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Apologetics 101

Apologetics 101

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Published by Papa Giorgio
This was for the first meeting of "Apologetics on Tap," for the book Tactics.
This was for the first meeting of "Apologetics on Tap," for the book Tactics.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Papa Giorgio on Feb 12, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Take Home Verses and Quotes
1 Peter 3:15
 – “… and always be ready to give a
in some translations] to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you!
 is the "reek apologia# from whi$h we get our word “apologeti$s#! meaning the $areful# logi$al defense of the %hristian faith showing its validity as the true saving gospel of "od# our %reator and &avior 'n effe$t (eter is admonishing believers to be always prepared to give an apologeti$ for the faith# espe$ially when $onfronted by those who deny it and would destroy it if they $ould
Jude 3
 – “although ' was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share# ' felt ' had to write and urge you to
 for the faith that was on$e for all entrusted to the saints!
 &hould be “earnestly $ontend! The "reek# epagoni)omai# refers to athletes intensely agoni)ing in the grueling training for a $oming $ontest Thus *ude graphi$ally stresses the urgen$y of defending the faith The defense of the gospel is no indifferent matter to be left to a few spe$ialists# but one to whi$h all believers should be trained and $ommitted
Philippians 1:7
 – “…whether ' am in $hains or
 and $onfirming the gospel# all of you share in "od+s gra$e with me!
 , legal term referring to a formal defense as in a $ourtroom -any modern evangeli$als think the gospel does not need to be defended . /ust prea$hed (aul and Timothy are saying different here
 “' suspe$t that most of the individuals who have religious faith are $ontent with blind faith They feel no obligation to understand what they believe They may even wish not to have their beliefs disturbed by thought 0ut if "od in whom they believe $reated them with intelle$tual and rational powers that impose upon them the duty to try to understand the $reed of their religion 1ot to do so is to verge on superstition! 2-orimer * ,dler# “, (hilosopher+s 3eligious 4aith#! in# 5elly *ames %lark# ed#
[6owners "rove# '78 'nterVarsity (ress# 9::;]# <=>?9? ,pologeti$s helps with $orre$t belief 2truth? and in this regard is very important80elievers may not fully $omprehend or may have genuine misunderstandings or even limited e@posure to and about %hristian truth# but there are do$trinal parameters outside of whi$h a person $annot $ross without suffering apostasy and divine /udgment Ambra$ing a false %hrist andBor a false+ gospel leads to dire $onseCuen$es (aul+s warning to the "alatia $hur$h $on$erning a different gospel dramati$ally unders$ores the importan$e of sound 2bibli$al? do$trine8 “0ut even if we or an angel from heaven should prea$h a gospel other than the one we prea$hed to you# let him be eternally $ondemnedD 2"al 98E?<? %hristianity as a truth position# a worldview# ne$essitates an apologeti$ response8%hristian apologists must take the religions of the world seriously The effe$tive apologist will $ome to know other religions and their adherents with an insider+s mastery Fnly then $an he or she gra$iously e@pose a given religion+s flaws in light of essential %hristian truth 1ot an easy task for the apologist for sure# however# a wellGdone e@pose $an have a powerful effe$t This endeavor seems to be what &$ripture $alls for in terms of the apologeti$s enterprise “e demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of "od# and we take $aptive every thought to make it obedient to %hrist! 2< %or 9=8I?;? ,pologeti$s offers (eople# deservedly# the proper respe$t8,s $reatures of "od# all people bear the imago 6ei and therefore have inherent dignity and moral worth Avery person $onseCuently deserves respe$tful treatment regardless of ra$e# se@# so$ial $lass# politi$al# or religious belief %hristians are $alled by "od to guard the individual right of others to believe what they $hoose# whether their parti$ular beliefs are wrong# absurd# or $ontrary to %hristian truth This regard basi$ally amounts to respe$ting human personhood# volition# and individual moral responsibility %hristians should even tolerate the pra$ti$es 2religious and otherwise? of others# so long as those pra$ti$es are legal# moral# and prudential However# respe$ting another person+s beliefs must not be mis$onstrued as approving those beliefs %hristians are responsible to use their powers of persuasion to $onvin$e others of truth# espe$ially the ultimate truth of# *esus %hrist hile being so$ially tolerant# %hristians must at the same time be intelle$tually intolerant of $onfli$ting truth $laims Js 9G; are from8 5enneth 3i$hard &amples#
2"rand 3apids# -'8 0aker 0ooks# <==K?# 9>EG9E=
9 L (age

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