it is always a good idea to addsome bottled water to your pack. Dried foods can also be packed which are typically light suchas MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), and dried fruits and vegetables. A little research can also provideyou with naturally occurring food sources for the area you plan on scouting. Do not eatanything that you have not thoroughly researched, as many fruits and plants can lookabsolutely delicious but prove to be poisonous. Wild game can also be captured for those withknowledge of trapping or hunting. An important thing to remember when eating wild game isthat you risk infection of diseases but will help keep the pack weight down and provide youwith the variety of diet that you need for longer excursions.For those skilled and experienced campers and hikers, creating a fire may not be that difficult.However, depending on climate and amount of materials available to start a fire could prove ahard task for the more inexperienced hikers or campers. To make life out in the wild a littleeasier, waterproof matches would help start a fire easily. Two blocks of flint could also be usedand of course if all else fails two dry sticks can give you that little amber you need to start yourcooking fire. Pine straw and other dried vegetation are ideal for getting a fire started, but youwill also need to locate larger wood sources to keep your fire going for an extended period of time. When you go out venturing for wood, do not travel alone. When possible, always try totravel with a friend in case danger does arise.

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